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  • This project will be graded, to all who will please take a moment out of your time to like and follow this presentation.
    I am very proud to be learning in depth Internet Marketing; and am grateful to those in advance who will like and follow me.
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  • Good morning ladies and gentlemen, my name is Hazel Boone Director of marketing for Boone –Boone and Johnson Internet marketing, I am happy to be here at Northwestern Technologies demonstrating an opportunity that will potentially sky rocket your sales and gain an unlimited amount of new customers. I am here to introduce you to the very latest thing in marketing history.I bring you a presentation that a vast number of businesses have adopted world wide, I have seen nothing like it . Companies are turning to this new mode of reaching customers and raving about how their businesses have become internationally known. This has been all done by putting their businesses out there on the Social networks.During this short presentation I aim to touch on key points that will convince you that this is the only expedient source of modern day marketing that will guarantee possibly instant notoriety, and this could be on an international level. Yes Social Media puts the entire globe at your finger tips.
  • Social media is; meeting the customer where they are, more than 18% of consumers Internet time is spent on Social Media sites. Having your advertisement at potential clients/customers finger tips allows immediate access to you and your product., new customers are a sure access, a sure means of customer to customer broadcasting.Social media caters to all types of clientele, reaching each at his or her own comfort zone; consumers are most likely to spend when they don’t feel pressured to do so. Why ignore a sure means of advertisement that literally cost nothing except your time and effort to build your business, there is no loss here except if you refuse to get on board as soon as possible.Social Media has built in resources for companies such as yours who need to track progress in sales, and can get an immediate feedback from customer comments; allowing your company to use this feedback to boost sales by listening to the customers in real-time.Your company will be able to correct customer issues immediately from feedback gathered.
  • To be included in Social Media, or not to be ? When Social Media was picked up as a means of advertisement, who knew it could become such a giant in the corporate world, reaching millions of potential customers in real-time. Sales standards are set by being able to reach as many consumers at once, as fast as possible. There is more online shopping going on than ever before, a positive chance to reach those to busy to come out to shop. Get the word out. How? Social Media.
  • Highly prominent has social media become in the world , that the refusal to get on board using Social Media as a means of reaching customers could very well spell trouble for the overall growth of your business; in this age of Internet marketing.There are limitless opportunities to grow your business.E-commerce is not far off judging from the popularity of Internet marketing, how would you like it if you were able to handle your purchases right on your sites of choice. I encourage you to start now so you will already be established and well known while there is ample time to get in and established.The World of Marketing is steadfastly advancing toward e-commerce into Social Media.
  • Start moving your product, allow the customers to be a part of your Internet marketing strategy, put your brand out there and watch it become a highly recognized brand, give your customers direct access to you, cut out the third and fourth party advertisement.This is a fool proof means of one on one direct customer contact, actually there is no real need for a website, unless you would like one. Come join an unlimited means of communicating your brand.
  • If these are the stats for FB alone, think of the exposure is out there waiting for you if you advertised on multiple Social Media sites.You alone can determine how big or how small your business will be using social media; the exposure is as close as Social Media site registration and the willingness to invest your time and effort to constantly remind the world who you are, what you have to offer and dedicate yourself to making the World market aware of you and your services. Potential growth is as easy as that. Keep in mind the numbers of Face Book in the past couple of years and multiply that by the number of sites you invest time and effort in, there is potential for your business’ exposure to sky rocket; there is no known number to express your growth with the number of Social Media Networks out there and more coming in on the horizon.Reach many nations, be a leader in advertising and marketing your own brand. There is an open market, the numbers are speaking.
  • Getting into Social Media before it rolls into its final modes of Gianthood could mean marvelous things for a company who has already been established as a devout marketer. As companies progress it may become hard to get a place, there is an opportunity now to make a landmark decision for your company’s future in the advertising world.There have been times companies at start up will allow free advertisement; however after a certain level of popularity these same Media companies will charge a fee to new comers and will grandfather the established companies in, because they got in early.
  • Hazel boone's marketing presentation

    1. 1. • Social Media Presentation • Exclusively Designed for Northwestern Technologies • Guided by Boone- Boone and Johnson Internet Marketing • BBJIM (Copyright 2013)
    2. 2. Social Media-What is it, and how does it work for you? • • • • • A giant in the world of advertisement Accessing all groups in real-time Most economical Traceable feedback Immediate Customer Service
    3. 3. How did this happen? A new era in advertising technology. • A new marketing Strategy • Developing a foundation for unlimited growth • Seizing the moment
    4. 4. • A vast number of Social Media outlets
    5. 5. • Who knows your company better than you? • Introducing your brand • Grapevine tactics
    6. 6. LET THE NUMBERS SPEAK • • • • • • 2011 Face Book Income , over 3.7 billion and rising E-marketer reports: only source of marketing for many Face Book reported over 840,000,000 users who were active before Jan. 1, 2012 Active Customers besides those in the US and Canada make s up 80%. 2011 showed over 425, 000,000 users active each month Face Book in over 69 + languages
    7. 7. Conclusion • Imagine your business not taking advantage of e-mail back in the 90 s, where would you be now-in or out of business? • Let us look at the big picture Social Media has established it’s self as a win-win means of connecting with customers, we mustn’t waste valuable time. • Let’s get on board now.
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