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GITEWS - The German Contribution to the Indonesian Ocean Tsunami Early Warning system: experiences and lessons learned
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GITEWS - The German Contribution to the Indonesian Ocean Tsunami Early Warning system: experiences and lessons learned


Published on

Alexander RUDLOFF …

Alexander RUDLOFF

German Research Centre for Geosciences - GFZ

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  • 1. GITEWS GITEWS - The German Contribution to the Indian Ocean Tsunami Early Warning System: experiences and lessons learned Alexander RUDLOFF, Jörn LAUTERJUNG, Harald SPAHN & GITEWS project t H ld j t team
  • 2. TimelineGITEWS 2004/12/26 – M9.2 Sumatra EQ and Tsunami 2005/03/14 – Indonesian-German Joint Declaration 2005/Summer – Installation of first instruments 2007/09/12 – Bengkulu EQ series (M7.9, M7.7) 2008/11/11 – St t of operation phase, Start f ti h Tsunami warning centre at BMKG Jakarta 2011/03/29 – System hand-over to Indonesia
  • 3. Technical Concept pGITEWS
  • 4. End to end Approach End-to-End pp End-to-end approachGITEWS Up-Stream Down-Stream Dissem Sensor systems Warning Centre Local Administration • Seismometer • Processing GPS Simulation minatio • • • Tide Gauge • Descision-Support Buoy Systems Local Communities • • Warning Message • Others on Awareness, Preparedness, Measurement, Analysis, Decision Reaction t
  • 5. The Different Components pGITEWS
  • 6. Sensor Stations in IndonesiaGITEWS X X X X X X XXX Seismic, GPS, Tide gauge stations, and GPS buoys
  • 7. EQ Monitoring Software Q gGITEWS fast and reliable EQ evaluation software Q optimised for tsunamis world wide world-wide in operation
  • 8. Near field simulationGITEWS
  • 9. Warning Process gGITEWS
  • 10. Capacity Building ( ) p y g (1)GITEWS
  • 11. Capacity Building ( ) p y g (2)GITEWS
  • 12. International review 2010GITEWS Committee with members f b from NTWC (Australia, India, Japan, USA, and IOC/IOTWS) „Multi-parameter M lti t approach is highly innovative in the context of tsunami resarch“ „Impressed by downstream component …“
  • 13. NHESS PublicationGITEWS Special Issue on the GITEWS P j t Project 2 overview articles 22 scientific papers p p Online and free available (google/bing for #GITEWS & NHESS)
  • 14. Mentawai Islands site survey yGITEWS Results R lt EQ felt, but not strong Wave heights ~ 12 m max. max Inundation 450 m Awareness sufficient?
  • 15. Milestone #n1GITEWS The system was handed over into Indonesia‘s responsibility b 29 M ibilit by March 2011 h The project included the set-up of a technical early warning infra infra- structrure, training and education f d ti for scientists i ti t and engineers and capacity development on institutional and local level.
  • 16. Milestone #n2GITEWS Indonesia owns one of the most advanced Tsunami Early W E l Warning systems worldwide i t ld id is able to publish Indonesian-wide warnings to the public in case of Tsunami fulfills the conditions to act as UNESCO’s „Regional T R i l Tsunami Watch Provider“ for th iW t hP id “ f the Indian Ocean region
  • 17. Project areas jGITEWS GITEWS Pilot Area (2006-2011) Project Office Jakarta PROTECTS Project Area (2011-2013)
  • 18. Trainings forGITEWS Tsunami Preparedness & EWS Individual I di id l Awareness A Knowledge Procedures Tsunami risk, evacuation (getting warnings & & (Tsunami hazard & risks) plan, early warning) guidance, evacuation, dll) Household 80 Kader (KaTsumi) Village 4 Socialization 4 TOF, 20 trainers Desa, Banjar 1 Module Institution Evacuation 3 Local Warning School, Hospital, Private Company Plan & Procedures 45 facilitators (FaTmi) Arrangements 3 TOT, 4 trainers, 1 References & Services d l module at Evacuation 1 2 Local Warning (Sub)District Plan Chain 80 EP 180 24/7, SOP, / , SO , Kabupaten, Kabupaten Kecamatan facilitators Operators or Kelurahan level Risk Dissemination 4 trainings 9 trainings Analysis 5 trainers 5 trainers 3 (Bali), 3 (NTB), 1 module 1 module 8 (JATIM) 5 (JABAR) (JATIM), (JABAR), Hazard Vulnerability 4 (JATENG), 2 (DIY) Assessment Assessment Provinces (Bali, NTB, JATIM, JABAR, JATENG, JATENG DIY) Risk Assessment (Maps) - BNPB Policies , Guidelines, Modules InaTEWS Warning National on preparedness & EWS (BNPB) Service by BMKG
  • 19. Key message y gGITEWS Be prepared!
  • 20. Recent credits and honorsGITEWS
  • 21. EndGITEWS Thank you – Terima Te ima kasih Website: Contact: Funding by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) is gratefully acknowledged