Green Connect 2 Agenda


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Agenda from the Green Connect 2 Conference organised by GreenSpace South West and Forestry Commission

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Green Connect 2 Agenda

  1. 1. Green Connect 2 Saturday 6th October 2012 from 10 am - 3.30 pm Venue: Golden Valley School, Nailsea, North Somerset BS48 1BB Agenda THE MORNINGStart time Item Description Duration End time10.00 Arrival Coffee, sign in, receive workshop times and 15mins 10.15 name badge10.15 Welcome from chair What this event aims to achieve 5 mins 10.2010.20 Introductions Introduction of speakers by the chair 5 mins 10.2510.25 Welcome from Councillor Introduction to Nailsea and to Trendlewood 5 mins 10.30 Jan Barber Park.10.30 Speaker 1 : Why plant trees in green spaces? 30 mins Justin Milward, including Woodland Trust What are the social, economic and Q&A environmental benefits of trees and woodland? Questions and answers 11.0011.00 Speaker 2: Seeing the potential in a woodland site and 30 mins Chris Clare and Victoria maximising the benefits it can deliver. including Hughes, How to develop woodland to: Q&A Silvanus Trust  support greater rural economic activity,  access for communities and  a broad range of species.  Questions and answers 11.3011.30 Chairman I minute per delegate group: a statement of their 20 mins organisation’s activities and any questions they 11.50 are seeking answers to from the day.11.50 Speaker 3 Examples of good practice in the development of 15 mins Deb Millar woodland by community groups eg generating including Central Somerset Outdoor income, developing skills for employment, Q&A Learning Partnership engaging young people in learning about and caring for woodland. Questions and answers 12.0512.05 Speaker 4 Developing a woodland site for the community; 15 mins Nic Nichols, Blandford how they did it and the lessons learned. including Environmental Trust Q&A 12.20 Questions and answers12.20 Speaker 5 Trendlewood Park and its’ development. 10 mins Pat Gilbert and Andrew Town, Friends of 12.30 Trendlewood Park. 1
  2. 2. Agenda THE AFTERNOON12.30 Lunch, site visit and Delegates bring their own sandwiches. Drinks 1hr and networking opportunity and cake provided. 30 mins for delegates Suitable coats and footwear needed 14.00 Welcome back from chair Explain how the workshops will operate 5 mins 14.0514.00 Workshop choice 1 delegates split into 3 groups for workshops 30 mins 14.3514.30 Workshop choice 2 delegates split into 3 groups for workshops 30 mins 15.0515.00 Workshop choice 3 delegates split into 3 groups for workshops 30mins 15.3515.30 Closing remarks Chair sums up, reminder about feedback forms 5mins and thanks all for attending 15.40 Workshop topics for Green Connect: delegates can choose 3 out of the 4 options number Workshop leader topic 1 Forestry Funding for woodland creation, woodland improvement and for Commission delivering projects in a woodland 2 Woodland Trust Setting up or developing a community group based on a woodland or potential woodland. Generating interest, finding support and advice, planning what can be done, etc 3 Silvanus Trust Generating income from a woodland and supporting the local rural economy 4 Forest School Forest School projects and what they can do for your woodland or green space. 2