Assotech windsor court price list


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Assotech Windsor Court Price List. Save more by joining hands with like-minded people to avail bulk discount.

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Assotech windsor court price list

  1. 1. Assotech Windsor Court: Sector 78, Noida 2011 1. Pricing for Assotech Windsor Court: (Construction Linked Plan and Flexi Plan) Discounted Construction Linked Super Area Flexi Payment Discounted BSP BSP Flexi Apartment Type Plan (CLP) (Sq. Ft.) (Rs. /Sq. Ft.) Construction Linked Plan Plan (Rs. /Sq. Ft.) (Rs. /Sq. Ft.) (Rs. /Sq. Ft.) 1390 3BR MUVS 1465 3BHK EXECUTIVE 3BHK + M.P. ROOM 1645 ROYAL 4166 3930 4020 3792 1875 3BHK 3BHK + MAIDS 2000 ROOM 4BHK + MAIDS 2550 ROOM Mandatory Additional Charges Covered Car Parking (Rs.) 300000 IFMS (Rs. /Sq. Ft.) 75 One Time Lease Rent (Rs. /Sq. Ft.) 125 Prime Location Charges for Floors (Optional) "MOVES" - Tower F & Exclusive additional facilities for Tower H MUVS - Tower G, I & J E (For all flats on 14th floor and above) Tower E PLC for extra facilities & cityscape view, Tower E Floor PLC (Rs.) Floor PLC (Rs.) High speed dedicated elevator (Optional) Same as Tower Ground 300 Ground 300 Deep green balcony Ground Floor to 13th Floor G, I & J 1st 250 1st 250 Children’s play floor 14th 50 2nd 230 2nd 200 Health club 15th 65 3rd 210 3rd 180 Terrace garden 16th 80 4th 190 4th 160 17th 95 5th 170 5th 140 18th 110 6th 150 6th 120 19th 125 7th 130 7th 100 20th 140 8th 110 8th 80 21st 155 9th 90 9th 60 22nd 170 10th 70 10th 45 23rd 185 11th 50 11th 30 24th 200 12th 30 12th 15 13th 0 13th 0 PLC For best view (Optional) 14th 0 Pool Facing 200 15th 0 Corner Facing/Central Park 100/150 16th 0 Central Park & Corner 200 City Park & Corner 150 Green Realtech Projects Pvt. Ltd Page 1
  2. 2. Assotech Windsor Court: Sector 78, Noida 2011 Please Note:  Price offered by us is subject to minimum of 3 bookings and is valid till 31st October 2011. The price can be further negotiated with the builder if number of bookings increases.  2BHK Units are sold out. 2. Payment Plans: (For details, please refer: Payment schedules are available in following variants for Assotech Windsor Court Project:  Construction linked plan  Flexi Payment Plan  Down Payment Notes: (I) Service tax charges shall be EXTRA (ii) Registration Charges and Stamp Duty to be paid at the time of possession, shall be EXTRA (iii) Any delay in payment will attract penal interest as per Companys Policy (iv) All payments to be made in the name of "ASSOTECH LIMITED" Green Realtech Projects Pvt. Ltd Page 2
  3. 3. Assotech Windsor Court: Sector 78, Noida 2011 3. Financing: Home loans are available from HDFC Bank, ICICI and other leading banks for Assotech Windsor Court project. According to RBI guidelines 20% of total property value has to be borne out by the buyer and remaining 80% of the total property value can be financed by financial institutions. Home loan rates are available on floating and fixed interest rates. Fixed rate loans are expensive but are fixed during the whole tenure of the loan whereas floating rates are indexed to banks’ base rate and fluctuate as and when banks revise their base rates. We work with leading banks in the industry and as part of our total service we facilitate the process of securing the home loan for our customers. For loan eligibility, consider the example below: Example for loan eligibility: Monthly Household Loan Applied for Income (Rs.) (Rs.) EMI (Rs.) Eligible* 100000 4000000 39,935.20 Yes 100000 5000000 49,918.99 Yes 100000 6000000 59,902.79 No 100000 7000000 69,886.59 No * Banks normally provide loans based on the households capacity to pay the EMIs. Generally, 40-50% of household income can be accounted for paying the EMIs In this example, we have assumed rate of interest at 10.5% Tenure of the loan is 240 months EMI will increase if interest rates go up and decrease if interest rates fall. EMI decreases if the tenure of the loan increases. However, 20 years (240 months) is the maximum available tenure for the home loan. Green Realtech Projects Pvt. Ltd Page 3