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VLE use

VLE use

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  • 1. VLEWhats that all about, then?
  • 2. Virtual Learning Environment• A virtual learning environment (VLE) is a software system designed to support teaching and learning in an educational setting• A more correct term may be a virtual environment for learning, rather than virtual learning environment
  • 3. VLE• "Learning is breaking out of the narrow boxes that it was trapped in during the 20th century; teachers professionalism, reflection and ingenuity are leading learning to places that genuinely excite this new generation of connected young school students - and their teachers too. VLEs are helping to make sure that their learning is not confined to a particular building, or restricted to any single location or moment."
  • 4. VLE• A VLE should make it possible for a course designer to present to students, through a single, consistent, and intuitive interface, all the components required for a course of education or training
  • 5. ‘As easy as V.L.E.’• A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) takes things further by offering online access for anytime, anywhere learning.• http://www.teachernet.gov.uk/teachers/issue 52/secondary/features/AseasyasVLE/
  • 6. • Despite the potentially off-putting jargon and the logistical challenge of installing such systems, their use is on the rise: a recent Becta survey found that 23 per cent of primary and 49 per cent of secondary schools have VLEs, and the Government wants all schools to have VLEs that support personalised learning by spring 2008.
  • 7. WHY BOTHER? An official view.o Economize on the time of teaching staff.o For instructors without web development expertise, using a VLE absorbs less time and produces a more professional result.o Provide a service for students who increasingly look to the internet as the natural medium for finding information and resources.o Ensure that quality control requirements are met by providing a standard vehicle for collecting the required informationo Facilitate the integration of distance and campus- based learning or of learning on different campuses.
  • 8. Why I have bothered – my view!o It makes it easier to teach my subjecto It allows me to differentiate (1) teaching materials (2) in lessons because the higher ability can get on with minimal support (or vice-versa)o It makes me feel that my teaching is more effectiveo It is such a strong resource that its like having another teacher (actually you!!) in classo It has had a very positive impact on results
  • 9. VLE• It has so far proved to be completely reliable and problem free. It actually always works!!!
  • 10. • Bectas information on learning platforms http://tinyurl.com/2x4jk7• Becta has published a free guide to learning platforms, Learning Platforms and Personalised Learning: An Essential Guide, which can be downloaded at: http://tinyurl.com/2l6bty• A Short Guide to Learning Platforms for Busy Teachers, produced by Tideway School in Newhaven www.learningplatforms.info• School Anywhere (helps schools to set up Moodle VLEs) www.schoolanywhere.co.uk