Issue No. 91 - December 2011            Current Information about Central and Eastern Europe           ostnewsDebt crisis ...
page 2                                                 CEE	Prague revises economicforecast                                ...
CEE                                                                                                                       ...
page 4                                          Czech RepublicWinter tyre regulationsfor south-easternEurope in 2011/2012 ...
Slovenia                                                                                                                  ...
page 6                                                 Gebrüder WeissImportant addressesAlbaniaDR: Prinz-Eugen-Str. 18/1/5...
Gebrüder Weiss                                                                                                            ...
ADV 053/2011 ATthe orange way of SustainabilitySustainability. This is what our customers understand by takingresponsibili...
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GW ostnews issue 4/2011


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The ostnews publication of Gebrüder Weiss. Information and current news about Central and Eastern Europe. Issue 4/2011

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GW ostnews issue 4/2011

  1. 1. Issue No. 91 - December 2011 Current Information about Central and Eastern Europe ostnewsDebt crisis affectingCentral and Eastern Europe page 2Czech Republic plans big Balkan States threatened with Czech Republic steps uprise in road toll visa requirements fight against corruptionpage 3 page 3 page 4Reforms: Slovenia at the Gebrüder Weiss conquers First gas-powered HGV withcrossroads social networks dual-fuel drive in usepage 5 page 6 page 7
  2. 2. page 2 CEE Prague revises economicforecast Debt crisis affecting the In late October, the CzechMinistry of Finance down- CEE regiongraded its economic forecast Problems for the European Monetary Union: Though the fundamental economic datafor the coming year. Accor- for CEE improved during the last few years, the debt crisis is now starting to biteding to the latest macroeco-nomic projection, thecountry’s economy is now Study of business climate index in Centralset to grow by a maximum of and Eastern Europe: Gloomy expectationsone percentage point. This caused by debt crisis have not bypassed Cen-represents a significant dete- tral and Eastern Europe (CEE).rioration by comparison withthe previous estimates; back The October survey by Thomson Reuters & Photo: APA / EPAin July, the German-langua- OeKB of the business climate index for Centralge website TSCHECHIEN and Eastern Europe continues the pessimisticonline was still speaking in July trend. The 400 or so decision makers atterms of 2.5 percent econo- domestic and foreign companies headquarteredmic growth in 2012. Because in Austria who were surveyed expect to see both Dramatic fall in the economic indicator.of the weaker economic per- a deterioration in their own business and a con-formance, Finance Minister traction of the economy. In the words of a pressMiroslav Kalousek now has release on the business climate index: “We have with the assessment of the business climateto adjust his plans to take not seen such a dramatic fall in the economic index, as direct investors too scale back theirinto account a reduction in growth indicator since the start of the global eco- business expectations for the Ukraine and thetax income of 18 billion nomic crisis in October 2008.” Of the 19 coun- relevant indicator shows a fall of as much as 36Czech crowns (approx. €750 tries surveyed in Central and Eastern Europe, percentage points.million ) and an inflation rate Hungary has the worst prospects for growth. 42of up to 3.2 percent caused percent of managers interviewed there expect a Signs of slowdown in lendingby an increase in VAT. downturn in the economic climate. OeKB puts Negative growth in the entire Central and the blame on the new foreign exchange law and Eastern Europe region is not simply a problem of on specially levied taxes. On the other hand, the local making; to some extent, corporate earnings current business situation in Russia, Poland and have been affected by the shrinking balance Ukraine is relatively positive, according to a sheets of European banks and the resulting con-Imprint recent assessment, although the mood in these sequences for lending. In any case, Morgan Stan- countries is also turning to gloom. ley sees lending in the Central and Eastern Euro- pe region as being already under threat. Pro-Proprietor of media, owner andpublisher: Gebrüder Weiss Ukraine catching up spects there are poor, according also to the Octo-GmbH, Wiener Straße 26, The Ukraine in particular has done much better. ber forecast of the European Bank for Recon-A-2326 Maria-Lanzendorf,Österreich The country suffered very badly in the 2008 global struction and Development (EBRD). Although theEditors: Klaus Tumler, Bianca downturn and had the worst business climate in region enjoys better economic fundamental indi-Baumgartner, F 01.79799.7925, the region a year ago, yet the corresponding indi- cators than a few years ago, there are higher risksTranslation: Sternkopf Communica- cator in October 2011 showed a better than ave- and a weak economy stemming from the eurozo-tions, Fabrikweg 4, 09557 Flöha, rage result with plus 29 percentage points. Gre- ne debt crisis. Of all the indicators measured forDeutschlandPrinted by: Hans Jentzsch & Co gor Postl of the Austrian Foreign Trade Office in the current business climate index, economicGmbH, Scheydgasse 31, 1210 Wien Kiev sees this development as the result of development for the coming twelve months wasCirculation: 5.000 copiesOstnews is published: four times a reforms initiated to comply with the terms of an the one that did most to tip the overall forecastyear IMF loan last year; for example, corporate tax fell into negative territory. Compared to the last sur-Pictures (unless stated otherwise): from 25 to 20 percent. “Ukraine does not have a vey in July, figures here showed a drop from plusGebrüder Weiss Ges.m.b.H. ; Sub-ject to error and printing error. large national debt either and holds 34 billion US 32 points to minus six points. OeKB’s commentCover picture: istockphoto dollars in foreign reserves,” the trade representa- on this development: “Apparently, direct inve-DECLARATION ACCORDING TO § 25MEDIA : Proprietor of media and tive told APA. Furthermore, important improve- stors are expecting a setback in the recovery ofpublisher: Gebrüder Weiss GmbH ments to infrastructure have been undertaken in Central and Eastern Europe countries, some ofWiener Straße 26, A-2326 Maria- preparation for the Euro 2012 football champion- which have been severely affected by the crisis.”Lanzendorf, P 01.79799.0Business object: ship that is being jointly organised with Poland. Ininternational forwarding agent view of the fact that Ukraine is the world’s eighth-Basic line of text:Information of companies about largest steel producer and exports are running ateconomic relations with Central 40 to 50 percent of output, Postl foresees lossesand Eastern Europe. in the near future for this sector resulting from generally poor growth prospects. That accords
  3. 3. CEE page 3 Gratis-Abo Free subscription Czech Republic plans Aktuelle Ostnews Current Ostnews big rise in road toll Sie wollenyou like to recei- Would übersichtlich, In the New Year, the toll for heavy goods vehicles in the Czech Republic will regelmäßig und gratis über ve clear, regular and free be increased by 25% in line with strategic government policy. Neuigkeiten aus Mittel- und information on the latest Osteuropa informiert wer-and news from Central den? Dann melden Sie Simply Eastern Europe? sich From 2012, road usage fees for trucks will be traffic to the trunk roads,” says Czech Transport ganz einfach unter subscrip- register for a free raised by one quarter in the Czech Republic. Minister Vit Barta with some degree of convic- at tion to our East News This is intended to bring about a “systemic tion. He is concerned that many country roads change” in the Czech transport sector. that are currently used by trucks are unsuitable fürostnews ein Gratis-Abo unserer for heavy traffic: “The residents of rural commu- Ostnews an. Sie erhalten According to the German trade magazine nities suffer badly from the consequences.” damit viermal proyou hot-off- This gives Jahr druck- Verkehrsrundschau, the planned increase means frisch Informationen aus den thepress information rela- that freight forwarders and hauliers will now Bereichen Transport, Verkehr, ting to transport, traffic, have to pay 6.63 koruna (€0.27) instead of 5.30 Logistik und Wirtschaft. four logistics and business koruna per kilometre for each vehicle with four times per year. or more axles grouped under emission class Oder interessieren Sie sich Euro 2. At the same time, costs for rail transport für unseren elektronischen in Or are you interested are being reduced. Newsletter (in deutscher oder our electronic newsletter The 25-percent increase in road toll together englischer Sprache)? Dann (in German or English)? with the parallel reduction in rail charges is inten- registrieren Sie sich ebenfalls Then you can likewise regi- ded to make the latter more attractive to the logi- auf dieserat this internet ster Seite. stics sector. Since only about 20 percent of address. freight is sent by rail, the government is hoping that this initiative will bring about a gradual shift in the structure of the transport industry. “This is the first step in restricting heavy goods Balkan States threatenedSlovakia: Bank tax approved with visa requirementsfor 2012 The number of asylum seekers entering the Schengen area from countries in the western Balkans has risen sharply this year. As a consequence, there is now talk of re-imposing visa restrictions. In late October, the SlovakParliament decided to introduce However, the level of any possible threshold isa bank tax with effect from the as yet unclear. Details of how the restrictionNew Year. This is intended to will be applied also have to be decided.boost the national budget and tocover risks in the banking sector. Visa requirements for western Balkan statesAccording to such as Serbia and Macedonia have only Photo: iStockPhotoquoting Slovak and Czech news recently been abolished, but during the lastagencies, the government twelve months, the number of asylum seekersexpects to raise around €83 milli- entering in the Schengen area has risen sharply.on per year, equivalent to appro- This trend has been causing particular conster-ximately one-sixth of the net pro- nation in Belgium and Luxembourg where appli- The level of any possible threshold is as yet unclear.fits made by the banks last year. cations between January and mid-SeptemberThe tax rate has been set at 0.4 have numbered 1,964 and 1,052 respectively. Commission will then make recommendationspercent of total assets, though During the same period, Sweden registered concerning the reintroduction of visa require-certain items are exempt. The 2,503 applications and Germany 3,608. The ments for specific countries to be decided bybanking association has com- Brussels-based Schengen authority has now committees made up of experts. Where exactlyplained, however, that the new been asked by the European Commission to the threshold might be set is as yet imposed by the Slovak carry out permanent monitoring; in addition, sta- According to, diplomats estimate thatgovernment would be the high- tistics are to be supplied by Europol and the EU negotiations on an amendment to the currentest in the eurozone. border protection agency FRONTEX. The EU regulations will take at least another year.
  4. 4. page 4 Czech RepublicWinter tyre regulationsfor south-easternEurope in 2011/2012 Czech Republic steps• Bulgaria: Not mandatory. up fight against corrup-• Estonia and Latvia: Man- From 2012, companies in the Czech Republic will be hit with penalties amoun-datory from 1st Dec to 31st ting to millions if found guilty of corruption and money laundering offences.March. Depending on theweather, dates may beextended to October - The Czech Republic “was near the bottomApril. of the class” in the fight against corruption• Croatia: No set dates, but during 2010, according to Transparencymay be required at short International.notice if weather conditi-ons dictate. Look out for The organisation has repeatedly called for toug- Photo: APA / EPArelevant road signs. Com- her action against corruption. Compared to othermercial vehicles must carry European countries, the Czech Republic hasa small snow shovel. been dragging its heels in introducing the neces-• Lithuania: Mandator from sary legislation. Many commentators have1st Nov to 1st April. accused it of being “absolutely toothless” and New law from 2012: Fines of millions to combat corruption.• Montenegro: Not manda- the EU has called for action to accelerate changetory. in this direction. So pressure has been steadily• Poland: Not mandatory. increasing and has finally borne fruit; in 2012, a tute for International Economic Studies (WIIW)Use of snow chains permit- law is set to come into force obliging companies said: “We must wait and see how the new regula-ted only on roads affected and other legal entities – including political par- tions are interpreted. Corruption in the Czechby snow and/or ice. ties – to accept criminal liability for corruption Republic has a long tradition. It could take more• Romania: Not mandatory. offences. This proposal has received the blessing than a generation to bring about lasting culturalSnow chains recommen- of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate in change. At any rate, people are aware of theded for mountainous areas. Prague. For the moment, President Vaclav Klaus situation and there is a strong desire for change.”• Serbia: Winter tyres are has vetoed the bill, but it is by no means off the An Austrian entrepreneur who does business inmandatory from 1st Nov to table; parliament can still overrule him, since the Czech Republic added: “It is basically a good1st April. Buses and HGVs advocates of the bill sitting in the Lower House thing, but you cannot change deep-rooted struc-must carry a shovel. For have a large enough majority. Should they decide tural problems overnight by legislation alone.”some routes, snow chains to ignore his veto, the law will come into force What the new law will mean for foreign compa-are mandatory. with or without the President’s signature. Whate- nies operating in the Czech Republic is very hard• Slovakia: Winter tyres ver happens, it is certainly an “enormously impor- to predict. Just how much money changes handsmandatory depending on tant bill”, according to Justice Minister Jiri Pospi- as a result of corruption and money laundering inweather conditions for sil the Czech Republic can only be roughly estima-vehicles under 3.5 tonnes. ted. It is in the order of between 40 and 60 billionFor vehicles over 3.5 Criminalisation of entrepreneurs feared koruna (1.55 to 2.33 billion euros), according totonnes, winter tyres are In future, fines to the tune of millions could be Czech journalists who have researched the mat-mandatory from 15th Nov imposed on legal persons and companies invol- ter. The majority of these illegal payments relateto 31st March. ved in corruption, money laundering and other to the public sector. Czech regional authorities• Slovenia: Mandatory serious crimes. The range of penalties proposed award contracts worth about 640 billion korunafrom 15th Nov to 15th includes confiscation of property, winding up of (24.9 billion euros) each year.March. May also be the company, prohibition of business, and exclu-required outside these sion from tendering for public contracts or from „dates if winter conditions eligibility for state subsidies. As is the case forare severe. physical persons who are punished, there will• Czech Republic: Manda- also be a register of convicted legal personstory on all roads affected which will be made available to the public. Pre-by winter weather from 1st viously in the Czech Republic, persons with legalNov to 31st March. responsibility could only be punished in civil pro-• Hungary: Not mandatory. ceedings. Only specific physical persons will beMay however be required held responsible for crimes committed in con- Corruption in the Czechat short notice. Look out nection with their work – company directors, for Republic has a longfor relevant road signs. example. Critics of the new regulations fear pos- tradition.” sible criminalisation of business activity. Austrian The opinion of one expert based at the Vienna experts on the Czech Republic view the new law Institute for International Economic StudiesSource: with scepticism. An expert from the Vienna Insti- (WIIW)
  5. 5. Slovenia page 5 Cooperation: Eurasian rail network Reforms: Slovenia at the crossroads In mid-October, Russian Railways (RZhD) and the Experts see structural reforms as unavoidable and are demanding swift action. Slovakian railway compa- However, the likelihood of any decision before the general election is remote. ny ZSR signed a coopera- tion deal for the moderni- sation of transport infra- structure in Slovakia. The two parties pledged to provide transportation services that would be of mutual benefit. According to the German trade maga- zine Logistik heute, the strategic objective is to integrate the Russian and Slovakian rail networks into the pan-European and Eurasian transport system. Both operators also intend Photo: APA to collaborate in extending the broad gauge railway The direction that Slovenia will take after the general election remains to be seen. as far as Bratislava and Vienna and to jointly build an international logistics Slovenia has not been spared the fallout from ral reforms and further arguing that such an centre.the global financial crisis either. The speed at approach would merely exacerbate the problem.which the country has gone from model student The Slovenian central bank called for rapid eco-to problem child has surprised even experts. nomic measures that would make it cheaper for the state to borrow, and pinpointing several rea-To bring the deficit under control, speedy reforms sons for the increased interest rate on govern- Study: Labour costs inare being called for (see also issue number 90 of ment bonds: the fallout from the debt crisis in the second quarterostnews, page 3), albeit a series of reforms that other European countries, the general uncer-brought about the downfall of the previous tainty prevailing in the financial markets and thegovernment when it lost a referendum. The economic and political developments within Compared to the samedirection that Slovenia will take after the parlia- Slovenia itself. Yet in terms of bad debts, Slove- quarter last year, thementary elections on 4th December remains to nia is expected to register the lowest NPL (Non- greatest increases inbe seen. In late September, the Slovenian eco- Performing Loans) rate in Eastern Europe this labour costs in Central andnomy was downgraded one notch by the rating year – a relatively respectable 3.9 percent. Eastern Europe wereagencies Moody’s (to Aa3) and Fitch (to AA-). recorded by Bulgaria (12.4Standard & Poor’s followed suit in late October Need for reform in many areas percent), Romania (7.2 perwith a drop from AA to AA-. The main reasons Experts are highlighting the need for reform of cent) and Slovakia (6.5 pergiven were problems in the Slovenian banking the pensions system, of the labour market and cent). These figures aresector and government debt, the pace of the lat- of the public sector, as well as for adjustments taken from a press releaseter being regarded as particularly alarming. In to the taxation system. Plans for privatisation by Eurostat. Labour coststhe most acute year of the global crisis, 2008, have been shelved for the time being due to the rose least in Lithuania (2.6the debt to GDP ratio fell from 23.1 percent financial crisis. According to one Austrian com- percent), Poland (3.0 per-(2007) to 21.9 percent. Yet in 2009, it soared to mentator, the combination of a relatively small cent), Latvia (4.0 percent)35.3 percent and, worse still, 38.8 percent in market of around two million inhabitants on the and Austria (also 4.0 per-2010 (Source: Eurostat). A further increase to one hand and isolationist tendencies on the cent). For the EU27, thisaround 43 percent is expected for 2011. In mid- other have meant that domestic demand in cer- averages out at increasedNovember, the interest on ten-year government tain areas of the economy is struggling with labour costs of 3.4 percentbonds reached a record high of 7.1 percent. saturation while at the same time there is a reluc- (adjusted for working days).Whereupon President Danilo Türk appealed to tance to venture out into foreign markets. For You can read more in thethe political parties, employers and unions to example, once Slovenia has finished upgrading article ‘CEE labour costsagree on “an immediate programme of action”, its trunk road network, the national construction far below Austrian level’ onwarning against using the early parliamentary industry will have to look further afield for new Page 2 of ostnews, issueelections as an excuse to delay overdue structu- orders. number 89, June 2011.
  6. 6. page 6 Gebrüder WeissImportant addressesAlbaniaDR: Prinz-Eugen-Str. 18/1/5, 1040 Gebrüder Weiss con-Wien, T +43 1 328 86 56AC: siehe Slovenia quers social networksBelarus Whether Facebook, Twitter or YouTube – social networking sites are becomingDR: Hüttelbergstr. 6, 1140 Wien more and more popular. GW is now represented as well - clicking is worth it.T +43 1 419 96 30 - 11AC: siehe Russia Gebrüder Weiss is creating new communi-Bosnia-HerzegowinaDR: Tivolig. 54, 1120 Wien, cation channels for the topics of the GW World,T +43 1 811 85 55 and it allows insight into the GW World.AC: Zmaja od Bosne bb, 71000Sarajevo, T +387 33 26 78 40,+387 33 26 78 50 On and the official twitter channel,BulgariaDR: Schwindg. 8, 1040 Wien, Facebook users and followers can easily followT +43 1 505 31 13, +43 1 505 64 44 the most important news about the company,AC: ul. Zar Samuil 35, 1000 Sofia,T +359 2 953 15 53 find extensive information on the topics of trans- port and logistics and contact each other. Fur-Czech RepublicDR: Penzinger Str. 11 - 13, 1140 thermore, a wide selection of images is available At youtube, users can view the new GW image film.Wien, T +43 1 899 580 for download. Visiting the GW channelAC: Krakovská 7, P.O.B. 493111 21 Praha 1, T +420 2 22 21 02 55 is worthwhile as well. Here, users can view and recommend the new Simply sign up (for free) and become a fan or aCroatiaDR: Heubergg. 10, 1170 Wien, GW image film, available in German and English. follower:T +43 1 485 95 24 It shows that Gebrüder Weiss doesn’t only moveAC: Postanski pretinac 25, goods and data, but also the people who are • Zagreb, T +385 1 488 19 00 connected to the orange network. • Wohllebeng. 9/13, 1040 Wien, The orange world is just a few clicks away. • +43 1 503 77 61AC: Mannerheimintie 15 a B,00260 Helsinki, T +358 9 43 66 33 0Hungary Latest sustainability report from GWDR: Bankg. 4-6, 1010 Wien,T +43 1 537 80 - 300AC: Délibáb utca 21, 1062 BudapestVI, T +36 1 461 50 40 The report, which conforms to the internationally recognised GRI (Global ReportingLetvia Initiative) standard, provides information on the contribution towards sustainability.DR: Stefan Esders Platz 4, 1190Wien, T +43 1 403 31 12AC: siehe Estonia In our modern world, everyone claims to beLithuania looking for ‘sustainable options’. Yet the fineDR: Löweng. 47, 1030 Wien, words are often followed by deeds on a disap-T +43 1 718 54 67 pointingly small scale. Here at GW, we believeAC: siehe Estonia in practising what we preach.MacedoniaDR: Kinderspitalg. 5/2, 1090 Wien,T +43 1 524 87 56 After all, ‘commitment’ is one of our four coreAC: Maksim Gorki br. 1, 1000 values. That’s why we feel an obligation to beSkopje, T +389 2 310 92 32 consist ent in implementing a strategy once weMoldawia have decided on it. The basis of sustainableDR: Löwengasse 47/10, 1030 Wien,T +43 1 961 10 30 business activity is the realisation that success The latest GW Sustainability Report for 2010 has been published.AC: siehe Romania goes beyond the short term; it involves lookingMontenegro ahead with courage, conviction and a sense ofDR: Nibelungeng. 13, 1010 Wien, responsibility, carrying out any necessary chan- pany in Austria to publish a sustainability reportT +43 1 715 31 02AC: siehe Serbia ges and developing new ideas without sacrificing that complied with the internationally recognis- that which has stood the test of time. Over the ed GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standard.PolandDR: Hietzinger Hauptstraße 42c, years, this approach has certainly proved its Customers, partners, employees – and indeed1130 Wien, T +43 1 870 15 100 worth here at Gebrüder Weiss. The various initia- anyone else who is interested – can find out whatAC: Saski Crescent Center ul., tives that we have launched or maintained are GW is doing to promote sustainability by visitingKrólewska 16, 00-103 WarszawaT +48 22 586 44 66 described in greater detail in our Sustainability this web page: Report 2010; they are all consistent with the bility_Reports.aspx. If you would prefer a printed three pillars of economic viability, environmental version of the report, then please request a copyDR: Diplomatic Representation inAustria protection and social responsibility. In 2009, from your contact at Gebrüder Weiss. It is avai-AC: Austrian commercial attaché Gebrüder Weiss became the first logistics com- lable in either German or English.
  7. 7. Gebrüder Weiss page 7 Important addresses First gas-powered HGV Romania with dual-fuel drive in use DR: Prinz-Eugen-Straße 60, 1040 Wien, T +43 1 505 32 27, +43 1 503 8940 Since September, environmentall friendly truck travels for Siemens AG AC: Strada Logofat Luca Stroici Nr. 15, 020581 Bucuresti, Österreich in the Greater Vienna area. T +40 372 06 89 00 Russia DR: Reisnerstraße 45-47, 1030 Wien, T +43 1 712 12 29, +43 1 713 12 15 AC: Starokonyushenny Pereulok 1 11 5127 PCI-2 Moskau, T +7 495 725 63 66 Serbia DR: Rennweg 3, 1030 Wien, T +43 1 713 25 95, +43 1 712 12 05 AC: Postanski fah 361, 11001 Beograd, T +381 11 301 58 50 Slovakia DR: Armbrusterg. 24, 1190 Wien, T +43 1 318 90 55 - 200 AC: P.O.B. 138, 814 99 Bratislava, T +421 2 59 100 600 Slovenia DR: Koling. 12, 1090 Wien, T +43 1 319 11 60 AC: Nazorjeva 6, Postni predal 1595, 1000 Ljubljana, T +386 1 513 97 70 Ukraine DR: Naaffg. 23, 1180 Wien, T +43 1 479 71 72 11 AC: Posolstwa Awstriji - Torhowyj Widdil, Holowposchtamt, a/c 62, 01001 Kiew, T +380 44 503 35 99 Gebrüder Weiss has completed yet another sustainability project: the GW wind farm. DR: Diplomatic Representation in Austria Gebrüder Weiss have added the first gas- fuel system by Infinite GmbH in Salzburg in just AC: Austrian commercial attachépowered HGV fitted with a dual-fuel drive to two weeks. Along with a diesel tank, the vehicletheir vehicle fleet at the Maria Lanzendorf site has two 150-litre gas tanks. This allows the envi-(Vienna). ronmentally friendly benefits of gas as a fuel to Gas-powered be combined with the efficiency of a diesen engi- HGV with dual- In normal operation the 40-tonne truck runs ne. Powered by an engine rated at 300 hp with a fuel driveon a mixture of 70 percent methane gas (35 per- maximum torque of 1160 Nm, the HGV has acent climate-neutral biogas, 35 percent natural range of 300 km.gas) and 30 percent diesel. This reduces annual • travels since SeptemberCO2 emmissions by 58 percent compared to all Project partner Siemens for Siemens AG Österreichdiesel-vehicles. From now on the new HGV will In Siemens AG Österreich, Gebrüder Weiss in the Greater Vienna areatravel regularly between the sites of Gebrüder found the perfect partner for the „Gas-powered • 40-tonne truck of VolvoWeiss customer Siemens Austria in Vienna, HGV“ project. They share the same understan- • powered by an engineenabling environmentally friendly transport ding of sustainability, so when Gebrüder Weiss rated at 300 hpmanagement. approached Siemens about using an HGV with • dual-fuel drive: along dual-fuel technology for transport between their with a diesel tank, theEnvironmentally friendly with high performance plants, the technology company was quick to vehicle has two 150-litre „Using an HGV wuth environmentally friendly respond positively. I am delighted with the suc- gas technology underlines once more our wil- cessful cooperation with Gebrüder Weiss, which • runs on a mixture of 70%lingness to set clear standards in terms of sustai- is giving Siemens the opportunity to put environ- methane gas (35% clima-nable logistics. We will continue to pursue our mental and climate protection into practice,“ said te-neutral biogas, 35%goal of developing ecnomical and environmen- Wolfgang Hesoun, Gerneral Director of Siemens natural gas) and 30%tally compatible solutions,“ said Wolfgang Nies- AG Österreich. dieselsner, CEO at Gebrüder Weiss. In collaboration • has a range of 300 kmwith project partner Salzburg AG, Gebrüder • reduces annual CO2Weiss had the Volvo truck converted to a dual- emmissions by 58%
  8. 8. ADV 053/2011 ATthe orange way of SustainabilitySustainability. This is what our customers understand by takingresponsibility. It has always been our objective to do thisrespectfully. We create long-term prospects and harmoniseeconomic, ecological and socio-political aspects. This is why wegive consideration to plant, products and systems that useresources sparingly. Experience it for yourself: GW moves.Servicetelefon 0800.201.666