Canal breach


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Story line for the identification, and response to a canal breach on teh Government highline canal, on
July 11,2011.

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Canal breach

  1. 1. July 11, 2011 This is a self paced presentation.Click mouse or space bar to advance to next slide.
  2. 2. Key Map
  3. 3. Time Line  4:00pm 911 notifies Ute Water about water on the road at 25 Rd & I Rd  4:50pm 911 notifies GVWU of Breach  5:00pm GVWU divert water to Persigo & Indian Washes  7:00pm GVWU attempt to Shore-up Breach  7:30pm GVDD Called by GVIC  7:45pm Water is flowing over 25 & I Road 3” deep  8:00pm Canal is at full breach  8:30pm GVWU departs to shut canal down  8:45 pm TV crews at 25 & I Road  9:00pm Canal water level reduced  9:15pm GVDD and GVIC feel Situation is stable  9:30pm GVWU prepares Tunnel 3 for closure  9:30pm Storm Hits desert North of I Road and East of 27 Road  10:00m GVWU begins Tunnel 3 closure  10:30pm City Streets notified of water at 26 ½ Rd & Catalina Dr
  4. 4. Time Line 10:30pm 911 notifies GVIC there are high waters 10:30pm Water is flowing over 25 & I Road 12” deep 11:00pm GVWUA finalizes Tunnel 3 closure 12:30am Street crews finish clean up at Catalina Dr 1:00am City crews realize Canal has continued to breach 2:00am 911 notifies Road & Bridge and City Streets of excessive water 2:45am Threat to City Market fuel tanks assessed 3:00am Water flows begin to dissipate 6:ooam GVDD & GVIC employees notice extent of flooding on way to work 7:00am All agencies mobilize employees and equipment 9:00am City/521/GVDD find situation on Leach Creek & Gov Highline Canal Tuesday GVWU learn of the Perfect Storm Thursday Finish breach repair Friday Water returned to the Canal
  5. 5. 4:00pmUte Water gets a call Daryl Moorefrom 911 finds canal beginning to breachWater on the Road!
  6. 6. Canal Breach Government Highline Canal at its beginning stages
  7. 7. Breach caused by failedculvert under the canal
  8. 8. Shortly before Houston, We have a5pm problem 911 notifies GVWU of a possible breach and instructs them to call Ute Water for details
  9. 9. Between 5pm & 6pm GVWU diverts water  deploy employees & equipment  100+cfs diverted to Persigo Wash  80-100cfs diverted to Indian Wash  Adjust check structures East of breach The Government Highline Canal was flowing 574cfs at Indian Wash Monday morning Normal flow at Indian Wash is 650cfs
  10. 10. 7:00pm GVWU Attempts to shore-up breach with  Dirt  Concrete  Rip Rap
  11. 11. 7:30 PM GVDD gets a call for GVIC about a breach in the Government Highline east of 25 Road. GVDD responds by putting personnel on notice that equipment may be needed to help with debris removal. GVDD Checks North Cochran Wash from 24 ½ and H Road to and including Leach Creek to South of the Riverside Parkway All Crossings are taking the increased flow, situation appears stable
  12. 12. 7:45pm Water overtopping 25 & I road 3” deep8:00pmGovernment Highline Canal at full breachStable and controlled with water management
  13. 13. 8:30pm GVWU adjusts check structure West of breach GVWU departs to shut canal down
  14. 14. 8:45pm TV crews are at 25 & I Road
  15. 15. 9:00pm• Canal water levelreduced and Breach is fullbut situation is stable!• City Parks at CanyonView aware of situation• GVDD checks GVICcrossings with GVIC and,again, all crossings onNorth Cochran Wash arehandling the increasedflow
  16. 16. 9:15pm All is Well• GVWU communicates to GVDD & GVIC the breach situation is controlled and GVDD & GVIC after checking downstream crossings agree to the stability of the conditions• GVDD has employees “stand down” all is stable and assistance with repairs can begin in the morning• Employees drive through a heavy rain on the way home
  17. 17. GVWU prepares9:30pm Tunnel 3 for closure Sluice the Dam of debris Lower the pond above the dam
  18. 18. A heavy rainstorm pounds the9:30pm desert along Leach Creek North of I Road and East of 27 Road
  19. 19. Leach Creek under the Government HighlineLeach Creek Canal is partially plugged and runs down the ROW and spills into the already crippled Canal two miles upstream from the breach I Road Overview Road
  20. 20. Looking North at Leach Leach CreekCreek from Government Highline Canal
  21. 21. Leach Creek spills into theGovernment Highline Canal leaving Debris large amounts of debris behind Debris 3x60” CMP
  22. 22. Debris left behind by overflowing LeachCreek on the North side of the Canal
  23. 23. Leach CreekGovernment Highline Canal North bank is washed into canal Leach Creek Damaged North bank of Canal
  24. 24. Leach Creek Spills into the Government Highline and flowsdown stream to the “stable breach” Spill
  25. 25. South side afterLeach Creek storm Canal Leach Creek
  26. 26. GVDDCleaning
  27. 27. 60” Culverts
  28. 28. 10:00pm GVWU Initializes Tunnel 3 Closure
  29. 29. 10:30pm City Crews called to26 ½ Rd & Catalina Dr Catalina Drive
  30. 30. 10:30pm 911 notifies GVIC there are high waters. GVIC doesn’t realize this is a new issue, and still maintains the situation is under control The water is now 12” deep over 25 & I Road
  31. 31. 11:00pm GVWUA finalizes tunnel 3 closure
  32. 32. 12:30am City crews finish removing mud and debris at 26 ½ Rd & Catalina Dr
  33. 33. Property owner just finished majorlandscaping on this corner Catalina Drive
  34. 34. 1:00am Street Crews realize Canal has additional waters entering the breach
  35. 35. 1:30amGVWU employees returning from dam are amazed at amount of water flowing across 24 road and the deeper water over 25 & I road.Canal road to breach was impassable due to the wet, slick, and muddy conditions in the dark
  36. 36. 2:00am 911 notifies Road & Bridge and City Streets of excessive waterAlert!!!25 Road & I Road•3’ deep pavement undercut833 24 ½ Road•50’ exposed gas line•10’x150’x8’ washout•2.5 days to repair2438 H Road•Exposed telephone line•1.5 days to repair
  37. 37. 24 ½ Road •50’ exposed gas line •10’x150’x8’ washout •2.5 days to repair
  38. 38. Flooding along 24 Road 2:00am Water overtopping G Road The West portion of the Canyon View Park parking lot was flooded Water overtopping F ½ Road Water crossing 24 Road into 24Road Video Store parking from there into the parking lots of  The Black Bear Diner  Starbucks  Holiday Inn Express  C&F (Loco) Food Store Water overtopping Patterson on the East side then into Sutherlands Water was to the top of the concrete fuel pump islands at City Market
  39. 39. Water was to the top of2:45am the concrete fuel pump islandsThreat to City Market fuel tanks assessed
  40. 40. 3:00am Water flows begin to dissipate Water ceases to overtop  G Road  F ½ Road  Patterson Road 50% of 24 Rd between Patterson Rd & G Rd under water Street crews begin cleaning mud & debris from arterial streets6:30am GVDD & GVIC made aware of the extent of flooding from employees on their way to work
  41. 41. All agencies Deploy7:ooam All agencies deploy employees and equipment for cleanup and repair except city streets whom continued through the night with their efforts. County Road & Bridge Ute Water GVIC GVWU GVDD 521 Drainage Authority
  42. 42. 9:00am GVWU note the breach is 3 times the size City/521/GVDD find situation on Leach Creek and Government Highline Canal
  43. 43. Tuesday GVWU learns of “Perfect Storm” GVWU learns that the heavy rainfall occurring Monday evening caused damage to the North bank of the canal as the rain runoff sheet flowed off the desert and into the canal at the area designated “Spill” (for the purpose of this presentation)
  44. 44. Thursday July 14 Finished breach repair
  45. 45. Friday July 15Water back in canalNorth bank of canal at Leach Creek is repaired & rip rappedBreach repair is complete and stableArterial streets cleaned of debrisCanal check structures resetWater users had water by Saturday 16Continued cleaning South of Spill on Leach Creek until dispute with property ownerGVIC removed debris from Appleton Flume
  46. 46. Before Cleaning
  47. 47. each Creekfter Cleaning & Repair GVDD Cleaning Canal 60” CMP North side after cleaning & repair
  48. 48. Leach Creek South of CanalBefore Cleaning Leach Creek
  49. 49. CanalLeach CreekLeach Creek 60” CMP South side after cleaning & repair
  50. 50. Before Cleaning
  51. 51. Begin Cleaning
  52. 52. After Cleaning
  53. 53. After Cleaning
  54. 54. 27 1/4 Road North of Canal
  55. 55. Canal
  56. 56. SpillGrand Vista Sub Summer Hill Sub
  57. 57. Maintenance issuesGrand Vista Sub
  58. 58. Grand Vista Sub Debris caught on flume
  59. 59. GVIC Highline FlumePossibleHazard Appleton Flume 24¼ Road Crossing
  60. 60. GVIC Highline Flume
  61. 61. Appleton Flume H Road 24 ¼ Road Piles of woodAppleton Flume 24¼ Road Crossing GVIC access road
  62. 62. AppletonFlume Piles of wood
  63. 63. Appleton Flume
  64. 64. 24 ¼ Road crossing North Cochran Wash
  65. 65. 24 RoadCity Market F ½ Road
  66. 66. 833 24 ½ Road
  67. 67. Summary for GVDD Better notification Balance of resources Mapping consistency Identification of Increased Hazard Areas On going debris cleaning and flow line maintenance Natural stream maintenance & encroachment enforcement Detention in upper basins  EIS on Walker Field runway