Covert GPS tracking device. Useful for package tracking and trailer tracking


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trackinapack is a revolutionary, high sensitive GPS tracking device. Miniature in size with long life battery, this gps tracking system works anywhere in the world and is fitted with a cellular SIM card with international roaming.

Suitable for package tracking; vehicle tracking; asset tracking and covert gps tracking, trackinapack is a ready to go gps tracking device that includes everything you need for immediate realtime gps tracking.

You will never have to pay a monthly or annual subscription, only pay for the messages and locations you use .. the software comes free!

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Covert GPS tracking device. Useful for package tracking and trailer tracking

  1. 1. Covert  GPS  Tracking  System   AGPS  |  QUAD  BAND  GPRS  |    SIM  CARD  |  NO  SUBSCRIPTIONS   •  Highly sensitive, assisted GPS receiver •  Package and pallet tracking •  Trailer and tractor tracking •  Personal tracking •  Asset tracking  All  Rights  Reserved.  Global  Tracking  Technologies  Ltd  2010  
  2. 2. Covert  GPS  Tracking  System   AGPS  |  QUAD  BAND  GPRS  |    SIM  CARD  |  NO  SUBSCRIPTIONS   •  This is what the professionals use. This technology was previously only available to our government and law enforcement clients. •  Never overpay again. No costly subscription fees for services that you dont use. Top up your account and pay as you go only when you need to use the device. •  It takes only 2 minutes and 34 seconds to know how to use this system. Simple easy to use functionality using our Free Web based software and cellular functionality. •  Fix it, hide it, anywhere in the world. Uses the cellular networks in every country in the world for enhanced, assisted GPS positioning •  Low power and high accuracy, 10 days battery life on standard battery.   Up   to   10   Days   of   ConFnuous   Tracking   with   Internal   Rechargeable   BaKery   Measuring  2.59  inches  by  1.41  inches,  is  .78  inches  thick,   Weighs  in  at  only  2.68  ounces     Track  as  quickly  as  every  5  seconds.   A-­‐GPS   locator   features   real-­‐Fme   tracking   capabiliFes   through   the   Internet.  All  Rights  Reserved.  Global  Tracking  Technologies  Ltd  2010  
  3. 3. Covert  GPS  Tracking  System   AGPS  |  QUAD  BAND  GPRS  |    SIM  CARD  |  NO  SUBSCRIPTIONS   View  device  Name   Last  LocaFon   Full  GPS  RealFme  Data   Device  LocaFon   RealFme  Status   Pay  As  You  Use  Credits  All  Rights  Reserved.  Global  Tracking  Technologies  Ltd  2010  
  4. 4. Covert  GPS  Tracking  System   AGPS  |  QUAD  BAND  GPRS  |    SIM  CARD  |  NO  SUBSCRIPTIONS  All  Rights  Reserved.  Global  Tracking  Technologies  Ltd  2010  
  5. 5. Covert  GPS  Tracking  System   AGPS  |  QUAD  BAND  GPRS  |    SIM  CARD  |  NO  SUBSCRIPTIONS  All  Rights  Reserved.  Global  Tracking  Technologies  Ltd  2010  
  6. 6. Covert  GPS  Tracking  System   AGPS  |  QUAD  BAND  GPRS  |    SIM  CARD  |  NO  SUBSCRIPTIONS  All  Rights  Reserved.  Global  Tracking  Technologies  Ltd  2010  
  7. 7. Covert  GPS  Tracking  System   AGPS  |  QUAD  BAND  GPRS  |    SIM  CARD  |  NO  SUBSCRIPTIONS   Quad-­‐Band  850/900/1800/1900MHz   GPS:   Compliant  to  GSM  phase  2/2+   GPS  Chipset:  SiRF  Star  III   Class  4  (2W  @  900MHz)   Channels:  20  channel  all-­‐in-­‐view  tracking   Class  1  (1W  @  1800/1900MHz)   ReacquisiRon:  0.1  sec.,  average   ·∙  OperaRng  temperature  range:  -­‐10°  to  +50°C   Hot  start:  1  sec.,  average   ·∙  Backup  baUeries:  1250mAh   Warm  start:  38  sec.,  average   ·∙  Dimension:  66mm  x  36mm  x  20mm   Cold  start:  42  sec.,  average   ·∙  Weight:  76g   A-­‐GPS:   Interface:   Main  FuncFon:   ·∙  One  Mini  USB  connecter  to  PC   A  -­‐  GPS  PosiRon   ·∙  LED  indicate:  Power  /  GSM  network   Fixed  Rme  reporRng   /  GPS   Emergency  Alarm   ·∙  3  keys:  Power  on  /  FuncRon  /  Reset   Geo-­‐fencing  Alarm   Remote  Control  Alarm   Lower  power  alarm    All  Rights  Reserved.  Global  Tracking  Technologies  Ltd  2010  
  8. 8. Covert  GPS  Tracking  System   AGPS  |  QUAD  BAND  GPRS  |    SIM  CARD  |  NO  SUBSCRIPTIONS   Device  Price.   Contact  our  dealers  and  distributors.   Discounts  available  for  orders  over   100  units  and  for  VTSPs   SMS  &  PosiFon  Credits.   Please  visit  for  latest  pricing.  All  Rights  Reserved.  Global  Tracking  Technologies  Ltd  2010  
  9. 9. Disclaimer   The   informaRon   in   this   document   is   subject   to   change   without   noRce   and   does   not   represent   a   commitment   on   any   part   of   Global   Tracking   Technologies   Ltd.   While   the   informaRon   contained   herein  is  assumed  to  be  accurate,  Global  Tracking  Technologies  Ltd  assumes  no  responsibility  for   any   errors   or   omissions.   In   no   event   shall   Global   Tracking   Technologies   Ltd,   its   employees,   its   contractors  or  the  authors  of  this  document  be  liable  for  special,  direct,  indirect  or  consequenRal   damage,   losses,   costs,   charges,   claims,   demands,   claim   for   lost   profits,   fees,   or   expenses   of   any   nature  or  kind.   Registered  Offices:     Find  us  online:   Contact  Us  By  Phone:   Global  Tracking  Technologies  Ltd,   InternaRonal  HQ:    +44(0)870  760  7637   Suite  1,  Dubarry  House   skype:  globaltracking   USA      001  813  321  5424   Hove  Park  Villas   Middle  East      00967  733  026310   Hove,  East  Sussex   BN3  6HP    All  Rights  Reserved.  Global  Tracking  Technologies  Ltd  2010