GWAVACon 2013: Vibe Project Managament


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Partner Session - Open Horizons

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GWAVACon 2013: Vibe Project Managament

  1. 1. How to do Project Management with Vibe An Open Horizons Hot Lab Christian Giese Owner/Founder Erik Ebell Owner/Founder
  2. 2. © Open Horizons. All rights reserved. GWAVACon EMEA 20132 A Short Agenda • Introductory Round • Knowledge and Expectations • Approaching the Topic • What We’ll Do in this Hot Lab
  3. 3. © Open Horizons. All rights reserved. GWAVACon EMEA 20133 Introduction: Code and Concept • We are an IT company from Munich, Germany. • We work in the areas of collaboration, Enterprise 2.0, systems integration, Identity Management, Business Intelligence, and bespoke solutions. • We are a Novell Solution Provider & System Integrator. • We have a strong focus on Novell Vibe, ever since Teaming&Conferencing beta. • We serve many customers in education and research as well as enterprises. • We have close ties to many universities and are a TTP group affiliate member. • We have our own software label, . • We have been distributing since August 2012 and will launch a few more Vibe related products soon… • And we have done a few Labs on Vibe for Open Horizons before :) …
  4. 4. © Open Horizons. All rights reserved. GWAVACon EMEA 20134 Introduction: You • Who are you? • What do you already know about Vibe, what have you already done? • What do you expect to take with you from this Hot Lab?
  5. 5. © Open Horizons. All rights reserved. GWAVACon EMEA 20135 Approaching Project Management (I) • Fortunately, and unfortunately, everything can be seen as a project: • Getting your annual doctor’s appointments scheduled • Getting the family together for Christmas(or equivalent holiday) • Giving a new employee a smooth start • Replacing a server – or ten • Moving a computer room to a different building • Setting up a new computing centre • Implementing a toll collecting system for Germany • So what’s the difference?
  6. 6. © Open Horizons. All rights reserved. GWAVACon EMEA 20136 Approaching Project Management (II) The difference is twofold: Scope and Organisation. • Scope influences how much management you need and how the tools need to scale • Organisation influences how management is performed and how the tools need to be used (i.e. designed and handled) So why Vibe? • It scales well and is extremely adaptable and configurable • It delivers many, if not all, of the tools you will need
  7. 7. © Open Horizons. All rights reserved. GWAVACon EMEA 20137 What we will do in this Hot Lab The time we have is limited. So we will need to keep it simple during this session. We will... • Explore the way that Vibe standard folders can be leveraged for a project workspace, implementing some of Code and Concept’s best practices • Add a nice looking landing page to the Project Workspace to keep your users from fleeing from the perceived complexity • Make the created workspace into a template for later use, showing the benefits and shortcomings, and use a different method of instantiating project workspaces • Learn how to leverage to maximise the use you get out of Vibe for your projects
  8. 8. So: let’s go.