005 NCWRM 2011 Lolas_CCHellenic


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Regional Conference on Advancing Non Conventional Water Resources Management in the Mediterranean, 14-15 September 2011, Athens, Greece

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005 NCWRM 2011 Lolas_CCHellenic

  1. 1. Water Stewardship at Coca-Cola Hellenic
  2. 2. Less than 3% of the world’swater is fresh. And most ofthat is locked in the ice caps.
  3. 3. Our approach •Ensuring the sustainability of water extraction •Reducing water use within operations •Treating 100% of wastewater •Working with suppliers and others to reduce indirect water use •Partnering with others to protect local watersheds
  4. 4. Understanding water risks •Each Coca-Cola Hellenic bottling plant has conducted a water risk assessment. •By the end of 2012, all bottling pants will have developed a Source Water Protection Plan
  5. 5. Improving Our Efficiency •19% risen in water efficiency since 2004 •3rd consecutive year we have reduced our absolute water use • In 2010 we recycled and reused 1.2 billion liters of water •We use new technologies in the production process
  6. 6. Treating Wastewater •Coca-Cola Hellenic operates 43 on-site wastewater treatment plants •More than 97% of wastewater treated in 2010
  7. 7. Reducing Indirect Water Use Coca-Cola Hellenic is a founding member of the European Water Footprint Sustainability Assessment Sounding Board for Sugar
  8. 8. Community Partnerships Coca-Cola Hellenic implements water community programs in 26 out of 28 countries where its operates •Watersheds protection •Water and sanitation •Education and awareness raising
  9. 9. Coca-Cola HBC Greece 42 years of Successful operation Salonica 8 plants 2.000 Employees Volos Best workplace Atalanti for 2009 & 2010 (Best Workplace Institution, Greece) Patra Schimatari Aigio 250 brand codes 4.500 suppliers 10 million consumers Herakleion - Mallia 160.000 Points of Sales
  10. 10. Coca-Cola HBC Greece Coca-Cola HBC Greece aims to safely return to the community and nature an amount of water equivalent to what it uses in its products and production process •Reduce •Recycle •Replenish
  11. 11. Mission Water Environmental Program Sustainable Water Management Watersheds protection Public Awareness & Understanding
  12. 12. Sustainable Water Management•In collaboration with local authorities and GWP-Med•Reach 13 islands of Cyclades•Install and repair 30 Rainwater Harvesting systems(total water capacity of 3.160.000lt ) & 1 grey waterreuse system•Save 4.500.000 lt of water annually•Improve the quality of life of 14.000 local inhabitants•Educational seminars to local technicians, studentsand teachers (2.765 people in total)•Drinkable water to the residents of Syros island (VariVillage)•Green park in Syros Island (Messara village)
  13. 13. Watersheds protection •Clean up activity at Kerkini Lake, which a very important lake in Northern Greece •“Protection of the Wetlands in Crete” in collaboration with WWF Hellas •“Join In and Clean up” in collaboration with MedAsset 2515 volunteers participated 12km of coastline were cleaned 3 tones of recyclable materials and 1 tone of garbage
  14. 14. Public Awareness & Understanding •Our message “Care for Water” has reached more than 5.4 million people •Conducted a comic strip competition •Support important water conferences and events
  15. 15. Water Sustain us.Conservation unites us