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Sample Blog Posts

  1. 1. WHAT CAN INSURANCE AGENCY BLOGS BE ABOUT? (be sure to include links back to your site!) • Insurance agency blogs can advertise what your agency is doing that day, week, or month, such as the contest or anything else your agency may be up to. Example #1: ABC Insurance Giving Away a Flat Screen TV! This month, we’re giving away a flat screen TV to our contest winner. You can enter by simply filling out our quick contest form. Drawings will be held on November 1st, 2009. How do you feel about your current auto, home, or business policy? Has it been updated recently to coordinate with any changes that have happened in the last year? Are you comfortable with your coverage? Do you think you could be getting a better value? While you’re at to enter our flat screen TV contest, why not grab a quick free quote to see if we could be saving you more? Example #2: Did You Know that ABC Insurance… Can save you 30% on your coverage by helping you to combine policies? ETC ETC ETC. • Insurance agency blogs can coordinate with what’s going on in the weather or upcoming seasons. Example #1: Still Can’t Shake Your Spring Allergies?
  2. 2. Summer may be nearly here, but many people are going through the battlefield of spring allergies. Experts are now adding news that the allergy season may last two weeks longer, and for many people, the bothersome feeling just sticks around all year. Did you ever visit a friend or a relative and feel like your allergies got better, or worse? Each city has its own level of allergy threats. Below are the Top Ten "Worst" Cities for Allergies in the U.S., according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Pollen score, amount of allergy medications used, and the number of local allergy specialists factor into the list. 1. Louisville, Kentucky 2. Knoxville, Tennessee 3. Charlotte, North Carolina 4. Madison, Wisconsin 5. Wichita, Kansas 6. McAllen, Texas 7. Greensboro, North Carolina 8. Dayton, Ohio 9. Little Rock, Arkansas 10. Augusta, Georgia Even though we're in STATE, if you're suffering from watery eyes, sneezing, sniffling, coughing, and/or headaches, and your allergies are significantly impacting your life, you may want to consider an allergy specialist. They can diagnose you and potentially prescribe you a stronger medication, in which case you would want a strong health insurance policy to help lower the cost of the medication. If you're currently not covered for STATE health insurance, contact us today for a free health quote! We're ABC Insurance, an independent insurance agency based in CITY, STATE. Example #2: Avoid Homeowners Claims – Grill Safe this Summer With the onset of spring and the summer season around the corner, BBQ-ers across the country are cleaning out their grills and gearing up for the warm weather. There is no better smell than that created by a steak charring above red hot coals or a rack of ribs melting in the smoker. But while you prepare for the weekend BBQ’s, educate yourself on the dangers created by outdoor grilling so you can avoid any potential disasters. • Barbeque grills, smokers and fryers should be kept level and away from the house, garage, landscaping, and children. • Protect yourself while grilling with gloves and aprons. • Make sure the gas cylinder is always stored outside and away from your house. Make sure the valves are turned off when you are not using them. Check regularly for leaks in the connections using a soap and water mix that will show bubbles where gas escapes. • Always use the proper fire starting liquids. Supplementing one fire starter for another. • Dispose of hot charcoals responsibly. Soak with water before throwing away. • Grills remain hot long after barbequing, so be careful with it. ABC Insurance encourages you to practice safe BBQ habits this spring and summer season to avoid any accidents and STATE homeowners insurance claims on your home. But it is very important to secure a
  3. 3. comprehensive insurance plan to protect you in the event of an accident. Contact ABC Insurance today to get your STATE home protected. • Insurance agency blogs can coordinate with what’s going on with the time of year, such as when students are returning to school, or around election time, etc. Example #1: Kids Off to College? Look at Your Homeowners Insurance! Students across the country are gearing up for high school graduation in anticipation of their last summer before college. Parents are beginning to fret about how their kids will hold up on a university campus – whether they will eat right, get enough sleep, study for tests, and stay away from the beer pong table. These are issues we can’t really help you with, unfortunately, but we can suggest a few things regarding insurance that may help you out. If you’re student decides to stay on campus and live in a dorm or another form of university housing, their possessions will be covered under your homeowners insurance policy. Most new college students are hooked-up with laptops, stereos, maybe a TV and a mini-fridge, and these things need to insured. With the prevalence of thefts occurring on college campuses, making certain that these valuables are protected is essential. If your child decides to move off campus, your homeowners policy will not cover their possessions and they will probably need to look into a renters policy. ABC Insurance is your local independent insurance agency specializing in personal products such as STATE homeowners insurance and auto insurance. If you have a child heading to college in a few months, contact your dedicated agent and let them know. You may need to make some changes to your policies. Also, if you feel you’re paying too much for insurance, contact us today and we’ll help you find a more affordable plan. • Insurance agency blogs can simply be about general insurance tips, such as how to protect your home from burglars; fire safety for your office; etc. Example #1: Tail-Gaiting Safety and Auto Insurance Nothing beats heading to a football game on a brisk Sunday afternoon or a baseball game on a Friday night after a long work-week. The sights, sounds, and smells create a feeling reminiscent of being young again, cheering on your team. But stadiums can be a dangerous place, especially with close to 100,000 people cramming into one building. But there is an unexpected danger that plagues stadiums nationwide, year after year – charcoaled cars. Tailgating is a big part of pre-game festivities at professional sporting events. Whether it is beers on the back of your pick-up, a game of touch football, or burgers on the grill, partying before the big game is a must.
  4. 4. Unfortunately, for a few fans every year, tail-gaiting turns into a nightmare after the game. Often times, the pre-game madness isn’t adequately cleaned up prior to game time and cars are destroyed. More specifically, hot coals are pushed under cars, left in the bed of a pick-up truck, or dumped in a parking-lot trash can causing cars and trucks to go up in flames. Fans rush out of the stadium in search of their vehicles only to find it surrounded by police tape and firefighters. ABC Insurance encourages sports fans to practice safe tail-gaiting all season long. Avoid behaviors and habits that will cause injuries and acts of destruction. It will make for a more enjoyable event and will keep you from making that dreaded call to your insurance carrier. If you need an auto insurance policy or a review of your old one, contact ABC Insurance today or visit our Virtual Insurance Office for a free CITY, STATE auto insurance quote. Example #2: 7 Things to Consider Before Buying an Apartment/Condo Around New Year’s, many Americans decide to make resolutions. Losing weight, budgeting better, and making more time for the family are among the highest priorities. Another goal many people make is to make a fresh start and move. If that’s you, then you might want to take look at a few tips we have on renting an apartment or condo. Here’s what NOT to do: Don’t underestimate the cost of an apartment/condo. It’s easy to go a little nuts when apartment hunting. We think, “Oh, it’s just an extra $200 – I can swing that!” But beware! Your apartment of choice should not expand more than three times what you earn. You still have to pay your utilities, Internet, and washer/dryer expenses. Don’t get your priorities mixed up. Again, don’t go nuts: the apartment or condo features that you need and the ones you want are two different things. For instance – don’t go shopping for apartment furniture until you’ve gotten your water turned on. Never, ever move into an apartment before you go inside and look. Yes, an apartment may look gorgeous online or in an apartment catalogue. Those complexes pay photographers a lot of money to make them look good. But never jump into a place before you’ve seen it. Things like closet space, community staff, city area, noise from the street, cell phone reception, and washer/dryer hookups may be important to you. It’s going to be your home, after all. Read the lease very, very carefully. Like any legal contract, a lease must be taken seriously. Take your time and ask any questions that you need to. Make sure you’re clear on issues like pets, late fees, painting and décor, noise restrictions, etc. Make sure to record when your lease will be up. Ask about your utilities. Be sure to ask the landlord or complex authorities about which companies they prefer to turn on your water, cable, Internet, lights, stove, phone, etc. Sometimes preferred companies mean “discount.” Never go without renters insurance. Absolutely vital. Don’t be confused – your landlord’s insurance won’t cover your personal possessions. If your apartment is broken into, damaged by fire or weather, or anything else, you will want renters insurance.
  5. 5. Make sure you have the basic everyday items to make your place a home. It doesn’t matter if it’s a toaster or a loveseat; make sure you have what you need to make your apartment or condo really YOURS. It’s your home, and you must be comfortable there. We hope you find a place you love to call your own. For more information on renters insurance, contact us today. We’re ABC Insurance, an independent agency based in CITY, STATE. • Insurance agency blogs can be targeted directly a specific group of people, such as college grads; families who have lots of guests over; elderly people who don’t have life insurance, etc. Example #1: Health Coverage for College Grads Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment. In fact in 2007 only 29% of all Americans had earned a bachelor’s degree. So attaining a college degree puts you in a pretty exclusive club and hopefully, better prepares you for the exciting life ahead. One downside to leaving the campus and entering the “real world” is losing your school sponsored health insurance benefits. So what is a new grad to do? Unless you have a job lined up that offers benefits, you will need to find a way to cover yourself. Sure it’s easy to opt out of health coverage as you are probably a young healthy kid. But this is not a wise decision. While you are in search of a new career, you can get health benefits through COBRA, although it may come at a high cost. You can also consider going out and finding your own coverage. By utilizing the resources of ABC Insurance, an independent insurance agency, you can shop the top carriers in the country to find you health coverage that is affordable and reliable. Our dedicated agents will take the time to find you a policy that you are comfortable with. Contact us today at! Example #2: Recently Widowed or Divorced? You Could End Up Paying More For Car Insurance. Getting divorced or becoming widowed is an extremely difficult and upsetting time in a person’s life. Although you have a variety of issues to handle, you should also take some time to reevaluate your auto insurance policy. Based on your new situation, you may be the only full-time driver in your home, which could result in your rates going up. And your rising rate could end up being more expensive than you can actually afford. Your rates may rise, but you could keep your costs low by trying different things. Make sure you shop around…the best rate when you were married is not necessarily the best rate now that you are single. It would also be good for you to take a serious look at your plan. What was once important to your plan as a married couple, may not have the same importance to you as a single person.
  6. 6. Now that half of your income is not longer available, your budget is probably quite tighter than it had been. If you have less income to devote to your auto insurance costs, it may be best for you to look into raising your deductible or eliminating add-on coverages like comprehensive or collision option. You may feel like you absolutely need total auto coverage, but cutting back on your policy options can make a distinct difference in your auto insurance costs. No matter what direction your life is taking, it is a good idea to take another look at your auto insurance coverage. Shop around! You could be saving much more than you know. ABC Insurance's Virtual Insurance Office can help you learn more about your auto insurance options, and can provide you with a free online auto insurance quote today. • Insurance agency blogs can focus on something currently going on in the local OR national news. Example #1: (Local News) STATE Passes Stronger Lemon Law: How It Affects Your Auto Insurance. STATE residents that have bought cars that turn out to be "Lemons" will have more time to make their claim under new legislation passed by the Senate. The period of time allotted to consumers to notify a manufacturer that a new vehicle doesn't match its warranty has been extended from 24 months to 24,000 miles – whichever is earlier. Lemons are generally known as cars that continually have defects which affect the use, value and safety of the vehicle. Typically these defects tend to just stick around- even after repair attempts have been made, or the car has not been driven for a number of days. The new bill also reduces the number of times that a car has to be serviced for the same defect from four to three before it will be considered a Lemon. The revised Lemon Law will be great for STATE residents in a variety of ways. Many people don’t have the time or money to continually bring their car to the shop for repairs for the same problem. When they purchase a new car, they expect that car will be dependable and safe- and without serious defects. If they receive a Lemon, and must repeatedly repair their new vehicle, it is not surprising that they would complain to the State about their ordeal. The STATE legislature is hoping that the new Law will restore consumer confidence, and get people to consider purchasing a new car that they had been previously hesitant to buy. Although a Lawyer can typically tackle your Lemon Law claim, a good insurance company will have your back in all issues related to the well-being of your car. If you are in STATE, and are looking for a new auto insurance policy that can protect you and help you save money, look into ABC Insurance Insurance. To learn more about the protection we offer, visit our Virtual Insurance Office today! Example #2: (National News) Health Insurance: Not Only for the Swine Flu Scare
  7. 7. When the first U.S. swine flu death occurred, everyone grew alarmed and alert. The doctors offices were flooded with those who believed they had the disease. Even though most of these cases were (thankfully) psychosomatic, the doctors visits did cost money, and those who got the doctors to write prescriptions probably went straight to the pharmacy to get their antibiotics. This whole situation was appalling for those without health insurance policies. When a fear grows to a hysteria as the fear of swine flu did, Americans don't care if they have health insurance or not; they're going to the doctor come hell or high water. And they will pay for those expensive antibiotics, too. Millions of people in the U.S. don't have health insurance, but the need for it is great - especially for families with children. The risk of sudden illness or an accident is too big to ignore, and most health insurance policies are so low that it's a very sound investment. Antibiotics can cost hundreds of dollars without coverage, and doctor visits can be pricey, too. As for broken bones? We're talking thousands upon thousands. There are always going to be viruses going around. Some just happen to get more coverage than others. It's crucial to be prepared for every illness and every accident. Contact us today to talk about a health insurance policy that will fit your budget and family size. We're ABC Insurance, based in CITY, STATE.