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    Starbucks Presentation - FINAL Starbucks Presentation - FINAL Presentation Transcript

    • Tori Pierce | Alex Maeland | Casey Williamon | Taylor Middleton | Michael Fadler | Zach Briody
    • Brand Overview: Creating a Connection • Established in 1971 • Howard Schultz joins in 1982 Motto: • “Our Customers: When we are fully engaged, we connect with, laugh with, and uplift the lives of our customers – even if just for a few moments. Sure, it starts with the promise of a perfectly made beverage, but our work goes far beyond that. It’s really about human connection.” • Brick & Mortar Brand loyalty firmly established • A relational environment that cultivates memorable experiences for customers while they are in and around the Starbucks brand
    • Brand Overview: Building the Digital Environment• Starbucks wanted to extend the experience to their customer through Online channels and Social Media channels, a natural next step in their relational and communal evolution as a brand.
    • Group Project Overview: The Social Media Audit• The overall outline of the project: 1. To evaluate each individual Social Media Channel that Starbuck’s currently employed • What channels does Starbuck’s utilize? • What unique ways does each individual channel allow Starbuck’s to engage its audience? 2. To evaluate and understand Starbucks’ global/overall goals for its involvement in Social Media by asking the following questions: • What are they aiming to accomplish for their brand? • What does their social media involvement bring to their brand that they could not accomplish otherwise? (Or through traditional marketing) 3. Compare & Contrast: • For the sake of understanding how well or how poorly Starbucks is performing in the Social Media sphere, comparing how their performance rests alongside that of other similarly involved brands • Caribou Coffee • Dunkin Donuts 4. Observe and Report: 1. Observations on the brand’s overall social media strategy and search engine optimization success. 5. Recommendations • Based on our observations, suggesting a few of our opinions about what the brand could do to improve its overall social media involvement
    • 1. Starbucks’ Third-Party Social Media Channels (As of 10/31/11) CASEY ALEX Fan Likes: 25,869,718 Followers: 120,509 “Talking About This”: 157,486 Likes: #Starbucks: Avg. 625/photo “We’re Here”: 3,357,771 60,209 photos MICHAEL Followers: 1,788,898 TORI Listed: 21,443 Channel Views: 620,105 Total Upload Views: 7,120,831 Subscribers: 11,675 ZACH Followers: 285,622 Locations: 17,009 Check-Ins: 146,665 Deal: Mayor Deals
    • 1. Proprietary Social Media Channels (As of 10/31/11)
    • 2. Starbucks’ Wheel & Spoke Visualized
    • 3. Starbucks v. CaribouStarbucks CaribouFACEBOOK: FACEBOOK:Fan Likes: 25,869,718 Fan Likes: 252,035“Talking About This”: 157,486 “Talking About This”: 4,421“We’re Here”: 3,357,771 “We’re Here”: N/AStores: 17,009 stores in 55 countries Stores: 541 company-owned coffeehouses in 16 states and the District of ColumbiaTWITTER: TWITTER:Followers: 1,788,898 Followers: 20,599Listed: 21,443 Listed: 840
    • 3. Starbucks v. Dunkin DonutsStarbucks Dunkin DonutsFACEBOOK: FACEBOOK:Fan Likes: 25,869,718 Fan Likes: 4,907,177“Talking About This”: 157,486 “Talking About This”: 50,833“We’re Here”: 3,357,771 “We’re Here”: 9,581Stores: 17,009 stores in 55 countries Stores: 9,760 stores in 30 countries.TWITTER: TWITTER:Followers: 1,788,898 Followers: 109,654Listed: 21,443 Listed: 3,229
    • 4. The Optimization of SEOKeywords Websites containing Monthly searches of this Keyword this keyword“starbucks” 106,000,000 1,830,000“starbucks lovers” 47,300,000 36“starbucks coffee” 15,700,000 40,500“starbucks fans” 37,000,000 22“starbucks giftcard” 3,870,000 480“I love starbucks” 76,500,000 320“coffee” 862,000,000 301,000
    • 4. Other Search Engine Analytics
    • 5. Suggestions for Starbucks•Improve International Involvement and Relations-reduce ethnocentrism-become more culture sensitive-Improve relations with coffee growers•Reduce the Lack of Selection of for Consumers-Their entire business rests on the coffee industry, If they invest elsewhere andexpand their product line outside of coffee they decrease their potential ofbecoming “irrelevant” if coffee ever becomes a fad.•Improved Promotion Strategies- Ex) Caribou Coffee Coupon Incident•Incorporate Social Media Into Their Stores-Ex) Starbucks New York Store social media display•Reduce Seasonal Fluctuation-Starbucks profits are the highest in the 1st quarter (August-December) becauseof their seasonal push and offering limited time only Holiday beverages.
    • 5. Suggestions for Starbucks Continued• Reduce Market Saturation• Reduce Snobby ImageRather than advertising “Luxury” Coffee, they should advertise premiumcoffee and let the consumer know what is going into their cup of coffeehence why consumers are paying more.
    • Follow us• - the leading blog in Jake Aull’s Social Media Marketing Class ;-)• You can follow us @gsustarbucksfans• – to download all of our slides!
    • Appendix• WordPress analytics for