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GWAVACon 2013: GWAVA Cloud Program
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GWAVACon 2013: GWAVA Cloud Program


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GWAVA Session

GWAVA Session

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • GWAVA Cloud Services delivers both basic and premium tiers of services, including: GWAVA Cloud Messaging Security Make your email servers secure, compliant, and productive GWAVA Cloud Messaging Archiving Reduce maintenance, protect bandwidth, and free up resources to work on strategic business initiatives GWAVA Cloud Business Continuity Increase email availability, keep employees productive in the event of a disaster or outage with immediate fail- over to the cloud
  • Transcript

    • 1. GWAVA Cloud Partner Program Frank Beckert Thomas Stegemann GWAVA Cloud Team GWAVA EMEA GmbH
    • 2. GWAVA Cloud Program Content • Cloud Market • Why Cloud? • Selling Cloud • GWAVA Cloud Partner Program
    • 3. "Sharing" is variable, and therefore "privacy" can be variable. Cloud Types Hybrid cloud A private cloud service that can expand its capacity by using an additional cloud service provider (private or public). Private Community Public Single user or unshared implementation Unlimited users with shared implementation Limited Users "Sharing" is variable, and therefore "privacy" can be variable. on-premise or customer- or provider- managed, customer- or provider-owned. Cloud Service
    • 4. Cloud Forecast Total In the next five years, enterprises will spend $793 billion on cloud services. $77 $93 $111 $132 $156 $183 $212 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
    • 5. Why customers want cloud Reduction of IT Challenges
    • 6. Cloud Drivers 1. Lower TCO than on-premise 2. Easier and faster to deploy than on-premise 3. Best alternative for regional deployments 4. Limited capital budget -> Operational expense 5. Lack of IT resources/time to implement on-premise 6. Not enough datacenter capacity 7. Temporary solution to solve a temporary need
    • 7. Cloud barriers Customers • Security concerns remain the top reason for not going to the cloud ( But quickly going away) • Data location requirements (particularly in EMEA) • Loss of control • Preservation of job Channel • Channel doesn’t understand how to sell cloud / Comfortable in on-premise • Channel margin from cloud providers • € today versus €€ tomorrow
    • 8. Understanding: Total Cost Of Ownership What can be seen: Hardware + Software You don‘t see: • Hardware + Software • IT-Resources • Power, Heating, Cooling • Backup & Media • Disaster Recovery • Implementation • Support + Storage • Bandwith + Space • UPS etc.
    • 9. Cloud Sales Best-Practises • Sell to the Business not the IT Team • Business Departments can have more money to spend than CIO • Still primarily a TCO conversation. We need to get better selling TCO • Nearly 50% of future SaaS purchase decisions are expected to be made by executive management • Sell the Cloud story first constantly
    • 10. Conclusion • Promote it over on-premise • Sell advantages and TCO • Position as cloud vendor in the future • GWAVA is supporting with a lot of Marketing and Engineering budget • Sell “private” GWAVA Cloud today, “public” cloud tomorrow • We are very flexible in our cloud offering and in the pricing scenarios • Let’s work together to make cloud successful in FY2014 If we don’t convince our customers of cloud, our competitors will
    • 11. GWAVA Cloud Products
    • 12. GWAVA Cloud Fundamentals Overview Products Target Group Benefits To Do  Retain  E-Mail Archiving  GWAVA  Messaging Security Products Benefits To Do
    • 13. GWAVA Cloud Products Offering No difference to GWAVA on prem  Inbound Anti Spam  Inbound Anti Virus  Outbound Anti Virus  … full feature set
    • 14. GWAVA Cloud Products Offering No difference to Retain on prem  Unified Archiving  eDiscovery Management  Data Security  Offsite Backup  Single Email Restore  Personal Address Book Restore  … full feature set
    • 15. GWAVA Cloud Fundamentals Overview Hosters  GWAVA Partners Products Target Group Benefits To Do
    • 16. GWAVA Cloud Fundamentals Overview Reduce cost  Quick implementation  Manage Complexity  Bring down risks Products Benefits Target Group To Do
    • 17. GWAVA Cloud Partner Program GWAVA does … • Provide software • Provide training, best-practices consulting/design to partner to setup offering • Provide backline support to partner • Provide joint marketing/sales material Products To DoBenefits Target Group
    • 18. • Install, configure, update & run service • Sell to & contract with the customer (Price, SLA, etc) • Onboard & support customer • Bill & collect from customer • Provide audit/invoice & payment to GWAVA No cost for the GWAVA Cloud Partner Program Products To DoBenefits Target Group GWAVA Cloud Partner Program Partner does …
    • 19. GWAVA Cloud Partner Program Enablement • Contract signing • Training & Certification • Online or in person training on the products in the offering and related details of running in a hosted/cloud environment • Design • Assistance on hardware purchasing, design and automation • Support • 24/7 Access to GWAVA’s worldwide support engineers
    • 20. Your action: Sign in - NOW! Frank Beckert Thomas Stegemann GWAVA Cloud Team GWAVA EMEA GmbH