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Gold is Every Once Dream , make your Golden Dreams Come True with GRM GOLD INDIA LIMITED. Just Pay Rs.260/- pm and Lock your Gold rate.Pure Certified 999.9 Gold & Silver Coins , Flexible easy …

Gold is Every Once Dream , make your Golden Dreams Come True with GRM GOLD INDIA LIMITED. Just Pay Rs.260/- pm and Lock your Gold rate.Pure Certified 999.9 Gold & Silver Coins , Flexible easy Installments , Agreement Transfer Facility , Any Time Exit ,Agreement Buy Back with 12% p.a., Free Accidental Insurance up to 10 Lakhs.ESC facility.Track your account online. Life Time career plan to earn monthly 1 lakh and above. . Email: . Mobile No : 09346827933 / 08867584041 / 09177443123

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  • 2. Dewald van Rensburg | Sun, 05 Jun 2011MOST gold mines in South Africa will shut down within a decade.Despite the gold bull market of recent years, with the gold price rising sharply, South Africa‖s gold reserves(gold in the ground that can be extracted profitably) are becoming depleted at a rate that, within 12 to 14years, will mean the end of the industry on which South Africas economy has been built.
  • 3. Not only are the reserves becoming exhausted, butbecause of sharply rising costs more and more of theremaining reserves – those with poor ore grades and deepbelow the surface – would not be profitably extracted anylonger.For years it has been realised that within a decade or twothe South African gold mining industry will consist only ofGold Fields South Deep Mine near Johannesburg.The country‖s three gold giants, AngloGold Ashanti, GoldFields and Harmony, still hold by far the majority ofreserves.These three groups‖ reserves have fallen from 6,234tonnes to 4,238 tonnes since the beginning of 2005.At this rate of decline their reserves will be exhausted within 13 years.Gold Fields big ‗mine of the future‘, South Deep, carries a full quarter of these reserves, distorting the rate atwhich the reserves are shrinking. Being a new gold mine, its reserves are still on the increase.The rate of decline of the reserves of all the other mines owned by the three giants gives them less than tenyears of continued production.About a tenth of these reserves are moreover in the form of mine dumps from which gold is being recovered.
  • 4. Over the past five years there has been large-scale rationalisationin the gold industry, which has resulted in the former productionof 375 tonnes / year falling to less than 200 tonnes.The closure of shafts further reduces the available reservesbecause, without the infrastructure, they cannot be exploited.South Africa still has the world‖s biggest gold resource, but mostof it will never be exploited because the grade of the ore is simplytoo low for profitable production. Apart from the few huge mines that will survive the decade, there are some new small-scale developments like Gold One‖s Modder East Mine in springs and Great Basin Gold‖s Burrstone Mine near Balfour. Most of the sector, which currently employs 150,000 people and contributes hugely to exports, taxation and a demand for a variety of industry inputs, will however disappear. If the current strength of the gold price should come to an end, the outlook will rapidly worsen. Gold mines are facing not only sustained cost inflation, but will soon have to foot the bill for acid mine water, silicosis, the legacy of old abandoned shafts without owners, and hostel complexes that will have to comply with strict new standards by 2015.
  • 5. Golds Physical QuantitiesGold is a chemical element so it can only be found, not manufactured. It is largely inert, which means:
  • 6. Over the past decade, the value of gold has risen sharply, from about $279 per ounce in 2000 to around $1,300 perounce in mid-2010. Yet for most of the previous two centuries, the per-ounce price was stable for extremely longstretches. From 1833 to 1918, for example, the price of gold never rose more than six cents from its initial price of $18.93per ounce, and between 1933 and 1967 its price rose just 26 cents per ounce, despite dozens of inflationary crises andeconomic downturns. Gold is so soft and malleable that an ounce of it could be stretched into a wire 50 miles in length, or be flattened into a sheet 100 square feet in area. Despite its softness, gold is so incredibly dense and heavy that a cubic foot of it weighs half a ton. In 1875, English economist Stanley Jevons calculated that if the 20 million British Pounds in transactions that cleared the London Bankers Clearing House each day were paid in gold coins, it would require 80 strong horses to haul them away. Much of todays gold supply comes not from digging deep mines in search of ore-bearing veins, but from sifting through vast quantities of soil for loose grains eroded from mountains and carried by flowing water. In order to extract South Africas annual output of 500 tons of gold, for example, about 70 million tons of earth must be milled — an amount equivalent to the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops in volume.
  • 7. While no one knows for certain how most heavier elements like gold are made, what is known about the stellar origin of allelements is that a stars nuclear furnace can only produce nuclei up to the size of iron (atomic number 26 - gold is 79). Thebest guess for the source of all heavier elements is the only force in the universe with the enormous energy needed to fuselarge nuclei: a supernova explosion. So the next time you hold gold in your hand, try to imagine mind-blowingcircumstances of its birth, a genesis that must reach back to before the origin of our Solar System.According to the World Gold Council, about 70 percent of the worlds gold output is used for making jewelry. Only about 13percent is used to make coins, put in nations central banks or purchased by investors. The rest goes to a variety of uses,such as industrial applications and dentistry. India is the biggest consumer of gold, snapping up about a quarter of theworlds supply. According to an article in Diamond World magazine, the South Asian nation imports about 800 tons of goldannually, and uses about 600 tons of it to make jewelry.The karat, the measurement of the purity of gold, originally was a measure of weight. The unit was named after the fruit ofthe leguminous carob tree, whose pods each weigh about one-fifth of a gram. Gold is prized not just by jewelers and bankers but by electronics manufacturers because its high degree of thermal and electrical conductivity makes it an excellent material for efficient wires and contacts. Its also durable and highly resistant to corrosion, and so sufficiently malleable that gold alloys can be drawn into extremely thin diameters without breaking.
  • 8. The vast amounts of gold and silver seized by Spanish conquistadors and shipped back across the Atlantic in galleonsincreased the European supply of precious metals five-fold between 1492 and 1600. But all that gold actually weakenedthe Spanish empire, rather than enriching it, because the Spanish used it to buy consumer imports rather than investingthe wealth in productive enterprises that would generate income. That drove up prices, which made the gold worth less,and Spain wound up amassing huge foreign debts that ultimately led to its decline as an international power. In relatively pure form, gold has a characteristic sun-yellow color. But when combined in alloys with other metals — silver, copper, nickel, platinum, palladium, tellurium and iron, among others — it can take on hues ranging from silver-white to green to orange-red.
  • 9. Global Gold Holdings Value @ 1421$/Oz Particulars Tones % Bn USD Jewellery 83700 51% 3.823 Industrial 19800 12% 904 Above Ground Investments 29600 18% 1,352reserves Official 28900 17% 1,320 Sector Misc 3200 2% 164 Total 165200 7,564Underground Reserves 22000 1,005 Total 187600 8,569Source: World Gold Council
  • 10. March end Year Gold Price Rs. March end Year Gold Price Rs. 1925 18 1997 4750 1930 18 1998 4050 1935 30 1999 4220 1940 36 2000 4394 1945 62 2001 4410 1950 99 2002 5030 1955 79 2003 5260 1960 111 2004 6005 1965 71 2005 6165 1970 184 2006 8210 1975 540 2007 9500 1980 1330 The Table Rates for 10.Grams 2008 11895 1985 2130 2009 15185 1990 3200 2010 20553 1995 4658 2011 28729 1996 5713
  • 11. Importance of Gold in Indian Culture and ReligionsMany people think that Indians are gold crazy. Though this statement cannot be completely denied thetruth is that Gold always had a special significance in all ages. One may recall that Gold was one of thethree gifts given by the three wise men on the birth of Jesus according to the Holy Bible. There is alsomention of the golden calf for idol worship and a statement that Abraham was rich in gold. It may also benoted that the Hindu God Brahma is referred to as Hiranyagarbha which means born of gold as he is bornfrom the cosmic egg of gold. In Hindu mythology, some of the gods and goddesses are described asgolden hued with reference to their beauty.The importance of gold can be understood in the saying all glitters are not gold. It also can be noted fromthe way events or achievements are named like golden anniversaries, golden jubilee, gold medals, goldcredit card etc. In India people buy gold anytime and not only during special occasions like weddings,festivals or special events. Gold is also offered to Indian deities. The Indian Hindu calendar even hasauspicious days to buy gold like Dhanteras and Dassera. Gold is also bought on festivals like Onam,Pongal and Durga Puja.Though gold has several applications or uses the main reasons why Indians take to gold are
  • 12. Akshaya - refers to inexhaustible, never diminishing,imperishable or eternalTritiya - refers to the 3rd phase of the waxing or thewaning Moon.Akshaya Tritiya:Most Special of All Tritiya DaysMost Blessed Day to Attract Abundance and ProsperityMost Powerful Day to Donate to Poor and NeedyMost Auspicious Day for New VenturesA specific window of golden time is opening through the 3rd phase of the waxing Moon in the Vedic monthof Vaisakha. On this day, the Sun and Moon are in exalted positions which mark their presence at the peakof brightness. The special occasion happens once per year and is known as Akshaya Tritiya! Secret of Wealth "The hand that gives is the hand that gathers" – is a timeless truth. One of the important Secrets of the universe for manifesting material success is to first give with a pure heart. This act according to the Vedas brings back the money manifold. On Akshaya Tritiya, the returns are not just manifold, they are infinite!
  • 13. Did You Know?Kubera, the Banker in heaven, got his coveted position on Akshaya Tritiya day due to his past habits ofgiving on this day. Any seed you plant this day will grow to infinite dimensions. Make sure your plant the seeds of prosperity, joy, success, and compassion. Get ensured for successful accomplishments with this golden start! The Golden Temple or Darbar Sahib, located in Amritsar in the state of Punjab, India is the most sacred shrine of Sikhism. Sri Harmandir Sahib, also known as Sri Darbar Sahib or Golden Temple, (on account of its scenic beauty and golden coating for English speaking world), is named after Hari(God) the temple of God. The Sikhs all over the world, daily wish to pay visit to Sri Amritsar and to pay obeisance at Sri Harmandir Sahib in their Ardas.
  • 14. Around 90,000 crore worth treasure (Nidhi) has been found in the secret cellars of the famous KeralaTemple dedicated to Lord Vishnu - Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram).The 7 member paper appointed by the Supreme Court of India, has been preparing the list of valuablefound in the cellars of Sri Padmanabhaswami Temple. The temple has 6 Secret Cellars (Nilavara – a placeto keep assets safe) from Cellar A to Cellar F. Opening of each of these chambers is revealing a virtualtreasure trove with precious diamonds, golden ornaments, emeralds, jewelleries, rare antique silver andbrass platters and golden idols. An estimation of above 90,000 crore treasure was valued at the completionof the 6th day of valuing the assets of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala,India. The main treasure found on the 6th day was a one foot (12 angulams) height golden idol of Lord Mahavishnu and a 30 kg golden ―anki‖. This golden idol of Lord Vishnu is believed to be the replica of the ―utsava vigraham used in the temple. The golden idol of Padmanabhaswamy studded with more than 1000 previous stones is valued to around Rs. 500 Crore. Another golden idol of Lord Sree Krishna was also found which weighs around 5 kg.
  • 15. Gold is everyones dreamMake your Golden Dreams comes TruewithGRM GOLD INDIA LIMITED
  • 16. The ultimate arbiter for any price is supply and demand. When demand exceeds supply, prices are forced to rise. Demand is exceeding mining supply by 60 %! Gold demand exceeds mine production by 1500 t / y.
  • 17. One could think that because the price of Gold has jumped 50 % in the last three years, new suppliers of the yellow metal would bequickly and furiously coming on line. But they haven‖t. According to the World Gold Council mine production 2004 dropped 5 % vs. 2003.A declining Gold supply in the coming years only put additional pressure on an already. tight physical market.Most analysts are ignoring the dismal Gold production picture. But the inability of the mining industry to bring on line new supplies thisearly in the cycle will have a major influence on Gold prices, helping to boost them much higher than most expect.The supply of Gold comes from five sectors – mine production, scrap recovery, central bank selling, producer hedging and investor selling.Let‖s start with mine production.The U.S. Geological Survey – a division of the Department of the Interior – recently announced that there are now less than 50,000 tons ofproven Gold reserves left in the ground worldwide. Already, physical demand is outstripping new mining supply year after year – and the gapis widening. A supply crisis is looming.Most analyst agree that total mine production has probably peaked for the foreseeable future. Over the past several years, companies havebought reserves through merger and acquisition, spending little to discover new sources. It means existing proven reserves could disappearin less than 20 years as the demand of Gold climbs. In fact, some experts believe reserves could disappear even faster than that.Alex Davidson, vice president for exploration at Barrick Gold, warned that the Gold industry has invested little in exploration that currentreserves could be depleted in 10 years.HSBC – the worlds largest clearing house of over the counter gold – is forecasting a 40 % decrease in Gold production over the next 10years.Toronto based Gold analyst Beacon Inc. Predicts a 30 % drop in global Gold production by 2015.Why? Because even though producers understand the problem and are eager to produce more Gold as prices rise, there is a seven toten year project pipeline for Gold. So even if the major producers gear up to find and produce more Gold today, it would be to late toavert a supply crisis.The Gold industry is not going to be able to respond immediately to higher Gold prices. It is going to take a long time.Even the U.S. government is now warning that the world will run out of in ground supplies of Gold within 20 years.
  • 18. In the second quarter of the year, Gold demand is up 10 % in Japan ... 4% in the US ... 12 % in SaudiArabia ... and a huge 25 % in India, the worlds largest consumer of Gold. In China - where 1.3 billion newconsumers are flooding the world‖s investment markets - demand for Gold surged over 30 % year on yearduring the second quarter. The deregulation of the Chinese Gold market was a huge event for the Goldmarket. China has the potential to become the biggest consumer of Gold in the years to come overtakingIndia at around 600 t to 700 t per year. These region‖s surging demand for Gold is bound to continue on the fast track. And if someof these economies experience the new surge in inflation many of their people - most of whom nevertrusted fiat money in the first place - will rush to Gold like never before. Demand will increasegeometrically. The future demand trend for Gold seems to be an one way ticket to the up-side.
  • 19. Projections Estimation suppose you invested in 2002-2011 Investment Period Rate of Interest Return 2001 – 2010 Rs. Rs. Insurance 10000 8.0% 22,080 Banks 10000 9.3% 25,076 Post Office/ NSC 10000 9.5% 25,571 Chits / NBFC 10000 11.0% 29,598 Gold 10000 15.73 Growth 46,779Note : This facts is and example chart as per the rates of interest / returns given by various sectors in last 10 years
  • 20. Event Period Gold Returns Equity Returns In Finance Market 2010-2011 24.5 18.0 Subprime Mortgage Crisis Dotcom October 2007-March 2009 15.74 -59.07* September 11,2001 terrorist attack March 2000 - October , 2002 14.18 -51.43* Bubble/Asian financial crisis July 1997- September, 1998 -15.79 -59.06* Bursting of the Japanese stock and December 1989 - April 2003 -17.77 -76.86* real estate bubble Arab oil embargo January 1973- December 1974 182.24 -38.31* World War 2 September 1939 - April 1942 -1.6 -37.49* The Great Depression August 1929- June 1932 0.29 -87.74* Source: Bloomberg, *Equity Returns refers to returns of MSCI World Index. ** Returns for MSCI AsiaDuring uncertain turbulent Pacific Ex Japan Index, *** Returns of Nikkei 225 stock average ^Returns of Dow Jones Industrial Average Past Performance may or may not be sustained in future. The above table and graph givestimes gold affirmed its an illustration of the performance of Gold on the basis of historical data, if invested directly. The sameposition as an insurance should not be construed as an indication, promise, guarantee or a forecast of any returns. The detailsfor investment portfolios may not necessarily provide a basis for comparison with any other investment avenues. Readers are advised to seek independent professional advice and arrive at an informed investment decision before making any investments.
  • 21. Past Performance may or may not be sustained in future. The above table and graph gives an illustration of the performance of Gold on the basis of historical data, if invested directly.The same should not be construed as an indication, promise, guarantee or a forecast of any returns. The details may not necessarily provide a basis for comparison with any otherinvestment avenues. Readers are advised to seek independent professional advice and arrive at an informed investment decision before making any investments. Source: World GoldCouncil; MFI Explorer
  • 22. 12 months ended Q1’10 12 months ended Q1’11 Year on Year % chg Total bar & Total bar & Total bar & Jewellery coin invest Total Jewellery coin invest Total Jewellery coin invest Total India 597.5 261.7 859.2 679.5 355.2 1,034.70 14 36 20 Greater China 419.7 121.6 541.3 506.4 239.1 745.5 21 97 38 China 393.9 128.2 522 476.5 237.5 714 21 85 37 Hong Kong 17.5 1 18.5 22.4 1.1 23.5 28 16 27 Taiwan 8.4 -7.5 0.9 7.5 0.5 8 -10 - 829 Japan 19.5 -40.7 -21.1 15.9 -43 -27.1 -19 - - Indonesia 41.2 0.2 41.4 33.5 16.1 49.6 -19 7,950 20 South Korea 19.6 -3.7 15.9 15.7 -0.2 15.6 -20 - -2 Thailand 7.7 25.5 33.1 5.9 57.1 62.9 -23 124 90 Vietnam 15.9 61.9 77.8 14.7 67.1 81.8 -8 8 5 Middle East 236.6 23.8 260.4 194.9 30.4 225.3 -18 27 -13 Saudi Arabia 79.9 12.8 92.7 64.5 14.7 79.2 -19 15 -15 Egypt 59.6 1.9 61.5 46.6 2.2 48.8 -22 15 -21 UAE 71.9 8.2 80.1 62.5 11 73.5 -13 34 -8 Other Gulf 25.2 0.9 26.1 21.4 2.4 23.8 -15 179 -9 Turkey 77.1 36.7 113.8 72.8 49.7 122.4 -6 35 8 Russia 62.8 0 62.8 67.1 0 67.1 7 - 7 USA 145.4 99.6 245 126.2 112.3 238.6 -13 13 -3 Italy 40.6 0 40.6 34.4 0 34.4 -15 - -15 UK 31.5 0 31.5 26.7 0 26.7 -15 - -15 Europe ex CIS - 210.4 210.4 - 305.9 305.9 - 45 45 France - 0.2 0.2 - 1.5 1.5 - 664 664 Germany - 93.5 93.5 - 146 146 - 56 56 Switzerland - 71.1 71.1 - 106.9 106.9 - 50 50 Other Europe - 45.6 45.6 - 51.6 51.6 - 13 13 Total above 1,715.00 797.1 2,512 1,793.60 1,189.80 2,983 5 49 19 Other 263.7 74.2 338 258.7 85.1 344 -2 15 2 World total 1,978.70 871.2 2,850 2,052.30 1,274.90 3,327 4 46 17Provisional. Source: GFMS, World Gold Council
  • 23. 1) From ancient days gold has been main form of asset in India, even though millions of Indian people live inpoverty. Traditionally, gold has been the best way to preserve and invest wealth.2) Gold for Indians is not just a commodity of luxury, but a part of culture and heritage. It has been a bond ofevery family through exchanging gold on special occasions.3) Dowry was given as gold ornaments during weddings. From birth of a child, at every occasion of ritualceremonies, gold ornaments have to be given as gifts.4) Market surveys say that almost 70% of gold jewellery in India is sold during the wedding and the festivalseasons. Southern states of India, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka, utilize 40% of goldconsumption.5) Gold is considered as the biggest security for women. Whenever there was a need for money, it waseasier for them to mortgage or sell their gold to generate cash. 6) Since the price of gold is always increasing Indian people go for purchasing gold as their investment. India and China, Year Amt Rs. (In As % of Household Crores) GDP Savings % of GDP emerging successful in their economical growth, want to 2007-08 82170 1.4 11.7 accumulate gold in order to reduce their dependence on the dollar. 2008-09 101129 1.6 11.7 In India, gold imports are the third-largest of its merchandise 2009-10 142609 2.1 12.1 imports after crude oil and capital goods. As long as the price 2010-11 168053 2.0 9.7 of gold is on the increase, there will be greater demand in India for this yellow metal.
  • 24. The undying fascination towards the yellow metal is evident in its use currently for making watches, medals, shoes, cufflinks, tie pins, pens cars, saries, buttons and so on Collecting watches is one of the most costly hobbies in the world but very interesting and sometimes really profitable. Currently, the fascination is towards real gold diamond studded watches.Around 8,000 sq m of 22-carat gold leaf have been used inthe decor of the lobby and the restaurants of Burj Al Arab. GoldPlus TATA Nano – India‖s first Pure Gold Jewellery Car on the way.
  • 25. Ayurveda gifted us Suvarnaprashan to improve immunity of Child. ―Suvarna‖means ―Gold‖ & ―Prashan‖ means ―to lick‖Lasers incorporating gold coatings are making dramatic progress in thetreatment of cancers, sealing battlefield wounds in the field, emergency injurytreatments in hospitals & previously inoperable heart conditions & tumorsToday gold flakes and gold dust can be found in many confectioneries anddessert items throughout the world. Gold can be consumed in the form ofchocolates, wine, fruits etcGold is used as a drug to treat a small number of medical conditions. Injections of weak solutions of sodiumaurothiomalate or aurothioglucose are sometimes used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Particles of a radioactive goldisotope are implanted in tissues to serve as a radiation source in the treatment of certain cancers.Small amounts of gold are used to remedy a condition known as Lagophthalmos, which is an inability of a person toclose their eyes completely. This condition is treated by implanting small amounts of gold in the upper eyelid. Theimplanted gold "weights" the eyelid and the force of gravity helps the eyelid close fully.Radioactive gold is used in diagnosis. It is injected in a colloidal solution that can be tracked as a beta emitter as itpasses through the body. Many surgical instruments, electronic equipment and life-support devices are made usingsmall amounts of gold. Gold is nonreactive in the instruments and is highly reliable in the electronic equipment and life-support devices.
  • 26. GRM GOLD INDIA LIMITED is dedicatedly involved in making ‗Gold Coins‘ from 2005. But ourteam was immensely involved in gold from 2005 in the name of M/s.GOLDBIZ INDIA LIMITED;you can say us ‗The GOLD PROFESSIONALS‘. GRM GOLD INDIA LIMITED provides yougold coins and bar in different carats like 24ct, 22ct* 10gms, 20gms, 50gms. GRM GOLDINDIA LIMITED gives total assurance of purity gold coins to the customers. GRM GOLD INDIALIMITED not only comes up in a new way to interact with our clients through the medium ofinternet but we also provide them facility to buy our gold coin or bar through online. GRMGOLD INDIA LIMITED is your one stop shop for your dream gold coins. Magnificent designingof GRM GOLD INDIA LIMITED will give a suitable elegant and beautiful look to your dreamgold coin. Presenting a gold coin to someone will add a different gesture to his or her life.Unlike other investments like Stock Market and Mutual Funds the gold investments carry NORISK. It offers more earning than fixed deposits. The price of the Gold is elevating year- by-year as it has been for centuries. So the gold investment is always to be continued.GRM Management consists of financial experts with 20 years of experience in the financialarena and is supported by a professional GRM GROUP of partners from the direct sellingindustry.
  • 27. This association and the diversity of knowledge and experience within the GRM team, reinforces its growthand validates the relationship and trust afforded by our partners to the company. These attributes are thevery foundations to GRM‖s success story and in an economic climate where global economies arebecoming increasingly unstable; demand for gold from GRM continues to rise.Combined with the legal team, marketing division, support and distribution centre, the company continues tothrive as it sets new records and standards in the gold industry making GRM a formidable force within theinternational gold market.GRM GOLD is one of the biggest online suppliers of precious metals in India. GRM GOLD aims to make itpossible for everyone to purchase precious metals. Whether you are a major investor or a small-scalecollector, GRM GOLD has an appealing range of options. Whether your priority is diversifying your portfolio,insuring your wealth or adding to your collection, GRM GOLD has a solution to meet your needs.Purchasing precious metals from GRM GOLD is safe and easy. You can select your products and pay foryour order in just a few steps. Once GRM GOLD has received your payment, we deliver your order quickly,generally within 5 to 7 work days. Thanks to our discreet shipping methods, you can choose whether you‖drather have your order delivered at home or at your work. And your order is sent to you by insuredshipment, eliminating any risks.
  • 28. GRM GOLD offers an extensive range of products, ensuring you always have a wideselection. The products are delivered directly from stock. GRM GOLD only suppliesproducts that meet the highest standards of quality. Quality is guaranteed at GRM GOLDGRM GOLD wants to give you the best possible service. Our advisors will be happy to helpyou, providing advice with no obligation to buy. You can reach us by phone on work daysbetween 9 AM and 6 PM on +1800 -1035-108. To contact us outside office hours, pleaseuse the contact form on our website. Here at GRM GOLD, our top priorities are a strongfocus on you, the client, and on maintaining our expertise. Satisfied repeat customers arethe best proof of the excellent services that GRM GOLD provides.
  • 29. GRM GOLD INDIA LIMITED is registered under the companies act 1956 as a Public Limited company vide its Reg no.U74120AP2011PLC078265
  • 30. VAT CST TAN NO
  • 31. On behalf of the Board of Directors of M/s. GRM GOLD INDIA LIMITED, I would like to welcome you to our New Business strategy in investment line, and thank you for your interest on our organization. We hope this innovative idea of investing on gold will give you Extreme satisfaction. The GRM Group way of doing business is innovative .This has been the hallmark of business success for the group of companies: 1.M/s.VIVA INTEGRATED SERVICES INDIA LTD – Since 2001 2.M/s.GOLDBIZ INDIA LIMITED -- Since 2005 Mr.Ramesh Gardas 3.M/s.GRM ESTATES INDIA LIMITED – Since – 2008 Founder & Chairman 4.M/s GRM GOLD INDIA LIMITED -- 20011 For GRM GROUP OF COMPANIESGRM Group now has interests and engaged in Diamond processing Gold & Diamond JewelleryManufacturing, Car Breakdown services an association with TVS Company through our carmateclub and realestate-Investment continues to grow since two decades. Our vision is to achieve globaleminence in the real estate, Gold and Diamond industries and to be a partner of choice to all our associates,in our chosen areas of expertise. We are committed to provide safe services of measurable quality at cost-effective and competitive prices.
  • 32. The success of GRM Group is due to the skills and attitude of our employees and associates. Our ability torespond quickly to the needs of our customers worldwide with the absolute minimum of bureaucracy.Satisfied customers are fundamental to the prosperity of our business. We are dedicated to effectivepartnership with our customers, in order to attain our aims of achieving mutual objectives and shared goals.Our objective is to be a world class organization by 2020. By fulfilling our mission, we trust that we willcontinue to exceed the expectations of our customers and to contribute to the economy of the country inwhich GRM Group operates with more than sixteen year of corporate experience the team at GRM GROUPbrings exclusive opportunities to our customers.I and my team will be delighted to hear from you and look forward to assisting you with your futureinvestment REQUIREMENTS in Gold & Real Estates sectors. Value through Ideas is the central nerve ofour system and vision of the group too. Think, Create and Lead is the corporateculture which is guided by our vision. In this dynamic world, values of products, services and corporationsare incessantly changing. The real value for customers can only be created by constantly defining the waysof doing new things or the same things better while being social and Environmental and eco friendly. So theonly way for GRM Group to create value for customer is by ‗Think Create Lead‘ concept. Employees areour key in achieving the vision with sincerity and fun.
  • 33. In its 16 years as a focused real estate development group, GRM Group has made its mark in the realestate market. GRM Properties is led by managers focused on the company‖s core competencies.Ethically and socially responsible operations are keys to success for us. GRM Group‖s continued growthand profitability has been mainly due to a cut above strategic management and innovativeness inoperations. It gives a great sense of pleasure and peace in sharing the growth of our group. Thanks to ourcustomers, investors and employees who are joining their hands to taking this company into great heights,and a promise to work with us in future with trust. We are Confident that we can succeed because we can achieve good Results with all ourexpertise, and, at the same time, leave significant value Added services for our customers.Our Highest Priorities are1.Develop the product quality up to international standards to attract the international business.2.Improve the international business to give more profits and create more opportunities to our valuableassociates.3.Coming into retail market with an association of our existing associates. We are planning to open ourretail showrooms all over the India.4.Stay closes and pays attention to our customers, understand their needs, provide excellent customersupport, and use our technology to develop new products, which will enable to add value for their benefit.5.Finally, produce growth in earnings and generate Healthy returns for our associates.
  • 34. Our aim is to command approximately 10% to 20% Indian market shares in this business. We are puttingall our best efforts and hard work to achieve our goal. Our strategy is to offer our quality products, with acompetitive market price along with a business opportunity.We continue to service our strategy by investing in new Technology through our in-house R&D. We hasa dedicated and talented team of Experts and intellectuals.It will enable us to be closer to our customers and attract more customers, and to serve them moreefficiently. We expect the markets for imaging in this region to grow more than 20% per annum within thenext five years. And finally, we have plans to introduce new products in markets spaces that wepresently do not serve. We have the technology to do it. I am confident that the uniqueness of ourProducts will further enhance our profitability and growth.As a global company we do have competition. But, by staying Committed to our long term strategy, toour customers, to a high quality working environment for our employees, to our management, I amconfident that we can continue to compete successfully internationally. In the highly potential Gold &diamond industry .Our vision is to get recognized worldwide as leaders in Gold & Diamond Businessindustry.Looking to the future, we have a lot of innovative Idea‖s, plans to introduce for the time to come.Presently we have thousands of satisfied customers. We already started seeing revenue results in ourGold & Diamonds business.
  • 35. Gold in small denominations is the first step in the right direction.By offering an alternative to paper currency, freedom of choice is restored back into a system.Our vision is to reach the masses and establish ourselves on the worldwide markets - the road to freedom,independence, and prosperity for all.Create a progressive organization matching International Standards maintaining Integrity, High EthicalStandards and Transparency. Provide an environment of professionalism, competence, teamwork, andservice excellence.Our Mission is to bring quality products and services of international standards, comparable with globalmarket within the reach of all. We are committed to achieving excellence in chosen areas, for the benefit ofthe nation and our beloved countrymen.The credit for this success goes to our dedicated associates. I would like to acknowledge and Thanks to ourassociates for producing their continued contributions to the growth and success GRM GROUPI would like to take this opportunity to thank our valuable customers and associates for their support andconfidence in GRM GROUP.Mr.Ramesh GardasFounder & ChairmanFor GRM GROUP OF COMPANIES
  • 36. THERE are many reasons to buy Gold and hold it. Gold as a hedge in your portfolio works, but works onlyover a long period of time. If you buy gold because it has been going up, it would be a wrong reason to buy.However, the fact is, it may still go up – but dont expect to get 36 per cent Compound Annual Growth Rate(CAGR), that will not happen, for sure.There are also many reasons why you shouldnt hold gold. One reason not to own gold is the recentphenomenon in its price. For example if you had invested in gold in 1980 (USD 590) today it would be worthabout USD 1055! Not much if you consider inflation, is it? As against the Sensex which has gone from 100 toabout 17,100. And the shares would have paid you nice dividends for holding the shares!That said, here are 13 reasons why its a good idea to own gold: USD is not the only currency which is in bad shape. In fact, most currencies are at quite an imbalance with each other. So if you do not know whether to hold your money in rupees, lira, yen, dollar, euro or pounds, choose gold. So, clearly as much of cash you will keep in your portfolio is the amount of gold you should be having. Yes, many people are touting this as a great hedge. They prove this by checking the trend for a period of three years. Fantastic! But if you check the trend for over a 10 year period, it will fail and fail miserably. What is surprising is that bank relationship managers are now selling gold mutual funds – they will keep selling to keep their jobs. These mutual funds will keep buying gold. So, it is a self fulfilling prophesies.
  • 37. Ben Bernanke is converting all the forest in the US into currency! Most Central Bank heads are printing toomuch currency ever since the gold system failed. Thankfully, they cannot create gold. Also read: Should Ibuy physical gold or opt for funds India and China will continue to buy gold, as will many other users! Interest rates are more likely to decline, than rise, internationally, adjusted to inflation. According to one expert I was speaking to, the total world gold production is decreasing. I was surprised! Increasing selling prices make it attractive to search, so production should increase. This is what happens in theory, but it is getting to be more difficult to prospect, mine and produce gold. The gestation period even for gold which is spotted is quite long. According to some experts it is as high as 10 years. So, gold mining companies prices go up over long periods and in a lumpy kind of a fashion. If gold is found, prices go up. If mining starts, prices go up. If production starts, prices go up. So be careful while buying a share of a gold mining company.
  • 38. Chinese demand is likely to go through the roof. Very few people understand the Chinese economy. If thepopulace does not trust its currency, they are likely to keep their money in gold! The Chinese governmenthad banned the population from owning gold for a very long time. Obviously, once the ban is lifted, buyingwill start. It may take 2 to 4 years by which time the retail network to sell gold to the whole Chinesepopulation is set up. Once it is set up, prices will boom. Indian demand is difficult to predict. However, there is some talk of jewelers suicide in Kerala (with prices rising, consumption is going down, so shopkeepers are dying). However there is a huge ―wannabe‖ population which will keep buying and chase prices! Be that as it may, selling may not be enough to exceed demand – another cause for prices to go up. All fresh bankers are busy selling gold mutual funds. This is a funny situation where the price is going up because the fund is buying. People are buying gold ETF / regular funds which is causing gold prices to go up! Case of tiger chasing its tail.
  • 39. The rich countries which have a lot of gold (including IMF) have a pact wherein they will not sellmore than 400 Tonnes a year (not sure about the figure, but it is right there somewhere). Thiswill restrict supply on the one hand, but mutual fund demand will drive the prices.Nobody in the world knows how the decoupling between the Chinese currency, dollar and thegold will happen. It will gain against other currencies – this will hurt the dollar. At some stage itwill break off from the currencies and go on a secular bull run, and the trade will be guaranteedby BIS.Bank relationship managers are pushing gold mutual funds, websites are screaming that goldis a good buy, people without understanding of interest, compounding, etc. think this is a greatideal This almost blind and noisy screaming will push prices high. Most fund managers arebuying with a vengeance!
  • 40. Simply open a savings account with GRM Gold for as little as 10 Grams. Your savings account is self directed.You own, manage and control your account online. Deposits are optional (just like where you bank now) andyou have complete control.Lifelong free exchange of your gold bars, should the gold certificate get damaged.A gold purity of 999.9 qualities which is the finest and highest quality of gold available worldwide.Our partners mining rights to an independent mining facility will ensure that supply shortages should neveroccur.Storage of your assets, for as long as you needs it with peace of mind that your gold is stored in a highlysecured installation.In the event of loss (e.g. through theft) GRM GOLD INDIA LIMITED is exclusively liable. This is a uniquefeature as such a warranty can only be issued by a company.Knowing that your gold coins can be converted into money at any time through GRM GOLD INDIALIMITED‖s unique price guarantee, payable in the currency of your choice.A free to use online inventory of all your precious assets, available to regular buyers.Market-based acquisition prices.Delivery of only the highest quality products.Easy to use online Customer Access Point.
  • 41. Parameters 5 gram 10 gram 20 gram 50 gram Alloy Fine Gold Fine Gold Fine Gold Fine Gold Fitness 999.9 999.9 999.9 999.9 Fitness Tolerance +/- mm 0> -0> 0> 0> Weight (gram) 5 10 20 50 Weight Tolerance +/- (gram) 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.015 Dimension (mm) 20 15.2x25.3 r 2 18x31 r 3 27x47 r 4Dimension Tolerance +/- (mm) 0.05 0.05 0.1 0.15 Thickness (mm) 1.1 1.6 2.2 2.4Thickness Tolerance +/- (mm) 0.05 0.05 0.1 0.1 Edge Serrated Plain Plain Plain
  • 42. You can lock your rate by enter into a Goldpurchasing agreement with the company.Rate locking facility will be entitled to onlyregular paying customers. In case ofdefault for more than 6 months your ratewill be revised at the time of regularisationof your agreement. Next instalment datewill be calculated basing on the agreementdate, and 15 days grace period will begiven to pay the next instalment, there after18% P.A late fee applicable.
  • 43. The customer has liberty to exit from the plan at any point of time, after one month from the date of join. In the event of exist or pre mature case the customer needs to pay balance agreement amount and take the gold, no cash refund given in this case.In case of default or death case customer can transfer his/her agreement to third party name, atthe time of transfer he/she need to regularise the agreement (instalments) with a late fee of 18%P.A. Customer need to pay Rs.500/- (Five hundred ) towards agreement transfer charges.
  • 44. It is a great advantage to our GRM GOLD customers that thecompany giving a buyback agreement policy with 12% P.Aappreciation , in case customer doesn‖t want to buy / go for goldor gold price is lesser than the agreement price , he can sell hisagreement to the company for 12% appreciation on the amountpaid , in case of regular instalments , and 6% P.A appreciation incase of default case , after deduction of 20% agreement cost willbe deducted towards breach / cancelation / termination / default ofthe said agreement. (See the terms and conditions) That GRM GOLD INDIA LIMITED assures life time gold exchange / money change offer for all its products if the seal is not Brocken.To enter into this Gold Purchase agreement customer age must be 18 to 65 years .All the customers areprovided free accidental insurance equal to agreement value and maximum of Rs.10, 00,000/- (Ten lakhs).In the event of death the balance instalments of the customer will be waved off, nominee will be entitled toget the buyback value or Gold whichever is high at the end of the term.
  • 45. Gold Cost Adjustment Agreement No. of Total Cost Buy backSno For 995 Cost For 999.9 Charges Yearly Half Yearly Quarterly Monthly Grams Rs. Rs. value Rs. RS. Rs. 1 10.00 27850.00 2785.00 557.00 31192.00 10241.37 5133.68 2573.34 866.44 37625.04 2 15.00 41775.00 4177.50 835.50 46788.00 15362.06 7700.53 3860.01 1299.67 56437.56 3 20.00 55700.00 5570.00 1114.00 62384.00 20482.75 10267.37 5146.68 1732.89 75250.08 4 25.00 69625.00 6962.50 1392.50 77980.00 25603.43 12834.21 6433.35 2166.11 94062.60 5 30.00 83550.00 8355.00 1671.00 93576.00 30724.12 15401.05 7720.02 2599.33 112875.11 Gold Cost Adjustment Agreement No. of Total Cost Buy backSno For 995 Cost For 999.9 Charges Yearly Half Yearly Quarterly Monthly Grams Rs. Rs. value Rs. RS. Rs. 1 10.00 27850.00 2785.00 557.00 31192.00 7681.03 3850.26 1930.01 649.83 40079.22 2 15.00 41775.00 4177.50 835.50 46788.00 11521.55 5775.39 2895.01 974.75 60118.84 3 20.00 55700.00 5570.00 1114.00 62384.00 15362.06 7700.52 3860.01 1299.67 80158.45 4 25.00 69625.00 6962.50 1392.50 77980.00 19202.58 9625.66 4825.01 1624.58 100198.06 5 30.00 83550.00 8355.00 1671.00 93576.00 23043.09 11550.79 5790.02 1949.50 120237.67
  • 46. Gold Cost Adjustment Agreement No. of Total Cost Buy backSno For 995 Cost For 999.9 Charges Yearly Half Yearly Quarterly Monthly Grams Rs. Rs. value Rs. RS. Rs. 1 10.00 27850.00 2785.00 557.00 31192.00 6144.82 3080.21 1544.00 519.87 42742.40 2 15.00 41775.00 4177.50 835.50 46788.00 9217.24 4620.32 2316.01 779.80 64113.60 3 20.00 55700.00 5570.00 1114.00 62384.00 12289.65 6160.42 3088.01 1039.73 85484.80 4 25.00 69625.00 6962.50 1392.50 77980.00 15362.06 7700.52 3860.01 1299.67 106855.99 5 30.00 83550.00 8355.00 1671.00 93576.00 18434.47 9240.63 4632.01 1559.60 128227.19 Gold Cost Adjustment Agreement No. of Total Cost Buy backSno For 995 Cost For 999.9 Charges Yearly Half Yearly Quarterly Monthly Grams RS. Rs. Rs. value Rs. Rs. 1 10.00 27850.00 2785.00 557.00 31192.00 3072.41 1540.11 772.00 259.93 59969.74 2 15.00 41775.00 4177.50 835.50 46788.00 4608.62 2310.16 1158.00 389.90 89954.61 3 20.00 55700.00 5570.00 1114.00 62384.00 6144.82 3080.21 1544.00 519.87 119939.48 4 25.00 69625.00 6962.50 1392.50 77980.00 7681.03 3850.26 1930.00 649.83 149924.35 5 30.00 83550.00 8355.00 1671.00 93576.00 9217.24 4620.32 2316.01 779.80 179909.22