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2012 10 sep-gwava_novell_backup_and_more
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2012 10 sep-gwava_novell_backup_and_more


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SEP Presentation GWAVACon 2012

SEP Presentation GWAVACon 2012

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. SEP sesam Data protection (not only) in Novell environmentsJohann Krahfuß,
  • 2. Agenda  SEP – quick company introduction  SEP sesam – one backup & recovery for the whole company  SEP and Novell  Backup in a Novell Infrastructure  Look & Feel SEP sesam – quick live demo
  • 3. The Company German vendor of Backup and Disaster Recovery Software. Headquarter in Weyarn, near Munich. German development – german support! Subsidaries in Germany and USA World Wide Sales via Partners 3500 Customers in > 45 countries Hoppenstedt Top Financial Rating – only 3,3% of all German companies got a a No. 1 rating.
  • 4. The History Define Linux established, Strategy Systemintegration Spin off logistic SW - International expansion HW development SEP Logistik AG 2008 Development of Establish Development SEP AG logistics SW sesam2000 Backup for NT/Unix/Linux Develop Backup and data protection Software – VMS (92) SEP sesam 2000 Software only Dataprotection and logistics patented processes Logisticsoftware Relag 1980 1990 2000 2008
  • 5. SEP sesam Backup for all Update / Training / Support Applications backup Bare Machine Virtualisation Recovery Database – hot backup extensions OS/2 Free VMS BSD Operating System / Filesystem
  • 6. SEP and Novell / SUSE  Certified beginning with SuSE Linux 7.0 (2000)  SEP sesam from SuSE Linux 7.0 on each SuSE Professional Box  Since November 2005 certified for Novell OES and SLES  Complete OES11 and Novell Netware Cluster Support  First available Appliance based on the SUSE Appliance Tool Kit  GroupWise Online Backup, eDirectory Backup, iFolder Backup,....  LANfree Backup of Novell OES and SLES over SCSI/SAN/WAN  NSS single file backup and recovery  Successful implementations = Satisfied customers
  • 7. SEP - Novelltypical customer  Typical Novell customer – mixed environment MS Windows, Netware, Linux, Open Enterprise Server, several Virtualisation technologies  Customer issues  Two or more Backup Solutions in place  Generally used Backup Software − Missing Novell Strategy − OES Support missing − Limited to dedicated Operating systems (Windows only?) − High price – low value − Lack of support for virtualisation technologies - often VMware only  Novell customers choose SEP  Clear long-term Novell strategy  Suitable for all Novell technologies – Novell certified − Netware, Groupwise, Open Enterprise Server − Novell Cluster support One Backup Solution for the whole IT – covers Linux, Novell Netware, Open Enterprise Server, M$, Unix, VMware, Citrix Xen, HyperV,....
  • 8. SEP sesamNovell Extension – TSA  Take a look in the SEP wiki  Backup principles using SEP sesam in a Novell OES environment
  • 9. Novell Backup
  • 10. SEP & Vibe  Vibe  Database – mySQL, Oracle, MS SQL  Files  No API available  ==> Backup – complete Database and File backup
  • 11. References & Partners“Its been a long time ago that you havebeen here on the yard, but I can tell you “We went for SEP sesam. The softwarethat everything you told about SEP is demonstrated a comprehensive feature settrue. and an intuitive user interface – all at a compelling price,We are still impressed about the And we never regretted the decision.“performance of SEP, we love to workwith it.“ Bert van den Bovenkamp Administrator for Netware and Open Peter de Graaf Enterprise Server Netherlands Institute for Information & Communication Space ResearchTechnology Royal Huisman Shipyard BV
  • 12. • Textmasterformate durch KlickenSEP sesam bearbeitenNovell Backup Zweite EbeneLive Demo! Dritte Ebene Vierte Ebene Fünfte Ebene
  • 13. • Textmasterformate durch KlickenThank You! bearbeiten Zweite Ebene Dritte Ebene Vierte Ebene Fünfte EbeneHubert