"We will do faster than our competitors" S K sharma


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"We will do faster than our competitors" S K sharma

  1. 1. Sandeep SharmaManaging Director, South Asia, NICEWe have launched a latest solution in Fraud Prevention and Smart Authentication tocounter fraud threats at call centers.NICE India has won more than 30 deals within the country, including one of the top and largest Telco in IndiaOur customer base include 20 out of the top 25 BPO’s and 70% of Indian banksHow are you performing in India? Are you thinking at verticals other than Govt , IT services, BPO, Telecomand BFSI ?NICE India is continually growing its customer base and expanding the relationships in India. It iscurrently established as one of the key players in the Indian BPO & banking industry with 20 out of thetop 25 BPO’s and 70% of Indian banks as NICE customers. In addition, 2 out of the Top 3 Telcos useNICE solutions.Our Security and Intelligence division has also established a strong presence in the country bydelivering some of the most advanced security installations (Parliament House, Delhi Metro, BangaloreMetro, Command & Control Center for Delhi Police) besides other City Surveillance& Metro projects.India today houses our APAC support center which runs 24x7 to meet the needs of customersthroughout Asia Pacific.This support center demonstrates our commitment to not just Indian but also the Asia Pacific market, aswe continue to work closely with clients to power continuous technological innovation for India and tothe various industries, including Banking, Insurance & Financial Institutions, Healthcare, TradingFloor, Telecommunications, BPOs, Transport, Defense, Public Sector & Government, Retail &Consumer Services.Which are the top three verticals in India and how are they performing viz-viz other countries ?India’s top 3 verticals include the BFSI, Telco and BPOs. NICE India continues to drive double-digit growth in itsgo-to-market strategy.NICE India has successfully won >30 deals in the India Market, including one of the top and largest Telco inIndia, large BPOs, top regional and global banks across both existing and new accounts. There was an additionof 22 entirely new logos to the India Customer Portfolio.In the Enterprise domain, Vodafone, Deutsche Bank, Sutherland and WIPRO BPO wins are worthmentioning. These wins are a testament of our continued success in improving customer satisfactionand reducing churn. Customers like Sutherland and Wipro BPO intend to replicate and apply oursolution to improve businesses of multiple clients served by them.
  2. 2. In the Security domain, India Parliament, Delhi Police, Bangalore Metro, Mumbai Airport, Tirupati,and Bank of India are worth mentioning.For Sutherland, NICE successfully deployed Interaction Analytics solutions for Sutherland’s US basedclient telco, successfully enabling their customer retention, customer feedback, reduction & analysis ofchurn probability, with estimated 10% improvement in Customer Satisfaction.What are the new developments happening in cross channel and multi-sensor analytic for preventing crime ?In a recent survey done in 2012, 93% of the respondents indicated that there has been an increase infraud incidents in the banking industry during the last year. 75% of these respondents indicated thatbanking industry has seen an increase in fraud incidents by at least 5% as compared to the last one year.An overwhelming 83% of the respondents indicated that the cost of anti-fraud measures will increaseover the next 2 years with “implementing a fraud detection/analytics solution”.NICE has strong capabilities in real-time detection of cross-channel fraud patterns. We assist in Anti-Money Laundering compliance to counter financing of terrorism, political sanctions, launderingproceeds of crimes or tax evasion.NICE has also launched its latest solution in Fraud Prevention and Smart Authentication Solutions thatmakes use of voice biometrics analytics, interaction analytics and real-time guidance to counter fraudthreats at call centers.With NICE Anti-Fraud Analytics contact centers can: •Screen all contact center interactions and identify fraud •Protect all customers against known fraudsters from day one •Help agents appropriately handle high-risk interactions •Prioritize high risk interactions for investigation before transactions are authorized • Monitor and track fraudsters’ behavior to protect against future fraudMulti-sensor Analytics Required for Homeland Security & Protection of Critical InfrastructureThe US National Intelligence Council (NIC) report on Global Trends 2025 predicts heightenedviolence & instability in India. It is projected that India will become one of the largest players in theglobal homeland security market in near future. About 6% of global procurement in the field ofhomeland security is expected to emanate from India, a 60% growth from its current expenditureestimate of 3.6%.NICE’s has strong capabilities in securing public infrastructure & our crisis management solutionsimplemented at the command & control centres of important buildings, critical facilities, train/railstations.Also, NICE is a market leader in Information Security, tailoring lawful communication interception,analysis and investigation as well as mass detection to mitigate operational risks in real-time. Ourcapabilities cover the following:-•Location Tracking Engine: 3D accurate positioning for mobile phones
  3. 3. •Satellite Interception: DCME and VSAT interception solutions•Speech Analytics: Speaker and language identification, keyword spotting and speaker huntingNICE is able to capture (record/transcribe) interactions & transactions from multiple channels &sources (e.g. phone calls, CCTV video, radio, email, chat, etc) in real-time to draw insights aboutfraudulent transactions in a banking scenario or of suspicious activity that may be a security threat.NICE enables decision makers to take action and have a pro-active response to fraud and securitythreats to resolve issues through actionable alerts.What is the current market size and future growth potential ?IDC Predicts for BI market size going to be around USD 170 million in next couple of years in Indiaand growing at CAGR of 20 % Y-o-Y. Gartner predicts that analytics market in India is growing atCAGR of 16% Y-o-Y and would be in the range of USD 70 -80 million.The interactions dynamic between organizations and individual consumers have changed drasticallyover the last few years and there is an explosion of cross-channel interactions between consumers andenterprises. What used to be a single channel interaction into the Enterprise call center is nowexploding into interactions across channels like retail stores, web, chat, SMS, email and social media.Enterprise have stepped up business analytics spending to gain real-time insight into how to serve theircustomers better, at the moment of the interaction.According to Gartner’s research director, Jim Davies, said, “Fulfilling the needs of the modern day customerrequires from organizations a comprehensive view of the customer across all interaction channels and theability to leverage that information as the interaction takes place. The ability to combine the insights from VoCand workforce performance, and to enable all customer-facing employees to apply them in real time, becomesa key differentiating factor for service organizations.”We see organizations around the globe awakening to a need to invest in cross-channel platforms thatwill enable them to draw greater insights in real-time into their consumers. Our clients are looking toNICE to participate deeper in the value chain with the full-suite of Interaction Analytics solutions wehave in our portfolio.With changing trends is it now becoming difficult for you to detect crimes in different verticals?No, in fact the heightened corporate fraud, security threats and crimes have fuelled our R&D teams toinnovate in order to meeting changing market needs. NICE has customized solutions for multipleverticals spanning Banking, Insurance & Financial Institutions, Healthcare, Trading Floor,Telecommunications, BPOs, Transport, Defense, Public Sector & Government, Retail & ConsumerServices.Also, more than 5,000 customers around the world, including India Parliament, Delhi Police, BangaloreMetro, Mumbai Airport, Tirupati, Bank of India, Millenium Bank, JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, 9 out ofthe top 10 U.S. cities, NYPD, New Jersey Transit, FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), EiffelTower, Beijing Metro, Dallas Fort Worth Airport and many more in the government, public safety,transportation, critical infrastructure and enterprise campus sectors, entrust their security and safetyneeds to NICE.What is the role of NICE Security solutions in telecomm industry? What are the security threats in this
  4. 4. industry?NICE security and safety solutions enable telecom operators to ensure business continuity and improvetheir security and safety measures, while maintaining efficient operations. The solution unifies all ms,including existing ones, to create a single, integrated security platform.Together with advanced situation management features, the solution provides tools that address everyaspect of the security and safety life-cycle.A Common Operating Picture - by aggregating all inputs from security, safety, and operationalsensorsProactive detection —using advanced analysis and correlation between multiple sensors to increasethe probability of detecting threats as they materialize.360º debriefing and investigation — with capabilities that enable a synchronized replay of eventsCustomized reporting — provides evidence and documentation to management and external auditingagencies.Security ThreatsTelco’s operate in highly distributed environments, with a large number and variety of sites spread overa vast area. Retail stores, warehouses and offices where customers, employees and expensivemerchandise all reside need to be protected. Additionally, there are many remote, unmanned sitecontaining critical assets and infrastructure that must be monitored to ensure that expected servicelevels are maintained.Every incident — natural or man-made — can impact business and revenue streams.In many cases, these sites are protected by a multitude of incompatible security sensors and systemsthat operate in silos. This creates a challenging environment to manage and control, requiring thefunctionality of a unified, integrated security platform with features such as: • An understanding of what is happening and where, who is involved and what the business impactmight be. • The ability to share information with relevant stakeholders, ensuring all relevant persons areinformed, and improving response times. • A consistent response that is aligned with organizational policy and applicable regulations,irrespective of the security operator’s knowledge and experience.