Unsolved mysteries


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Unsolved mysteries

  1. 1. All of weever heard about:Atlantis, the lost city..!but most think it is alegend,invented or nonsenseAs a civilization soadvanced maydisappear from the face of the earth?Is this possible?
  2. 2. 100 years before Christ, a paradise incognito, a vastand powerful civilization, it unleashed a catastrophe,the island of Atlantis disappeared from the mapforever, or maybe not?  Legends say It is said that the lost that suddenly disa city, was the ppeared and I first advanced civilized am immersed world, a rich and in the depths powerful kingdom, of the ocean which somewhere, there was technologically adv are anced, but many theories of that civilized is known where this for having disappeared civilization, is from the face of the known as the earth, leaving no trace. greatest archaeological mystery of humanity.
  3. 3. An island "beyond the Pillars ofHercules" Platon made the myth of the island destroyed in a parable about a civilization that blinded by their own power and glory defied the gods, so it is destroyed in one day and one night around the year 9500 BC. The precise description of the texts of Plato and the fact that they claim that this is a true story, has led, especially since the second half of the nineteenth century during the Romantic period, many conjectures have been proposed on location. While acknowledging a possibility that it is a legend that was inspired by a background of historical fact linked to a natural disaster, as it could be a flood, a major earthquake or volcanic eruption.
  4. 4.  The same was said about the city of Troy, yet it was discovered the reality of this mystery, in 1871, a businessman and German archaeologist Heinrich Shiliemann found her on the hill Hisarlik in Turkey. And as this story may be ATLANTIS! Several have found archaeological remains.
  5. 5. THEORIES OF LOCATION OFTHE WONDERFUL ISLAND In the Mediterranean Sea - From Platos story follows that the Atlantean civilization should flourish for over 12,000 years. The theory that since 1909 has added more followers said that Atlantis was Crete or another nearby island of Santorini Atlantis in America - Being discovered the new continent emerged as a new theory of course, could be America the continent described by Plato?, Was it possible that the lands discovered by Christopher Columbus were part of the dream island? The answer seemed to be not as it seemed very unlikely with the technology of the time that Plato could be recounted by boat to travel such a long distance and more when describing fleet of 1200 ships conquered wherever he went with his troops.
  6. 6. FOR THE OUTCOME: Million hypotheses, clarify doubts about this mythical city, archaeological remains demonstrating the existence of that civilization, perhaps may or may not be just a legend! But thousands of scientists investigating the case, and may be "beyond the Pillars of Hercules" we find that many seek and say there! This is just one of the mysteries that are missing to solve humanity ....!
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