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Natural England's Inspiring People Positions
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Natural England's Inspiring People Positions

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Presentation given by David Solly, Specialist, People and Access, Natural England, GSNF, Feb 2010

Presentation given by David Solly, Specialist, People and Access, Natural England, GSNF, Feb 2010

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  • 1. Natural England’s Inspiring People Positions Greenspace National Forum, Wednesday 3 rd February 2010 David Solly, Specialist, People and Access
  • 2. Key driver: Inspiring people to value and conserve the Natural Environment
    • Challenge : The success of those managing the environment in capturing public understanding and influencing society has been limited and is, so far, achieving too little to halt the decline in the health of the natural world caused by human activity.
    • Our three fold approach:
    • Engagement
    • Involvement
    • Access
  • 3. Engaging people in the natural environment
    • People need to understand and value the contribution of the natural environment to their own and everyone else’s quality of life.
    • Making it accessible for everyone
    • Developing a positive relationship with the natural environment close to where we live and further afield is fundamental to sustainable living
    • Understanding the benefits that the natural environment offers us as essential eco-system services – particularly health and well being
    • Providing opportunities for people of all ages to learn about nature in the outdoors that are plentiful, varied and attractive.
  • 4. Involvement
    • The future security of the natural environment depends on people increasingly taking action to conserve and enhance it.
    • Motivate and encourages people to take the next step and invest some of their time in direct action and support to help conserve and enhance the natural environment
      • ‘ Take action for nature’
      • Develop volunteering options that suit individual abilities and motivations
      • Choose to adopt pro-environmental behaviours
      • Encourage community empowerment and ownership of place supporting the localism agenda
  • 5. Access
    • Everyone needs access to places where they can enjoy a high quality natural environment.
    • Key principles:
    • Providing ‘Nature Nearby’ – quality experiences of the natural environment for everyone, in accessible places and routes close to where people live
      • Providing quality places and routes as part of an integrated access network of that permeate from urban centres out to the countryside and coast by sustainable transport means
      • Raising access, connectivity and quality standards in local green spaces and access routes
      • Encouraging a more natural, less intensive approach to land management securing healthier eco-systems more resilient to climate change
  • 6. David Solly Specialist, People and Access Environmental Advice and Analysis Team 0300 0601612 [email_address] www.naturalengland.org.uk Contact: