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Rudolf Müller - Usar preparedness and response
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Rudolf Müller - Usar preparedness and response


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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  • 1. “USAR Preparedness and Response” by Rudolf Müller Chief , Emergency Services Branch OCHA, Geneva
  • 2. SCOPE:• Introduction• UN GA 57/150 and INSARAG• Minimum Global Standards for USAR Capacity Building at “All Levels”• Summary
  • 3. WHY INSARAG DOES CAPACITY BUILDING?• GA 57/150 of 16 December 2002:• ‘7. Encourages ..disaster preparedness and response …at all levels;’• The INSARAG Hyogo Declaration of 2010: “…building national, local and community capacity is critical a rapidly urbanizing world;’
  • 4. Where Does My USAR Team Fit?USAR Teams are encouraged to identify their role.
  • 5. Survival Dependent on Time From Disaster to Rescue100 81.0%8060 36.7% Survival4020 33.7% 19.0% 0 24 Hours 48 Hours 72 Hours 96 Hours
  • 6. BACKGROUND- GA 57/150 and IEC• UN General Assembly Resolution 57/150 of 2002 endorses the establishment of international standards and also USAR capacity building.• The IEC process has established international operational standards for Medium and Heavy teams to be deployed internationally.
  • 7. Successful IEC/Rs from 2005 to July 2012 Heavy IEC Medium IEC IERAmericas Africa – Europe – Middle East Asia – Pacific2 teams 23 teams 5 teamsReclassifications 4 teams
  • 8. BACKGROUND – CHAPTER G• However, many USAR teams deploy at the national level, not internationally;• Therefore, for teams NOT deploying internationally, INSARAG developed the ‘Operational and Organisational Guidelines for Capacity Building of National USAR Teams” Chapter G ( in the Guidelines)
  • 9. USAR - Capacity and Capability En- Heavy tombed 5% USAR Void Space Medium Entrapment 15% USAR Teams Non-Structural First Responding Entrapment 30% Crews / Light USAR Injured and Not Spontaneous Rescue Trapped 50% Civilians Near Collapse Condition of Casualties Emergency Response
  • 10. In Summary:• Role and Effectiveness of Front line Community Response Cannot be Under-Estimated;• Capacity Building starts from a Functioning Emergency Response Service to meet day-to- day incidents;• INSARAG provides a Yard-Stick for National and International USAR Teams to ensure Quality Response.
  • 11. Resources in INSARAG Web page• Http://
  • 12. QUESTIONS ?