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The Brazilian Volleyball and Sports Marketing Strategies
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The Brazilian Volleyball and Sports Marketing Strategies



The research looks at sports marketing practices used by public and private companies in the volleyball environment and analyzes the strategic context how it is aligned with organizational ...

The research looks at sports marketing practices used by public and private companies in the volleyball environment and analyzes the strategic context how it is aligned with organizational objectives.

Issues relating to why brands are associated to competitions, teams and athletes in volleyball in form of form relationship action, promotional activation, social responsibility, integrated communication, incorporate of values​​, synergy between partners, reinforcing the image instituicional are exemplified in this study.



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The Brazilian Volleyball and Sports Marketing Strategies The Brazilian Volleyball and Sports Marketing Strategies Presentation Transcript

    APRIL 2011
  • Volleyball as a Marketing Tool
    Sports Marketing Strategies
    • Communication Plan Integrated
    • Improve target communication
    • Incorporate values through attributes transfer between club and sponsor
    • Join a sports winner
    • Closer relationship B2B
    • Strengthen brand positioning
    • Closer relationship with community
    • Renew customers base
    • Visibility and Recognition
    • Active promotions
    • Increase sales
    • Social responsibility
    Credits: Vôlei.org
  • 3
    Communication Plan Integrated
    Nestlé LeiteMoça 1992
    When it join volleyball Nestlé increased its communication with female consumer. Started as Milk Maiden the team later became Leites Nestlé and has collected titles as the Club World Cup 1994, the National Super League 1995 and 1996, among others
    Nestlé Sollys Osasco 2010
    Nestle's sponsorship to Osasco team is part of positioning strategy aimed at nutrition, health and welfare for based on soy line Sollys. The investment in volleyball complements the actions of promoting Sollys begun in 2007 which consumed more than US$ 23 million since its launch.
  • 4
    Communication Plan Integrated
    The sunscreen and beauty products Banana Boat manufacturer stamping its brand on the Uberaba´s team shirt as way to communicate in the female environment.
    S.CAETANO / MON BIJOU (2005)
    Bombril chose the brand Monbijou to print the shirt's women's team Sao Caetano EsporteClube during the Superliga 2005/2006 as a way to communicate its campaign "Women that make the Brazil shine."
    In 2005 Wizard decided to invest in its own volleyball team in partnership with Campinas.The annual investment in the team Wizard / Campinas was U$ 1.2 million. The action was part of the planning for the language school promotion in the region.
  • Communication Plan Integrated
    UNIVELER 80 Years
    To celebrate 80 years of Univeler founding Fabi was chosen to perform a rotation of 13 different models of women's jersey during the Superliga to promote various products. The strategic focus related to that action sports marketing aimed at generating public recognition and association between its brands and Unilever's portfolio to strengthening the institutional image. Rexona, Dove, Hellman's, Ades, Knorr are some of s the different brand segments used by Fabi
  • Communication Plan Integrated
    The net of language schools Uptime invests in volleyball as a communication platform aimed at a young target. With revenues of US$ 22 million annually Uptime´s franchises are already more than 150 in the country.
    The sponsorships to Ulbra (2007/2008) and FUNIC (2009/2010) has emphasized the interest by Uptime in using sport as a way of brand positioning as youth sinonimus. The coach Bernardinho stars the advertising campaing to convey credibility to the target.
  • Incorporate Corporate Values
    Following the Telemig acquisition in 2008 Vivo decided to keep volleyball team Minas Tênis Club sponsorship as a way of integrating the brand and relationship with the community. The strategy worked for the greater Vivo acceptance in Minas Gerais state a region in which is the market leader with 35% market share.
    Santander joined the volleyball to continue the sports project bank Banespawich was acquired in 2000. The partnership brought Mastercard for the club over two seasons. The bank withdrew its support to Volleyball Brazil in 2010 due to its global sponsorship strategy focusing on Formula 1 and the CopaLibertadores.
  • Incorporate and Transfer Values
    Bradesco through its financial Finasa had invested US$ 6 million annually in Osasco team. During 20 years of a successful partnership in volleyball bank incorporated ties with the sport into its DNA. Currently Finasa support social projects in the youth division.
    Headquartered in Campinas Medley joins the volleyball in order to sensitize the community about the benefits of cultivating a healthy lifestyle through the practice of sports. The project aims at the Laboratory also social inclusion through sport.
    Cimed invests more than half of its sports marketing budget in volleyball. The investment of US$ 1.5 million annual in staff is justified by a strategy of positioning back to health and wellness.
  • Incorporate and Transfer Values
    The supply sports equipment contract with CBV is a way found by Olympikus to join attributes such determination, leadership, present in the victorious Brazilian teams. The presence of idols allows f promotional activities, such as the game Super Volleyball Brazil - played by over 1.7 million people. In addition, the sports brand can gain exposure in Latin America its target market which also supports the Argentinian Volleyball Confederation.
  • Synergy Between Partners
    NEXXERA / UNISUL (2006/2007)
    The Information Technology company from CatarinaNexxera affixed in proximity to the university Unisul and sport as a marketing strategy to product development. The partnership also had focus on the technological and academic exchanges
    Among the motivations of the strategic investment of the pharmaceutical Medquímica in the volleyball team of Universidade de Caxias do Sul is to expand its relationships network with other team sponsors Fátima drugstore and the visibility that volleyball could possible gives across the country.
  • Strengthen Institutional Image
    To reinforce brand's presence in the sports environment Blausiegel allocated more than US$ 1.1 million of its budget for sports marketing sponsorship to São Caetano wich partnership ended in season 2009/2010.
    The investment by Bonsucesso in Montes Claros aims to strengthen brand and corporate image. With an average attendance of 5.600 fans totaling over
    100.000 people during the Superliga 2009/2010 Montes Claros was one of the competition highlights which ensured visibility.
    MRV 2000/2004
    The contractor from Minas Gerais state has sponsored volleyball to facilitate its penetration into new markets
  • 12
    Strengthen Institutional Image
    Rexona Ades (1997/2009)
    The Rexona team was established in 1997 to complement the social sports Rexona´s Volleybal lExcellence Centre. Through its strategy of expanding the social work and implement it in other states Unilever moved the team from Curitiba to Rio de Janeiro when adding the brand's line based on soy Ades in 2004.
    Unilever 2010
    Unilever decided to replace Rexona brand in its volleyball team as a way to generate greater recognition corporative. The multibrand company identified the need to link its products to institutional group image as a means to increase competitiveness with Nestle.
  • 13
    Strengthen Regional Relation
    BRASILTELECOM 2005/2009
    The BrasilTelecom investments in volleyball had as main motivation to create ties with Santa Catarina state and later the Federal District. The end of women's team partnership was due to the sale of communications company to Oi which decided to review its policy on sports sponsorship.
    ULBRA/PEPSI 1998/1999
    With a strong presence in Rio Grande do Sul Pepsi has been a partner's volleyball team Ulbra with how to strengthen its identity with the region.
    FIAT/MINASTC 2007/2008
    The Italian automotive company has sponsored the team from Minas Tennis Club as a way to improve the relationship with the community which state has a factory in Betim.
  • Brand Repositioning
    Banco do Brasil / CBV
    In 1991 Banco do Brasil started its support to the Brazilian national volleyball to renew customer base through improving young people communication.
    The Olympic medals and the Brazilian volleyball high level besides world stage has contributing to approach the bank with clients who are living abroad.
    On the other hand to promote its saving bonds OurocapBanco do Brasil sought former volleyball athletes as a way to link the product to a more mature consumer profile.
  • 15
    Exposure and Media Return
    Tigre aimed brand recognition when decided to be Unisul volleyball team sponsor. However the low returns of exposure due to an impasse with the media groups led Tigre to withdraw investment in 2009
    Oi Macaé
    Telecom company Oi gave up its investiments in Macaé team due to not get the expected media and exposure return during 2006 Season even it had strong cast of athletics as Marcelle, Érika, Fofinha e Elisangela.
    The volleyball sponsorship is a part BMG communication strategy. Be present in several sports the bank seeks visibility through aggressive investments in sports marketing. BMG prints its brand in Mackenzie, Montes Claros, São Bernardo kits during Superliga 2010/2011
  • Promotional Activation
    Bunge´s multinational brand Soya actives Blumenau volleyball team sponsorship through promotional campaigns in its outlets and during the match. In the season 2009/2010 more than 5.000 shirts were distributed. Altogether 25.000 people attended the team's matches thus representing an
    occupancy rate greater than 55%. Soya sponsorship earned a return of spontaneous
    media valued at US$ 1.2 million.
  • Sales Increase
    SKY/PINHEIROS (2009/2010)
    The partnership between Sky and Pinheiros include actions involving 36.000 club members as well as the use of its facilities to promote services. The built squad by Brazilian volleyball stars and promotional activation from athletes image are part of the strategy to gain market share..
  • 18
    Social Responsibility
    The social sport nature also directs the work and the project has been achieving results. By investing in the youth and an eye on future athletes and citizens Sada Volleyball offers free classes to over 400 children and teenager in SesiBetim and Contagem units.
    The partnership with Minas Tênis Club is to add expertise in a broad social project in fields of sport, culture and social responsibility.
    The Alameda shopping center is one of the social project VôleiFuturo sponsors which also has Pirelli, Netshoes, Lorenzetti, Reunidas and Irizar support
  • Brands of Brazilian Volleyball
  • 20
    • Idols maintenance in Brazilian clubs near the fans to the sport;
    • Increased public interest and media to volleyball face to Olympic Games 2012 and 2016;
    • High demand for exposure will increase sponsorships and advertising values in soccer than new investors will be redirect to volleyball;
    • Marketing new properties can be negotiated in the Superligato meet companies interest;
    • More action in volleyball by sports retail brands
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