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iPad for Classroom Learning
iPad for Classroom Learning
iPad for Classroom Learning
iPad for Classroom Learning
iPad for Classroom Learning
iPad for Classroom Learning
iPad for Classroom Learning
iPad for Classroom Learning
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iPad for Classroom Learning


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. iPad in the ClassroomDebbie Chen Pichler • Department of LinguisticsApril 5, 2012 1Blackboard Accessibility Grant! This pilot project began with a Bb accessibility grant, awarded in May 2012! $5000 grants for projects aimed at improving accessibility to education for “students with disabilities”! Short description of awardees and proposed projects for 2011: http://! At Gallaudet, the Bb grant funded the purchase of roughly half of the iPads needed for this project; GTS generously funded the other half. (Thank you, GTS!!) 2
  • 2. Blackboard Accessibility Grant Two project goals: •test Airplay mirroring and quick switching between multiple iPads •test techniques for developing a bilingual ASL-English glossary for use in Linguistics classes within Bb Focus courses: •LIN 702 and 733 Generative Linguistics I and II •LIN 721 Cognitive Linguistics I 3iTunes Volume Purchase ProgramHow to purchase apps for classroom use!! How it works: ! Instructor (Program Facilitators) contact the Gallaudet Program Manager (Jeff Whitaker) about which applications are needed ! Jeff purchases registration codes for the apps and sends them to instructor; discounts for purchasing 20 codes or more ! Instructor distributes codes to students, who enter them onto their iPads to download apps directly. 4
  • 3. Setting up Airplay MirroringWireless projection from iPad via Apple TV2! Equipment needed: ! HDMI cable and an HDMI compatible screen ! iPad running iOS 5 or above ! Apple TV2 ! Private wifi network (we use an Airport Express base station) 5 Enabling Airplay Mirroring! How to enable mirroring on your iPad once youre set up: ! Make sure Apple TV is on, and both Apple TV and iPad are on the same wifi network (the one you created with your Airport Express) ! From any app on the iPad, quickly press the Home button two times to see a shortcut panel along bottom of iPad screen (see Click here to select picture). output screen 6
  • 4. Bilingual ASL-English glossaryPosting both ASL and English definitions in Bb! Glossary tool in Bb does not support video, so we had to create a work- around using the Blog tool.! Basically, English definition is entered as a blog post, with an ASL video as an attachment.! Pros: Bb lets you film video from within the Bb app on the iPad! Cons: ASL video not immediately available; posts are not organized alphabetically 7Other features of Bb on the iPad! What we love about it! ! Accessing pdfs posted in Bb is easy, and they open right in Bb ! Students can post to blogs from inside Bb! Not so much: ! Echo 360 captured lectures show slides only (and audio), no video ! Glossary and Wiki tools do not support video ! Instructor can’t access grade book (Bb plans to change this) or post readings from iPad 8
  • 5. Useful apps for the classroomiPad for reading and annotating pdf files GoodReader iBooks Kindle 9Useful apps for the classroomDrawing and diagramming on the iPad (with a stylus) Noteshelf iDesk 10
  • 6. Useful apps for the classroomWord processing on the iPad Pages PlainText 11Useful apps for the classroomMiscellaneous Dropbox Fuze 12
  • 7. iPad collaboration between departments • Kristin Mulrooney LIN 101 class requires end of semester project • Collaborated this year with Marina Dzougoutovs GSR 300 students who edited the linguistics content for LIN 101 students • Many other potential collaborations possible, we just need to be creative! 13Timeline for project Timelines (original and new) for Gallaudet Accessibility Grant Project #1 (bilingual cognitive linguistics glossary, led by Drs. Paul Dudis and Kristin Mulrooney)OLD April-May 2011 June-July-August 2011 Sept. - October 2011 November - Dec. 2011 Check back with me again in June! Compile initial 20-25 Exchanges (virtual and in Testing by students in Collect InstructorsFALL SEMESTER terms for testing cognitive person) with Bb LIN 721 (Cognitive feedback integrate linguistics glossary; designers to share Linguistics I) class of (a) from glossary instructor test Bb wiki and results of testing wiki and pdf readings linked to students and linked group blog tools; look for blog tools, to discuss glossary in Bb and (b) and pdf ways to link a couple key possible modifications. entering text and video discuss readings cognitive linguistics for glossary definitions. with Bb into Spring readings to the glossary. team. 2012 prep.NEW July 2011 August 2011 Sept. 2011 October 2011 November 2011 December 2011 NEW SPRING SEMESTER OLD January-February-March 2012 April 2012 Increase cognitive linguistics glossary to ~50 items for Cognitive Linguistics II, this time Write up best requiring students to contribute English and ASL entries for course credit; continued practices for feedback from students on using glossary and linked pdf readings; discussions with creating online Gallaudet Technology Services (GTS) and Bb to explore option of linking online video bilingual ASL/ lecture capture footage to glossary, accessible via iPad as well as via PC. English glossaries in Bb and distribute to University community and Bb. January 2012 February 2012 March 2012 April 2012 May 2012 June 2012 14
  • 8. Some online resources! Includes tutorials, tips and tricks for using an iPad! Apple’s page introducing the many ways that iPads can be used at school! Blog by Adam Stone, teacher at PS347 in New York City, on using iPads in his ASL- English classroom.! Lists the top 600 education apps in the iTunes store! educators.html “Cool stuff for nerdy teachers” 15