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Characteristics greenline windows 1

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Greenline windows and doors are manufactured specifically for the US and comply with all building code requirements for the state of Florida. The Miami / Dade High Velocity / Hurricane Zone (HV/HZ)......

Greenline windows and doors are manufactured specifically for the US and comply with all building code requirements for the state of Florida. The Miami / Dade High Velocity / Hurricane Zone (HV/HZ) code has been adopted nationwide as the benchmark for severe weather protection and is accepted by most municipalities around the US.

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  • 1. Building the future with a green view! Proudly presents..The latest German technology on Highly-efficient windows
  • 2. CHARACTERISTIC OF GREENLINEWINDOWSGreenline windows and doors are manufacturedspecifically for the US and comply with allbuilding code requirements for the state ofFlorida. The Miami / Dade High Velocity /Hurricane Zone (HV/HZ) code has been adoptednationwide as the benchmark for severe weatherprotection and is accepted by most municipalitiesaround the US.
  • 3. Greenlinewindows.com  TILT & TURN FEATURE: Tilt-N-Turn window is its dual action. TILT: The window tilts in at the top to provide cross-flow ventilation. TURN: When used in the turn mode, the window opens fully inward like a traditional casement window. This offers ease of cleaning at any building height. By having the sash open fully, it also meets egress codes in case of fire.
  • 4. Greenlinewindows.com  HARDWARE: These tough windows and doors frames are anchored in place by our multi-point locking system. Most windows and doors use one or two locking points at the most. Our products use a minimum of six locking points on every window and door Maximum corrosion resistance with eco- friendly, coated stainless-steel hardware One-thousand-hour salt spray tested and certified for resistance to rust.
  • 5. Greenlinewindows.comUPVC PROFILES MADE OF ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL  LEAD FREE PROFILES: This new type of PVC-U uses calcium-zinc stabilizers instead of lead, thereby eliminating harmful toxins found in regular PVC during the manufacturing process. PVC-u causes a significant reduction in heat loss and therefore buildings fitted with PVC-u windows and doors require less heating and so emissions are reduced. Also, this profiles windows are also totally aseptic; neither mold nor bacteria can survive on or within them.
  • 6. Greenlinewindows.comUPVC PROFILES MADE OF ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL  EXCELLENT RECYCABILITY: Greenline redirect recyclable recovered resources back to the manufacturing process. The process reduces PVC-u waste by providing a complete service for fabricators to ensure that profile systems are efficiently recycled. Every off-cut can be collected and put through the recycling process where it is ground into PVC-u granules and used in the production of future eco-profile systems. The PVC u contains 30% post consume .
  • 8. Greenlinewindows.com  INSULATING CHAMBERS A thermal bridge is created when materials that are poor insulators come in contact, allowing heat to flow through the path. Greenline windows have five insulating chambers which prevents thermal bridging. The outer chambers are routered to continuously ventilate our windows and doors, to maintain higher insulation values. In addition to lowering your heating and cooling bills, the insulating chambers and insulated glass in our widows and doors also provide a significant level of level of sound insulation.
  • 9. Greenlinewindows.com  GASKETS AND DRIAINAGE Greenline Windows uses twin-seal compressing gaskets and overlapping frames and sashes to make this the ultimate watertight system. We use one continuous gasket throughout the frame which seals tightly in the corners. All frames, sashes and mullions are routered to provide a reset space for the relief gasket, which is used to create a pressurized rainwater drainage system.
  • 10. Greenlinewindows.com GLASS ESPECIFICATIONS:1/2” insulating air space between two thick dual panes Latest solar coatingtechnology of glass panesGlass coating blocks damaging ultraviolet raysQualifies for energy efficiency tax credits with LOE 366 glass installation.LoĒ³ has a triple layer of silver. This is beyond ordinary low-E glass; LoĒ³-366 setsthe new standard.Also, It blocks 95% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays – a leading cause offading
  • 11. Greenlinewindows.com  DOBLE GLAZED WITH LO-E GLASS: this low-E glass provides a higher level of visible light transmission for a given amount of solar heat reduction. Variants on low-solar-gain low-E coatings have also been developed which may appear slightly tinted. This type of low-E product reduces heat loss in winter and substantially reduces solar heat gain both in winter and in summer. Thus, low-solar-gain low-E glazings are ideal for buildings located in cooling-dominated climates. Low-solar-gain low-E glass is typically made with sputtered low-E coatings consisting of either two or three layers of silver (also called double-silver or triple-silver low-E).
  • 12. Greenlinewindows.com  GAS FILLED: An improvement that can be made to the thermal performance of insulating glazing units is to reduce the conductance of the air space between the layers. In a sealed glass insulating unit, air currents between the two panes of glazing carry heat to the top of the unit and settle into cold pools at the bottom. Filling the space with a less conductive, more viscous, or slow-moving gas minimizes the convection currents within the space, conduction through the gas is reduced, and the overall transfer of heat between the inside and outside is reduced. We use of argon gas fills, with measurable improvement in thermal performance.
  • 13. Greenlinewindows.com  SOUND INSULATION: The high grade, multi chamber profiles and special insulating glass, can reduce the noise by up to 45 dB, and thus only perceive 1/24 of the outdoor noise inside the house. Traffic noise is almost completely muted and calm is maintained. Even around major airports, sleep will no longer be disrupted thanks to this noise reduction technology.
  • 14. Greenlinewindows.com Handle OptionsStandard handle comes in whiteSpecial order finishes include: brass; antique bronze; polishedchrome; oil rubbed nickel and an array of colorsTurn restrictors and locking handles available Color Options:Standard color is white inside and outMahogany and Golden Oak wood grains are availableAluminum cladding available for exterior which can bepainted to any colorSee the wide array of special order colors available in ourcolor chart
  • 15. Greenlinewindows.com GREENLINEWINDOWS BENEFITS• Energy & Cost Savings: Cooling Season Savings: climates that mainly require cooling, windows have represented a major source of unwanted heat gain. In recent years, low-E coatings that reject solar heat without darkening the glass have undergone a technological revolution. It is now possible to significantly reduce solar heat gain and improve comfort while providing clear views and daylight.
  • 16. Greenlinewindows.com GREENLINEWINDOWS BENEFITS• Improved comfort: In summer, strong direct sunlight strikes people and interior surfaces, creating overheating and discomfort. Windows with low solar heat gain coefficients will reduce the solar radiation coming through the glass and associated discomfort. Low solar heat gain low-E glass (spectrally selective) reduces heat gain while still providing sufficient light and view.
  • 17. Greenlinewindows.com GREENLINEWINDOWS BENEFITS• Less condensation: High performance windows with new glazing technologies not only reduce energy costs but make homes more comfortable as well. High-performance windows create warmer interior glass surfaces, reducing frost and condensation. High- performance windows with warm edge technology and insulating frames have such a warm interior surface that condensation on any interior surfaces is significantly reduced under all conditions.
  • 18. Greenlinewindows.com GREENLINEWINDOWS BENEFITS• Lower HVAC cost: High-performance windows not only provide reduced annual heating and cooling bills; they reduce the peak heating and cooling loads as well. The peak load for a building is the maximum requirement for heating or cooling at one time. These loads determine the size of the furnace, heat pump, air conditioner, and fans that must be installed. Reducing peak load may allow homeowners to install a smaller heating or cooling system. Smaller HVAC systems cost less and as such can offset some of the cost of the efficient windows.
  • 19. Greenlinewindows.com TAX CREDITS:The tax credit is 10% of the purchase price of the installedwindows, doors and skylights (excluding installation cost) up toa maximum of $500, of which up to $200 can be claimed forwindows and skylights. If you have already claimed a tax creditfor home energy efficiency improvements since 2006, it countsagainst the $500 limit.The IRS form for requesting the home improvements tax credit is IRS Form5695, which you will need to file with your taxes.Homeowners should keep any manufacturer certification statements withtheir records but are not required to submit them with their tax return.
  • 20. Greenlinewindows.comSaving money and... protecting the environmentAccording to the Consumer Federation of America, the average Americanhousehold spends $1,500 per year on energy costs. But energy-efficientwindows can help save a bundle. In fact, you can reduce your energy billsby one-third by simply using low-emissivity glass.
  • 21. We are members of the USGBCinfo@greenlinewindows.com (954) 394-1949