2012 10-sep-gwava-backup-virt-environment
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2012 10-sep-gwava-backup-virt-environment



SEP Presentation GWAVACon 2012

SEP Presentation GWAVACon 2012



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2012 10-sep-gwava-backup-virt-environment 2012 10-sep-gwava-backup-virt-environment Presentation Transcript

  • SEP @ GwavaCon Backup in virtualized environmentsHubert Schweinesbeinhs@sep.de
  • The Company German vendor of Backup and Disaster Recovery Software. Headquarter in Weyarn, near Munich. German development – german support! Subsidaries in Germany and USA World Wide Sales via Partners > 3500 Customers in > 45 countries Hoppenstedt Top Financial Rating – only 3,3% of all German companies got a a No. 1 rating.
  • The History Define Linux established, Strategy Systemintegration Spin off logistic SW - International expansion HW development SEP Logistik AG 2008 Development of Establish Development SEP AG logistics SW sesam2000 Backup for NT/Unix/Linux Develop Backup and data protection Software – VMS (92) SEP sesam 2000 Software only Dataprotection and logistics patented processes Logisticsoftware Relag 1980 1990 2000 2008 View slide
  • SEP sesam Backup for all Update / Training / Support Applications backup Bare Machine Virtualisation Recovery Database – hot backup extensions OS/2 Free VMS BSD Operating System / Filesystem View slide
  • Backup - fundamentals Datab Data / ase File System  Systemstate  RegistryCritical  HAL(Hardware Abstraction Layer)  Partition information  Bootloader  ... 5
  • Restore – fundamentals :-) Datab Data / ase File  Systemstate  Registry HAL(Hardware System  Abstraction Layer)Critical  Partition information  Bootloader  ... All Backup is only done for the ability to proceed a fast and consistent restore!! 6
  • Backup in a Virtual Environment Datab Data / ase File SystemCritical Hypervisor 7
  • Backup in a virtualenvironment – with API Hot Backup via Backup Agent Binari Datab es / ase File Guest1 ... GuestN Backup API Hypervisor (Citrix Xen, VMware, Hyper V) Snapshot via Backup API 8
  • Backup - Strategiesin Virtual Environments• Differentiate – dynamic Data – like Database and Files – unchanged files – like Application binaries – Systeminformation• Dont forget the Host itself 9
  • Backup - Strategiesin Virtual EnvironmentsSnapshot backup• Image copy of the whole virtual Disk – open Database --> corrupt – open Files → ?? – restore only of the whole image – single file restore not possible• Applicable for System backup• Applicable for fixed data like – Infrastructure and Application server – DHCP, DNS, Print – but not always for a file server!!
  • Backup - Strategiesin Virtual EnvironmentsSnapshot backup - the next• Recommendation – Define a dedicated virtual disk for each snapshot area ==> 2 LVM partitions per guest • System and Data• Differentiate VMware, Citrix XenServer, HyperV and the rest provides VCB / VADP Interface Snapshot stops the guest provides VSS Interface provides Citrix XenServer API
  • Different Hypervisors• VMware Citrix XenServer – VCB (old) / VADP Interface – Backup API available – Vcenter always required  Windows Guest Backup via VSS → Consistent VSS Backup of MS SQL / – Uniterrupted Snapshot possible MS Exchange  Consistence of system information and data → Restore the complete Snapshot – no  Incremental backup, single file restore single DB or Mail  Windows Guest Backup via integrated VSS – Uniterrupted Snapshot possible - only → Consistent VSS Backup of MS SQL / MS Exchange complete Snapshot – no single file restore → Restore the complete Snapshot – no single DB or Mail – No incremental backup• Hyper V – Backup API available (VSS) Xen Source / KVM  Uniterrupted Snapshot possible - only complete Snapshot – no – Use a Script to generate a Snapshot via single file restore; No incremental backup Linux LVM – stops the guest – see SEP  Windows Guest Backup via VSS wiki. → Consistent VSS Backup of MS SQL / MS Exchange → Restore the complete Snapshot – no single DB or Mail
  • Requirements summary• Applicable for different Hypervisors• Backup for all Operatingsystems – virtual and real• Online Modules for Database Backup• Dont forget the real world – use the same backup system for virtual and physical Servers• ==> SEP we can !!!
  • Thanks -Your questions?Hubert Schweinesbeinhs@sep.de