Introduction au Management 3.0
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Introduction au Management 3.0



Présentation sur le Management 3.0 à l'ATUGE de Tunis

Présentation sur le Management 3.0 à l'ATUGE de Tunis



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Introduction au Management 3.0 Introduction au Management 3.0 Presentation Transcript

  • ATUGE version 1.00
  • ATUGE 2
  • Alexandre Cuva •  CIO for a Swiss Financial Company •  Agile Transition Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner •  Management 3.0 & Certified Scrum Developer Trainer •  Event speaker •  Hermes Swiss Project Team Professional •  ITIL V3 “I coach teams and organization to become highly productive.” E-mail : Culture Transition Coach ATUGE 3
  • ATUGE 4
  • Source from Ken LumATUGE 5
  • Hue, ancient Vietnam imperial palace : For thousand years, we were ruled from a Central Authority ATUGE 6
  • Self-organization is the default behavior in complex adaptive systems ATUGE 7
  • Tunis is a is a complex adaptive system (CAS), because it consists of parts (people) that form a system (city), which shows complex behavior while it keeps adapting to a changing environment. ATUGE 8
  • A team is a Complex Adaptive System (CAD) 9 ATUGE
  • ATUGE 10
  • ATUGE 11
  • ATUGE 12
  • ATUGE 13 Tribe Tribe Tribe between 20 to 150 Persons Tribe of Tribe
  • Sources : Managers are ordinary people with special power ATUGE 14
  • ATUGE 15
  • ATUGE 16
  • 1.  Dire:  prendre  une  décision  comme  un   gestionnaire   2.  Vendre:  convaincre  les  autres  de  vos  décisions   3.  Consulter:  consulter  l’équipe  avant  de  prendre   une  décision   4.  Accepter:  prendre  une  décision  avec  l’équipe   5.  Conseiller:  conseiller  l’équipe  sur  la  décision   6.  Renseigner:  demander  un  retour  sur  la   décision  de  l’équipe   7.  Déléguer:  pas  d’influence,  l’équipe  gère   Les Sept niveaux d’Autorité 17
  • Managers are like leaders, they defines constraints, the employees defines the rules ATUGE 18
  • Managers need to share their objectives ATUGE 19
  • Teams need to have an identity to identify their self ATUGE 20
  • ATUGE 21
  • Managers need to found way so they employees learn ATUGE 22
  • Tribal Leadership verse Schneider Model 23 My Life Sucks! I’m Great! We are Great! Life is Great!
  • ATUGE 24 Warrior Teacher Visionary Healer Four-Fold Way
  • Management3.0 25
  • 26
  • QA   27 ATUGE
  • ATUGE 28