Best Practices for Immediate Response Techniques


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An intermediate level perspective on best practices for using immediate response tools like QR codes and near field communication and a sneak peek into what's next.

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  • Utility (airline or sean)SavingsAdvantageAccess (best buy)
  • Google Nexus S, Galaxy S II, Nokia N9, BlackBerry Bold 9900
  • Google Hotpot – the new Google Maps features which make it easier for you and your friends to discover and share places – hasn’t been Google’s most exciting offering, but they’re going to be using it to start promoting widespread use of Near Fields Communications technology in America. Trials in Portland, Oregon will begin soon with businesses placing “Recommended on Google” stickers on their doors and windows. Users with NFC-equipped devices – Nexus S owners only, for now – will be able to pull that particular business’s information in by placing their phone near the sticker and will allow you to read more about the place, read and write reviews, and more.The poster campaign features an exclusive movie trailer and a link to the X-Men film’s Facebook ‘like it’ which is accessed by tapping an NFC-enabled smart phone on poster sites around London. Each site has a pre-programmed NFC chip affixed to the rear of the poster.
  • Increase your Facebook Likes by creating your own Facebook Like Campaign. Customers simply tap your poster or sticker and press the ‘Like’ button directly on their phone. This automatically creates a ‘Like’ on your chosen Facebook page so it’s simple and instant.Create a completely customised campaign with bespoke design/artwork and different tag functions such as dial a number, send an SMS and Mail to. With NFC tags, the possibilities are endless so with our custom campaign service, we can accommodate any requirements you may have. Whether you’re a taxi company that wants to allow customers to tap a poster that auto dials your office or are you a promoter that wants to allow people to enter by a simple tap and text service we can make it happen.
  • Best Practices for Immediate Response Techniques

    1. 1. IMMEDIATERESPONSEBest practices for QR anda sneak peek into what’s next
    2. 2. ABOUT THIS PRESENTATIONThis is our “201 course” on QR and immediateresponse techniques. Looking for more of a primer?Check out our 101 at
    3. 3. THE BIG QUESTION:ARE QR TAGSEFFECTIVE?The short answer: It depends on what you’re trying toachieve
    4. 4. WE’VE ALL HEARD THEOBJECTION: WHAT WE DON’T KNOW • What was the brand trying to achieve?Brand X tried a • What did the QR tag offer? QR tag and it didn’t work • What experience did it take people to? • What was the ROI (or the opportunity cost)?
    5. 5. THE QR OPPORTUNITY 1 ACTIVATE MEDIAPrint to web response rates are QR tags are a low- or no-cost waynotoriously low (unless there’s a to make that media more activesweepstakes involved, of course). and more actionable.
    6. 6. THE QR OPPORTUNITY 2 BE MORE ACCESSIBLE TO SMARTPHONE USERS Few consumers have higher expectations for brand experiences than those wielding smartphones. Today, the potential audience is: 13 OF 13 Of American adults Of smartphone own smartphones owners scan QR tags (Among (70% are interested in physicians, it’s 80%) the tags)MGH, 2011
    8. 8. OUR EXPECTATIONSQR codes represent an incremental opportunity to activatemore (otherwise passive) readers. SOMEWHERE IN BETWEENQR tag users tend to be exactly the people brands want to engage.• They’re more educated and affluent• And they’ve self-qualified (they want more information about your brand)
    9. 9. OUR EXECUTIONSA QR code alone is rarely enough. It’s what we use it to buildthat really matters. Today, many QR tags fail on two fronts: THE POSITIONING THE DESTINATION No clear value Websites not proposition or offer optimized for mobile Small size, difficult to Challenging capture or use registration processes
    10. 10. OUR MEASUREMENTThe impact of immediate response tactics will be different by brandand by audience. Start with a baseline expectation forengagement: Interactions with tags should be ~1/3 of our typicalbanner ad click-through rate. Then try: CHAMPION/CHALLENG ER TESTING with multiple low- and no-cost immediate response tactics. Which will earn the most hand raisers for your brand? • Short URLs • Memorable URLs or key phrases • QR tags • Short codes/SMS
    11. 11. BEST PRACTICES FORQR TAGSCreating value for the brand and the people
    12. 12. THE MOST EFFECTIVE USES OF QRTAGS SHARE TWO THINGS INCOMMON: Demonstrating Purposeful in compelling their promotion value
    13. 13. WHAT IS COMPELLING VALUE?It’s a great answer to this fundamental question: Why should I scan the QR tag?
    14. 14. QR TAG USERS ARE LOOKING FOR THAT COMPELLING VALUE Why smartphone users have scanned QR tags: 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Get a coupon, discount, or deal Access additional information Enter a sweepstakes Sign up for more info Access a video Make a purchase Interact in social media OtherMGH/eMarketer, 2011
    15. 15. HOW DO WE CREATE MOREPURPOSEFUL PROMOTION?Two key creative questions: How is it positioned - is it prominent? Is the value position shown clearly?
    16. 16. ONE GREAT EXAMPLEAll the basics arecovered in the:Clear value propositionGreat, actionable tipsfor first timersBig, easy-to-scan code
    17. 17. PLUS IT UP Three extra things to try on your next code: Customize it: A custom QR Code offers 1 product branding and generates 2.4x greater response than an ordinary QR tag. Add a short code: Build in a little 2 redundancy; if your customers are having trouble scanning the code (bad light, angle, etc.), give them an easy work around with a short URL or text code.Advanced Telecom Services, 2011
    18. 18. PLUS IT UPThree extra things to try on your next code Go ahead, think big: To scan, your QR 3 tag has to show a pattern, but it doesn’t have to be a little black and white square.iQ created this fully scannable3-foot x 3-foot QR tag out of625 syringes.See it in action:
    19. 19. OTHER IMMEDIATERESPONSE TOOLSWhat else belongs in your next champion-challengertest
    20. 20. MOBILE OPT-IN It’s how we connect with each other 224 million of us text message. The 65+ set averages just five texts per day, but the 18- to 24-year-olds tap out ~110 every day! And how brands communicate to–and even with–their customers and fans. To subscribe, people text a key word (text: weight) to a short code (53016). The brand automatically replies with a set of ongoing marketing messages. Consumers can interact with short Y/N replies and opt out anytime, usually by typing STOP. Want to try it? Text “baby” or “weight” to 53016 to join an opt-in program. Or text “med” to 53016 to see how double opt-in works.Pew Internet and American Life Project, 2011
    21. 21. SIMPLE SHORT URLSWhy? They’re as free as QR tags and even easier to track.What’s a short URL? It’s a forwarding service that lets users takeany existing URL and shorten it. They were popularized by Twitter(where character limits are short)!Want to try it? Go to and enter any URL tosee the short version. Free URL services (like have tracking and reporting built in:
    22. 22. IMAGE RECOGNITIONOne of the core limitations of QR tags isthat they work only with smartphones.Using a technology that works withcamera phones can double –sometimes triple – your audience.Image recognition makes that possible –although, it does take an extra step.Users take a picture of an ad or packageand email or text it to the brand to get anoffer or information back. Want to try it? Take a picture of the got milk? ad on the right, and and send it to
    23. 23. WHAT’S NEXT?What new technology will change immediate response?
    24. 24. THE GAME CHANGER ON THEHORIZON:NFC stands for near-field communication. • Like RFID and Bluetooth, it creates wireless connections between two devices in close proximity to each other. • But for simple transactions, NFC is more instant, spontaneous, and actionable for people to connect with brands.
    25. 25. THE NEXT EVOLUTION OFENGAGEMENT ISN’T TYPING OREVEN SCANNING, IT’S TAPPINGThis is the kind of “ah ha” ease of use that inspiresrapid adoption and bridges the technology divide.
    26. 26. THAT IS, AS SOON AS THEHARDWARE CATCHES UP…Today, most of the new Android smartphones have NFC.But Apple and RIM have been slower to adopt.See the full list:
    28. 28. WHAT ELSE COULD MARKETERSDO?Prompt immediate joining or opt-ins:Initiate a phone call, text or email:
    29. 29. INNOVATION LAB 2010