The ISMEP activities on raising public awareness, education and volunteering


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  • Konu başlıkları
  • ISMEP Project is also implementing these projects with effective cooperation programs with various stakeholders
  • As you know,ISMEP has 3 main components On the slide you may see the social activities and implementations for every component. Today we will share with you this year’s activities. You can find all the detils at the ISMEP brosure, Community Based Disaster Management in İstanbul, prepared for your visit.
  • The main objective of the project is to disseminate the mitigation culture at the individual, family and institutional level and thus to ensure that communities are prepared for and resistant against disastersFor this purpose, a variety of communication and training programs has been prepared and put into action.
  • With the campaign our basic objective is building informed and skilled community potential on disasters and establishing the local disaster volunteering system of İstanbul under the umbrella of Istanbul Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate.
  • To reach our aims we planned a road map consisting of three phases:Firstly, we made a needs assessment and prepared a Strategic PlanSecondly, we prepared training modules on 15 different subjects and designed Public Awareness Campaign ModelsThe last phase is implementing our Public Awareness Campaign Models and disseminating our Trainings. Now we are on the last phase.
  • Training programs was prepared in a wide range starting from inividual and family to institutions and organizations, including local desicion makers, technical staff and vulnerable groups. We have 15 training modules. Each training module consist of books, brochures, information cards, posters and trainer materials
  • We also prepared child friendly materials as;Danger Hunt Comic Book and DVDDanger Hunt Board GamePC GameThe Rocking Chair Theatre Play
  • Safe Life Communication and Training Campaign strategy is implemented in fivestageswhich we can summarize as creating awareness, encouraging to change attitude, gain skill and knowledge and creatingbehavioural change towards to take precautions and responsibility :At thefirststagewecreated awareness, usingbillboards, infobroshures, postersanddirectcommunication. Weinformedtheresidentsabouttheprojectandmakethemrealizethattherewould be sometrainings.At thesecondstagewecouraged to changetheattitude, usingdirectcommunication. We set infodesksandinformedpeopleaboutthetrainings, andinvitedthemtovisittheofficialwebsite. Then at thethirdphasewedidtrainingsandIstanbulitesgainedskills and knowledgebyparticipatingthosetrainings.Whenwecametothefourthphaseouraimwastocreate behavioural change towardstaking precautions andresponsibilities.Weachieved more permanent and embraced behavioural change in people which we informed andtrained regularly.And at thelastphase, wehavetoldpeopleto be volunteersto do morefortheircommunitybyaddinguniversitystudents, totheproject as stakeholders, orbyinvitingcelebritiestoinformationtrainings. Thoseeffortsmadeourprojectmoredisseminatedandwecouldtouchmorepeoplebyusingdifferentchannelsfordifferenttargetgroups. Thus, we achieve a more effective volunteerism structure.
  • The campaign put into practice in a social campaign model based on training communication. Indoor and outdoor activities and social media being used in this campaign. Alongside one to one communication with the institutions through focused communication activities provide high participation to the trainings.Filmi beklemek gerekiyor.
  • The main objective of the Safe Life Volunteer campaign is to disseminate mitigation culture at the individual, family and institutions level by establishing a social alliance and thus to ensure that residents of İstanbul are prepared for and resistant against disasters.Communication campaign which prepared in accordance with this purpose is applied in the memorial days such as August 17th, November 12th and high participation is provided.With this campaign our aim is:To raise consciousness and awareness level of Istanbul people on disaster preparednessTo Increase community based measures on disaster vulnerability reductionTo build informed and skilled community potential, capable to take basic measures in the inhabited area, during the first 72 hours in theaftermath of an eventual disaster, until the arrival of the professional teamsTo establish the local disaster volunteering system of Istanbul.
  • You can follow the contents For Adult Trainings on the slide.SafeLife 1 is based on raising public awareness starting from the individualSafelife 2 is based on enhancing the awareness of individual with further knowledge and upskill. Andincreasing the awareness level from individual to family.Local Disaster Volunteers training aims to develop a social collaboration on the community level. At public version people learn to be a part of a team and starts to assess the risks of theirneighbourhoods with classroom excercises and town watching. Bythisway, thecommunity can start to prepare projects on disaster preparedness, risk mitigation and other needs they projected. Trainings alsocontains response and recovery topics that community may need after disasters.
  • YagariaSimulationExerciseWe imaginated a district called Yagaria which has paromasis with the other name of Kocaeli, Sakarya.And we told the participants that they were one of role models of Yagaria and they have the opportunity to prepare their district to disasters.Every one shared the roles on the slide and tried to act as their role model at the contest day. The aim of the exercise was to understand the roles of institutions, municipalities, directorates in the community and tell their responsibilities to the other members of their teams.
  • In this section, I will talk about non formal community disaster training programmes put into practise in line with ISMEP dissemination strategies which I mentioned before.
  • The trainings needed to be varied for different target groups. For Safe Life 1 training Children versions are divided into two groups which are at age 6 to 9 and at age 10 to 16. which are also equal to primary school upto 4th grade and upper grades.Safelife life 1 training has an Adult Version which has been shared with the Teachers, Parents and people in the community.Safelife 2 is for all kinds of target groups except children.When we look to Local Disaster Volunteers program we evaluated 2 versions, one for institutions and the other for public. Also disaster and Emergency Planning topic is included for the institutional training programs.Totally we have 7 version of training program.
  • One of them is “Individuals and Families Disaster PreparednessProject” which is applied together with the Provincial Directorate of National Education.94 volunteer teacher participated training programmes and reached 37.195 person in their place of duty
  • Bireylerin olası afet etkilerine karşı bilinçlenebilmeleri kapsamında afet ile ilgili zarar azaltma ve örgütsel hazırlık çalışmaları yapan kuruluşların, bireylere, afet etkilerine karşı koruyucu önlem alınması konularında “sürdürülebilir iletişim” anlayışı ile hizmet sunması gerekmektedir. Afet etkilerine karşı korunma önlemlerinin bireyler tarafından sürekli olarak alınmasına ve dolayısıyla toplumu bilinçlendirme çalışmalarının sürekli ve etkin olmasına gereksinim duyulmaktadır. Toplumsal bilinçlenmede, afet öncesinde afetin zararlı etkilerinden korunabilmek için neler yapılması gerektiği konusunda toplumda tutum ve davranış biçimleri geliştirilmesi, afet tehlikesine karşı hazırlıklı olma konusunda sürekli olarak bilgi edinilmesini ve eğitim alınmasını gerektirmektedir.Bizler de literatürde yapılmış olan çalışmaların dikkat çektiği bu noktalardan hareketle hedef kitlelerimiz ile sürdürülebilir ilişkiye dayalı bir iletişim modeli uygulamaktayız. Örneğin, güçlendirme sürecinde sosyal rehberlik çalışması ile iletişime geçerek süreç hakkında bilgi paylaşımında bulunduğumuz okullarımızda güçlendirme çalışmaları tamamlandıktan sonra yetişkin hedef kitlemizi güvenli yaşam eğitimi ile çocuklarımızı ise Sallanan Sandalye tiyatro oyunu ile afetlere karşı bilgilendiriyoruz. Aynı zamanda güvenli yaşam eğitimlerimizde dolduttuğumuz değerlendirme formları ile almış olduğumuz bilgiler doğrultusunda oluşturduğumuz veri tabanımız ile gönüllü bireylerimizle iletişim halindeyiz. Böylelikle hedef kitlelerimizle kurduğumuz ve ilgili konularda bilgi ve görüş alışverişini bulunarak temasa geçtiğimiz bireyler ile etkin ve sürekli iletişim sağlamaktayız.
  • We implemented a dissemination model with university students. In this project, our stakeholder was Yıldız Technical University International Affair Student Club members.The Aim of the Project wasthe integration of the University student’s with public under volunteerism and / Safe Life 1 Trainings in YTU and in neigbourhoods for informingand raising awareness of public andtheuniversityyouthabout disaster preparednessFor this purpose we did a TOT program with the university students who applied to take part in the project from all faculties. 21 Students passed our TOT program and touched 1091 (one thousand ninetyone) people to sha re their knowledge on disaster awareness.As the project is an ongoing one the numbers will increase in the next days.These 21 students shared 72 Neighbourhoods in Istanbul. A Meeting has been organized and Mukhtars from all 72 neighbourhoods have been invited to the meeting. Project has been introduced and the Trainers have been introduced to the Mukhtars.This Pilot study is aimed to be extended to the other universities.
  • Safe City Safe Life trainning program is implemented in two municipalities (Bağcılar&Pendik)These training programs were prepared to ensure the transformation of districts to disaster resilient cities. And aimed;To increase awareness on urban and structural risksTo produce strategies and policies in an open dialogueIn the content of the trainings the topics such as Disaster Mitigation Strategies, Urban Planning for Disaster Mitigation, Sustainable Urban Planning, etc. were also selected to reach the main aim.With,dissemination trainings we reached 727 (seven hundred and twenty seven) people including Local Desicion Makers, Technical Staff, Community RepresentativesAnd in the scope if the project ;To make İstanbul a disaster resillient city, an evaluation report comprising indicators and risk reduction areas prepepared for each municipalityTo cover these issues in their Strategic Plan is recomended as a complementory activity
  • With this study, it is aimed to train 3.000 civil engineer in Turkey toresolve the lack of knowledge about the content and implementationof “Structure Regulation about the Buildings in Earthquake Zones”.Training of 2170 engineer has been completed.
  • And at this slide I want to share the Information, Awareness Raising and Social Guidance Study in the Retrofitting and Host SchoolsThis is also a very succesfull project which has a higher multiplier effectWe prepared a 2 minutes film which shows the total numbers achieved in this part of the project.
  • The Rocking Chair theater play was a very efficient study to inform and give right skills children about disasters in a short time.The aim of this study is to inform the students about the measures to be taken before an earthquake, the correct behavior during and after an earthquake .Under the “Step Forward for a Safe Life: Let’s Get Training ” mottoTarget Group: Primary school studentsin retrofitted or reconstructed schools as a part of ISMEPThe concept of the play is to teach correct behaviour models such as Drop- Cover- Hold at childhood. Alongside, preparing a Disaster and Emergency Kit and Danger Hunt ability is taught in a fun manner.Duration of the play is 40 minutesImplementation:Two separate groups and decors were prepared for Rocking Chair’s this year’s projections. In this manner, it is aimed to facilitate completing the projections in the school year by providing two stages at the same time for two separate groups in different schools. TheTheatreplayperformancesareongoing….
  • 2015 yılına kadar hedeflenen rakam 200.000 kişinin daha eğitilmesidir.Böylelikle İstanbul genelinde toplamda 300bin kişilik bir gönüllü grubu oluşturulacaktır.
  • A surveywasconducted by an Akademetre, independentresearchcompany
  • Today, ISMEP has reached to a capacity that approximately 40 main topics has been included, on a Community based disaster management approach.As you can see on the slide, until 2007 that social activities started,/ with social campaigns, training programs and training materials / project touched to 5 million people in Istanbul.Modern Disaster Manegement Approach, such as Gender Perspective, Disablities and Vulnerablities issues, is included at all topics for different kinds of target groups and institutional sources.
  • The ISMEP activities on raising public awareness, education and volunteering

    1. 1. ISMEP Activities on Raising Public Awareness, Education,Prof. Dr. Mikdat KADIOGLU and Volunteering Istanbul Techn. Univ. Dis. Mang. Center
    2. 2. ContentISMEP’s Training ProjectsDissemination Models for Safe Life CultureIstanbul Safe Life VolunteersOther Safe Life Dissemination Programs 2
    4. 4. ISMEP Stakeholders 4
    5. 5. ISMEP’s Training Projects Dissemination Model with the ProvincialTraining Materials Directorate of COMPONENT A National Education ENHANCING Public Awareness Safe Life Volunteers EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS Campaigns COMPONENT C Social Guidance Study in the Training MaterialsRetrofitting and Host COMPONENT B ENFORCEMENT Schools OF BUILDING CODE SEISMIC RISK MITIGATION FOR PRIORITY PUBLIC FACILITIES Safe City Safe Life Training of Civil Trainings Engineers 5
    6. 6. Community Training Projects 6
    7. 7. Community Training Project Aim: ■ The main objective of the study is to disseminate disaster prevention (mit.&prep) culture at the individual, family and institutions level by establishing a social alliance and thus to ensure that residents of Istanbul are prepared for and resistant against disasters. Targets: ■ To raise consciousness and promote awareness level of Istanbul people on disaster preparedness ■ To Increase community based measures on disaster risk reduction ■ To build informed and skilled community potential, capable to take basic measures in the inhabited area, during the first 72 hours in the aftermath of an eventual disaster, until the arrival of the professional teams ■ To establish and enforce the local disaster volunteering system of Istanbul. 7
    8. 8. Community Training Project 2015 May 2012 Campaign 2012 Focused 2010 - 2011 Communication Activities• 17 August 2009• 12 November 2009• Focused 2009CommunicationActivities 17 August 2008 2008 Campaign • Community Training Project • ISMEP 2007 Communicaiton Strategy Istanbul Seismic Risk Mitigation 2006 and Emergency Preparedness 8 Project
    9. 9. Community Training Project Needs Interviews with all related institutions in Dissemination Communicationassesment and Turkey Strategy Strategy strategic (84 Institution) planning Designing 15 Training Modules Training Programs Sample Campaign Materials training Guide Books Presentation Files Brochures Brochures Training of Trainers modules Information Card Training Booklets Information Card Posters Posters Exercise Materials Etc. Designing Public Safe Life Website: awareness campaign 9
    10. 10. Training Modules First 72 Hours for the Individual and a Family in an Earthquake First 72 Hours for Disabled People in an Earthquake Non- structural Risk Mitigation Against Earthquake Structural Retrofitting Against Earthquake Structural Risk Mitigation Against Earthquake Survival Under Extraordinary Conditions Psychological First Aid in Disasters Disaster Emergency Aid Planning Guide for Educational Institutions Disaster Emergency Aid Planning Guide for Healthcare Organizations Disaster Emergency Aid Planning Guide for Industries and Working Place Disaster Preparedness for Local Disaster Volunteers Compulsory Earthquake Insurance Awareness Urban Planning and Construction for Disaster Mitigation ■ For Local Decision Makers ■ For Technical Staff ■ For Community Representatives 10
    11. 11. Child Training Materials Hazard Hunt Comic Book and DVD WE ARE HAZARD HUNT CHARACTERS Hazard Hunt Board Game PC Game The Rocking Chair Theatre Play 11
    12. 12. Communication Strategy
    13. 13. Communication Campaign ■ Indoor and outdoor activities ■ Safe Life website  ■ Social media ■ Focused communication activities ■ Corporate cooperationIntegrated Communication Strategy 13
    14. 14. Istanbul Safe Life Volunteers Communication & Training Campaign Target Groups /Communication Trainings Structuring Stake Holders PROVINCIAL Citizens of Istanbul Safe Life 1 DISASTER AND EMERGENCY Local DIRECTORATE Administrations (DED) Safe Life Safe Life 2 VOLUNTEERISM Volunteers NGO’s SYSTEM Instutitions and Local Disaster organizations Volunteers 14
    15. 15. Content of Trainings 15
    17. 17. An Example from Trainings Yagaria Simulation Exercise• Mayor• Mukhtar• President of Chamber of Artisans• President of Yagaria Beautification Association• Yagaria LDV Team Leader and Four Unit Leaders• Manager of Yagaria Health Center Manager• Manager of Yagaria Primary School• President of Yagaria Culture & Art Association• Member of Yagaria City Council• Lawyer• Teacher• Bank Manager• Artisans and people of Yagaria 17
    18. 18. Yagaria Simulation Exercise 18
    19. 19. Other Dissemination Programs 19
    20. 20. Versions & Target Groups SL 1 Disaster & SL1 SL1 LDVParticipant/Training SL2 LDV Public Emergency Children 1 Children 2 Adult Institution PlanningPublic IntitutionsAdministrators and * * * *employeesLocal GovernmentAdministrators and * * * *employeesSchools educate for Public * * * *InstitutionsMilitary * * * *School Age Children * *Individuals * *Neighborhood Residents * * *Working & Industrial Places * * * *Healthcare Organizations * * * *School Managers * * * * 20
    21. 21. Istanbul Disaster & Emergency Prevention Responseand Immediate Aid Recovery Plan (ADMIP) 21
    22. 22. Disaster Preperadness forIndividuals and Families 22
    23. 23. The Case for Sustainable Communication Information, AwarenessRaising and Social Guidance Study Safe Life 1 (adult) Training Rocking Chair Theatre Playduring Retrofitting Process Retrofitting Process
    24. 24. University Volunteers Volunteer Trainers 20 Sessions Total 33 1.238 peopleWithin the scope of the Project, 20 volunteer trainers of Yıldız Technical University gave Safe ife 1 Training to 1.238 people in the pilot neigborhoodof Istanbul 24
    25. 25. Safe City Safe Life Pilot Trainings Bağcılar Pendik Total 414 330 744 peoplePilot trainings carried out in Bağcılar and Pendik Municipalities, and totaly 744 people trained composed of local decision makers, technical staff,community representatives. 25
    26. 26. Training of Civil Engineers Provincial 19 Sessions Total 29 3.631 peopleWithin the scope of the trainings, engineers were informed about the “Regulation for the Building Constructed in Earthquake Zone.” 26
    27. 27. Social Guidance Study in the Retrofitting and Host Schools Teacher & Total Schools Student Parents 535 163.570 55.493 219.063In collaboration with the İstanbul Province National Education Directorate, an “Information, Awareness Raising and Social Guidance Study” hasbeen implemented to inform the related stakeholders about the school retrofitting process both in retrofitting and host schools since 2009. 27
    28. 28. The Rocking Chair Theater Play Schools Performance Student 244 780 109.622The theatre play “Rocking Chair” is aiming to raise awareness of primary school student against disasters including earthquake particular raisesthe awareness of children . Play has been performed since 2010. 28
    29. 29. Safe Life Volunteers - Targetted % 1,5 % 0,5 % 0,25 2015 Target: 2009-2010 2011-2012 2015 30.000 70.000 200.000 200.000Safe Life Volunteers Safe Life Volunteers 29
    30. 30. Organization of Safe Life Trainings Publicity Monitoring &Training Preparedness Activities, Implementat Evaluating ion, Dissemination Focused Communicaiton/ Preparation of Training Campaign/ Field Works/ Building a Database & Programmes Internet Updating Identification of Training Centers Preparation of Training Training Invitations Reporting Materials (SMS/E-mail) Assignment of the Trainer Identifiying Trainers & Impact Assessment Delivering of Training Training of Trainers Materials 30
    31. 31. Safe Life Trainings Evalution Research Results Preparations Against the Disasters You said you have done some preparations against the disasters. Can you tell me if you have done any of the following?To fasten up the stuff Trainees 44.4 55.6at home Public 19.5 80.5To detect safe zones at Trainees 48.9 51.1home Public 17.8 82.2To get mandatory Trainees 32.5 67.5earthquake insurance Public 9.5 90.5To prepare family Trainees 20.4 79.6disaster plan Public 3.8 96.2 I did I didnt do Trainees Public Base 1.000 1.000
    32. 32. Safe Life Trainings Evalution Research Results Preparations Against the Disasters You said you have done some preparations against the disasters. Can you tell me if you have done any of the following?To practice drop- Trainees 25.4 74.6cover-hold Public 5.4 94.6To prepare Trainees 12.3 87.7emergencyinformation card Public 2.9 97.1 Trainees 44.3 55.7To plan with familymembers what to do Public 9.5 90.5after a disaser I did I didnt do
    33. 33. Safe Life Trainings Evalution ResearchResults Level of Satifaction from the Safe Life Training 89,9% Very satisfied 26.1 Satisfied 63.8 Neither satisfied not dissatisfied 8.5 1,6% Dissatiasfied 1.3 Very dissatisfied 0.3 Base : 1.000
    34. 34. Summary: Resilient and Ready Community Against Disasters ?Only when every citizen in Istanbul is ready for the disaser will the city be ready too.34
    35. 35. Summary: “Subway map of the resilent city of Istanbul” Component A StrengtheningEmergency Management Capacity Component BSeismic Risk Mitigation for Priority Public Buildings Component C Enforcement of Building CodesIndividuals and Families Institutions and Organizations Modern DisasterManagement Approach Disabled and Other Vulnerable People in Disasters 35
    36. 36. East is east, west is west; Istanbul is something else! THANK YOUProf. Dr. Mikdat 36