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  • Notes – mandatory slide (1 min)Area Manager:This presentation is scheduled to be no more than15 minutes long. There are mandatory slides and optional slides – please choose two of the four optional slides as they relate to your region and your audience needs. Please note there is a mandatory ‘local’ slide that needs your input. There are suggested times next to each slide, but please rehearse, including playing any video’s you choose to use, to ensure you do not go over 15 minutes.The presentations aims to provide a useful information and Gen-i solutions to engaging the future of business.
  • Notes – mandatory slide (1 min)Our clients and colleagues are engaging and interacting in different ways – social media and developments in personal devices and technology such as cloud are changing the way we communicateToday’s workforce is fast, switched on and tech-savvy. They expect access to business and personal information remotely, at anytime, and on a range of smart devicesThis change in user demand is driving the need for businesses to offer new forms of working and to adapt to take full advantage of these changesBusinesses should not ignore these demands as it can improve staff productivity as well and help attract and retain the best staff as well as clientsSo how do we use these changes in both technology and user demand to improve our own business performance, to explore growth opportunities, and enable a more efficient and secure workplace?How do you best engage the future of business?
  • NotesThe answer is by using ICT to make your business:SMARTER – by using technology that works the way you need it to, ICT has the smarts to provide solutions to your unique business challengesFASTER – with new speeds such as fibre, you can gain performance improvements that present new opportunitiesBETTER – ICT can without a doubt make you a more efficient and effective business, improving your business outcomes no matter what industry you are inI’ll now share with you a few solutions that Gen-i can provide and which we know will assist your business with moving forward and embracing the changes in technology and user demand, right now. Some of you may already be working with us in these areas, others testing the waters, and others keen to find out how it all works and why it would improve your business operations, brand, and your bottom-line.
  • Notes – mandatory slide (3 min)Modern Workspace is a new way of thinking about how to enable total business flexibility so your people can collaborate freely, and they can access all the information they require to do there jobs, whilst working anywhere, anytime, on a range of devices Think mobility and bring your own device (BYOD), think innovative collaboration tools like video conferencing and unified communicationsOffering a more modern workspace will make you a more agile businessA modern workspace is likely to increase employee productivity with your people being able to collaborate more effectively and efficiently no matter where they areAnd working when and how they want (and often faster) on their own more modern devicesIt will help you to save on overhead costs, such as property, as employees can hot desk or work remotely. Further savings could be realised if they work on their own devices in their own timeWe asked a few IT experts and CIO’s at the CIO Summit 2012 how they viewed modern workspace for their business and this is what they said. Area Manager play video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BznmIn4r5KM (3.12 seconds). Please note, you will need to ensure you have internet access to play this video and any to follow, and please click ‘full screen’ when you are in the video, this is bottom right icon of the video square. When offering a modern workspace, it’s important to work with a provider who can help you manage, secure and support a modern workspace. Updating usage policies, processes and training for your employees, as well as IT support staff, is one way to reduce the business risk associated with the likes of offering a BYOD policySome of you may have visited our Modern Workspace Innovation Centres to see and play with the technology behind a modern and flexible workspace. Later during the Bizgo programme, you will hear about new developments in this space and how you can get your business involved if you are not already embracing the advantages of a modern workspace
  • Notes – optional slide (3 min)There is a quote about BYOD we think is quite accurate – ‘do it, or have it done to you’. Many organisations are unaware of exactly how many staff are using their own devices – and what they are using them forIf you can do it securely and in a planned fashion, there are plenty of advantagesOpening your door to mobility or policy managed BYOD allows your people to access all the information they require to do there jobs, whilst working anywhere, anytime, on a device of their choice Being a mobility/BYOD friendly business is likely to increase employee productivity with your people working when and how they want (and often faster) on their own more modern devices – as it caters to the way people want to work, it will help you to recruit and retain the best talentIt injects greater flexibility into your business and will help you to save on overhead costs, such as property, as employees hot desk or work remotely such as in their own home - hardware costs too as they work on their own devices in their own timeWe asked a few IT experts and CIO’s at the CIO Summit 2012 how they use BYOD in their business and this is what they said.Area Manager play video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynzn6pxmvaQ (1 min 12 seconds)When offering a BYOD policy its important to work with a provider who can help you manage, secure and support it. At Gen-i we offer a Managed Mobility service that does just that.Area Manager: If you are going to choose the optional Managed Mobility slide, add here ‘which I will soon talk about’There is also a growing demand by today’s workforce to access the technologies and social applications they use in their personal lives at workConsumer technology and trends such as social networking (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) are also becoming tools in which many businesses are now using to engage with their clients. There is a demand being driven by both your workforce and your clients to make use of new forms of communicationOur security and management solutions can help protect your business information to help you enable these new ways of working (and engaging with your clients)
  • Notes – optional slide (3 min)Gen-i Managed Mobility allows you to empower your people to benefit from rapidly evolving mobile technology without reliance on investment in internal systems, people, or supportWhen you enable mobility for your people you give them flexibility (such as BYOD options), but you also open the door to a plethora of devices and network bills with the spreading of data borders and costs - a potential IT, security and admin headacheThis is why it is important to work with a provider who can help you manage, secure and support mobility and BYODGen-i's Managed Mobility service allows IT teams to quickly enrol new devices into their environment, configure, and update device settings over-the-air, enforce security policies such as mandatory passwords and compliance, secure mobile access to corporate resources and importantly, remotely lock and wipe devicesWith over eight major Smartphone operating systems available it can be challenging to provide high quality end-user support. Our team of experts are close to the device ranging process and will always be ahead of the curve in terms of expert support for major operating systemsMobile carrier charges make up only 44% of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for mobility. Many businesses also incur significant hidden support costs. Gen-i Managed Mobility is charged as a per-user, per-month fee that enables you to easily budget and control costs
  • Notes – optional slide (3 min)Our collaboration solutions allow your people to communicate like never beforeVideo conferencing or TelePresence for example will allow your dispersed workforce or partners to communicate without the need to travel – you can get people together face to face in minutes to make fast, productive decisionsYour travel costs and time will of course be much lower tooOur unified communication solutions offer the latest technology such as IP Centrex so your people can connect whenever, wherever, work demands it. Communication can switch from an instant message to a phone call or videoconference. IP Centrex is hosted by us and with the pressure for many IT teams to lower CAPEX, it is a flexible and cost efficient alternative to maintaining an on-site PBX. IP Centrex easily integrates with your onsite data connectivity and Gen-i managed data services so you can share a single physical access connection and router, for cost and service management efficiencyOur cloud-hosted unified communications solutions, called ReadyCloud Collaboration, knits together voice, presence, messaging and video conferencing via a single interface. It integrates with your existing on-premise PBX solutions allowing you to roll it out as your business needs as well as integrating with your existing applications such as contact centres and CRM systems – We’ve teamed up with Cisco to bring you this solution and they will tell you more about it later in the Bizgo programmeArea Manager: Choose between one of the two videos to play, unless you think you will have time to play both.Listen to some of our Gen-i health experts explain how our new video solution called Virtual Clinic will help the health sector transform the care they offer to their patients. Area Manager play video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBlQxqaH-1g (4 minutes 13 seconds)We asked a few IT experts and CIO’s at the CIO Summit 2012 how they use collaboration technologies in their business and this is what they said. Area Manager play video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_anMReYYI0 (2 minutes 8 seconds)
  • Notes – optional slide (3 min)If you attended last years ICT Conference you would have heard us talk about Ultra Fast Broadband and the solutions using fibre to maximise greater speeds and outcomesOur local providers presented their roll out plans which are now underway across the country - most corporate locations will be covered by fibre by 2014We expect a significant proportion of our clients will migrate their networks to fibre connections in the next two yearsWhy? Well fibre is a powerful and essential infrastructure that enables you to deliver services which shift the way your business works.  Taking advantage of the current rollout of fibre across New Zealand will help you boost productivity, improve flexibility and robustness, increase the speed of innovation, and cut costsAs New Zealand lights up with fibre, our services are expanding so you can take full advantage of this new access type, some of which I have mentioned already – visual communications, unified communications, cloud computing, and remote access and virtual contact centres. Area Manager you may wish to go into further detail about the single service and multiple services available now or coming available this year: Single ServiceGen-i Wan Service: HSNS is available now; national coverage on Bitstream 3a October, and Bitstream 2 SeptemberGIS Plus: HSNS available now; national coverage on Bitstream 3a April, Bitstream 2 MayIP Centrex: Bitstream 3a October and Bitstream 2 SeptemberVoice connect: Bitstream July Multiple services over a Single Access (MSSA)Bitstream 3a December and Bitstream 2 FebruaryWe are actively monitoring the fibre roll out plans so when it does come available in your area – you will be the first to know how you can. Area Manager you may wish to include an update from your local fibre providerWe are the only provider that can integrate fibre into a hybrid end-to-end national network combining fibre, copper and mobile, as well as construct networks using fibre from multiple providers
  • Notes – optional slide (3 min)Telecom already offers a high quality experience and some ground breaking products and services over the 100% 3G Smartphone Network – and we get very good feedback from our clients about how reliable the network is for what they want to do nowBut we know that the future is about data and increasingly it will be about mobile data as we see an explosion worldwide in mobile technology to do businessWe’re focussed on making sure New Zealand and our clients make the most of new mobile and fibre technologies to positively influence the strategic direction of their business, deliver real outcomes and create economic value for the countryOur trial and roll out of the 4G LTE network with our partners Alcatel Lucent and Huawei, is an essential part of thatThe 4G LTE network promises businesses the ability to work at significantly faster speeds and improved latency, increasing productivity and the opportunity to get work done wherever business takes you4G LTE will deliver an even faster mobile data experience and enable our business clients to harness its capabilities to deliver new applications in areas such as cloud computing, mobility, video and collaboration toolsWe anticipate maximum theoretical speeds of 150Mbps downlink, and 75Mbps uplink, with typical speeds of at least 35Mbps downlink and 15Mbps uplinkThe trial kicks off mid February 2013 and runs for six weeks with consumer and business Telecom Retail clients, along with Gen-i clients including Westpac, TVNZ, and Mitre 10Were embracing the future by moving rapidly to help our clients integrate mobile into hybrid end-to-end networks combining mobile, fibre and copper technologiesWe will have the solutions to maximize your existing ICT investments and seamlessly extend your business applications out to mobile devices
  • Notes – optional slide (3 min)As I’ve already talked to, businesses are under pressure to accommodate a wide diversity in the way we use technology in the workplaceCloud computing offers a solution to rising to these pressures, by lowering overall costs and enabling business agility, flexibility and innovationCloud services offer a ‘pay as you grow’ model so you only pay for what you use and you can access increased capacity without the need for capital investmentIt allows you to outsource and automate your core infrastructure and applications along with your IT security, reliability and availabilityBut in order to truly benefit, businesses should choose their cloud provider and cloud model wisely – in New Zealand, businesses have a combination of cloud models – on-premise, private and/or public. At Gen-i we work with all of these models and can recommend the right model, or hybrid model, for youA provider should deliver secure, compliant, customised and integrated solutions, as well aggregate other cloud providers into one serviceBusinesses in New Zealand are moving to cloud as it suits them, mainly driven by their business requirementsAccording to the analysts, security is still the top concern with moving to cloudAt Gen-i we’ve all of the services you require harness the power of cloud computing - including professional consultancy, infrastructure services, collaboration and contact centre services, mobile, connectivity, managed services and security- so we can be your single point of accountabilityOur services easily integrate into each other as well as your network and you can add on or takeoff services as you need themOur service delivery platform is home grown and purpose built, it is housed in our secure carrier grade Tier 3 data centres – helping you to meet your data sovereignty requirementsCloud will without a doubt help you to engage the future of business. Listen to how the NZ Rugby Union has benefited from being an early adopter of cloud and using fibre to enables its people to work from anywhere and share information.Area Manager play video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH_kx-0j1Fk (2 minutes 46 seconds)
  • Notes – mandatory slide (3 min)Area Manager please use this please use this slide to provide a local perspective to any key issues, trends, developments – or some examples of how you are helping local clients to engage the future of business. Use video or images if possible. See example below.As an example: New Data CentreWe’ve set up a $10.5 million data centre at the Christchurch International Airport campus. The airport company will build the data centre to Gen-i specifications, and Gen-i will lease the premises from CIAL. Boutique consulting company Canterbury-based Data Centre Design and Build (DCDB) will contribute specialist data centre mechanical and electrical design and fit-out services, and testing and commissioning of the new facility. The new data centre will be built to the latest building code and seismic standards on a site at Perimeter Road, chosen for its geological stability relative to the greater Christchurch area. Gen-i's facility is due to open in halfway through this year. It will be carrier neutral and will be able to house up to 180 racks across two data halls. DCDB director Ian Falconer said the firm was pleased to be involved in the development of Gen-i's new data centre. ''We provided the initial concept design and have worked closely with Gen-i to complete the full building and fit out design. ''Our focus is on ensuring the new data centre will be as energy efficient as possible, while maintaining industry standards of resilience for the power and cooling supply." The new data centre will expand Gen-i's existing network of 14 data centres in cities and regional centres, linked by fibre, copper and mobile networks. It will complement Gen-i's two existing Christchurch data centres in Hereford Street and Hillmorton, helping to meet increased demand from clients looking to relocate their infrastructure to Gen-i data centres. Gen-i Australasia acting chief executive Jo Allison said ICT services such as cloud, mobility, video and collaboration were particularly relevant to Canterbury businesses needing to find new ways of connecting with their staff and clients in a post-quake environment.
  • Notes – mandatory closing slide (1 min)We often hear our client ask – which technology will be around tomorrow, and how do I ensure I invest in the right stuff?Some often discover that the technology they invest in today means that they have to re-think their strategies when they’re faced with rapid changes in market expectations, staff and client demands, and IT capabilityHelping you face these challenges and anticipate for tomorrows needs is what we do best I’ve only given you a taste of some of the solutions that can take your business to the futureI invite you to continue the conversation with us at our stand and find out how we can help your business prepare for tomorrow and engage the future of business today
  • Engage the future of business

    1. 1. It will make your business:Technology that works your wayPerformance improvements that present new opportunitiesEffective business means improved outcomes
    2. 2. > Gen-i’s Managed Mobility service gives you the control and management required when offering the flexibility associated with BYOD> Solves security and compliance worries> Without increasing your support costs
    3. 3. > A powerful new infrastructure and access type> Increase your speed of innovation, improve flexibility and cut costs> Take advantage of the current UFB roll out - coming soon to your area
    4. 4. > We’re preparing for 4G> The XT network will move to 4G later this year> Client trials start this month of Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile technology> It promises much more than just speed
    5. 5. > x> x> x> x
    6. 6. > Which technology will be around tomorrow, and how do I ensure I invest in the right stuff?> Helping you face these challenges and anticipate for tomorrows needs is what we do best