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  1. 1. The New Wave in Electronics: What Can Be eCycled EPA’s Plug-In To eCycling Program Hard drives Monitors Keyboards Plug-In To eCycling aims to give Americans more opportunities to safely, conveniently, and affordably recycle their old electronics. eCy c l in g Printers Plug-In is one of many new efforts under EPA’s 2 Recycled/Recyclable—Printed with Vegetable Oil Based Inks on 100% Postconsumer, Process Chlorine Free Recycled Paper Resource Conservation Challenge (RCC). The Televisions RCC challenges all Americans—makers, sellers, DVD players and buyers of goods—to embrace a new resource conservation ethic. It encourages the VCRs design of greener products, wiser product pur- Software chasing, and reuse and recovery of products. Cell phones EPA recognizes the following Plug-In To eCycling partners for their contribution to safe electronics Pagers recycling. Digital equipment Scanners Apple and much, much more... e or Re c y c l e O l d E R eu s l ect ro n ic s Environmental Protection Agency Penalty for Private Use $300 SHARP ® Washington, DC 20460 be sharp TM EPA530-F-04-020 September 2004 Official Business 1EPA United States (5305W)
  2. 2. O Where to eCycle Benefits of eCycling UR “PLUGGED IN” WORLD relies on an ever-growing and constantly changing supply of electronic For information on donation or recycling Recycling or reusing old electronics, or “eCycling,” programs in your area contact your city or can: products. With newer, more hi-tech electronics continuously becoming avail- county recycling coordinator or visit: • Conserve Natural Resources able to fit our lifestyles, we are replac- eCycling recovers valuable material from old • The Electronic Industries Alliance ing older models at rapid rates with no electronics which can be used to make new signs of slowing down. As a result, elec- products. Cutting down on the need to mine tronics are becoming one the fastest • Earth 911 the earth for new raw materials, recycling and growing portions of America’s trash. reusing electronics saves resources. • TechSoup • Help Others What You Can Do Did You Know? Donating your old electronics lets someone eCycle!—Keep electronics out of the trash! Some national computer companies offer Manufacturing one desktop computer requires fossil else access technology he or she might not opportunities to safely recycle electronics fuels and chemicals that amount to at least 9 times the be able to afford otherwise. Refurbish, fix, or upgrade your equip- through the mail and certain retailers have weight of the computer! ment so you can continue to use it • Strengthen the Local Economy ongoing or occasional drop-off locations. Use some of the parts of an old system Recycling and reusing electronics creates Check to see if they provide these to build a new system • Protect the Environment jobs for professional recyclers and refur- opportunities. bishers and creates new markets for the Donate your old electronics to a local Safely recycling and reusing electronics helps keep substances like lead and mercury from valuable components that are dismantled. charity or school for reuse or refurbishing harming people or the environment. Drop off your old electronics to a local recycling program, such as a municipal or community program or a retail collec- tion program EPA’s Concern More than 2 million tons of used electronics are dis- posed of each year. Based on current disposal rates, Americans will have also discarded up to 154 million computers by 2005. EPA thanks the Institute for Local Self Reliance and Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance for sharing the campaign name “Plug-In To Recycling.”