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Gong! Online Media Kit
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Gong! Online Media Kit


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  • 1. Prepared for Prospective Partners
  • 2. About the Game  Website Advertising  In-game Advertising  Sponsorship Opportunities  Supplements   Building You Brand Through Games  Sample Sponsorship Package
  • 3.
  • 4. OVERVIEW CURRENT STATS Goal or No Goal (GONG!) is  Online launch in Q4 2008  a cartoon style online US Retail launch March  soccer game 2009, exclusively at Target  Fusion of genres – casual, Top 3 countries: Brazil,  soccer, anime, and action USA, France  Rated “E” for all by ESRB Total registered users:   Rated “Top 8” games for 20,000 and growing daily gifts by Parenting 1,000-2,000 matches  Magazine  Rated “Top 2” free soccer played per day games by
  • 5. Many ways to customize your character   Clothing  Skills  Facial and Hair styles Action packed game play   Realistic physics engine, but with animated skills  Crazy items allow you to attack other players during games  Designed to allow the player to intuitively understand the control system. This delivers an unprecedented quot;pick-up-and-playquot; gameplay experience Lottery system   Players can earn credits through game play to use on the Lottery machine to try and win rare and powerful items Great community features   Send gifts to other people  Mail system so you can always stay connected with others. Solo play   Unlike most other session based games, GONG offers daily repeatable quests for users who want to play solo.
  • 6. Young gamers that love soccer! Age Gender Soccer Fan? 30+ 5% Under 13 19-30 Female 15% 20% 30% Male 13-18 70% Yes 60% 99%
  • 7. Join the community!
  • 8. Skyscraper (120x600 pixels) Content Ad (300x250 pixels) Leaderboard (728x90 pixels) Fullsize banner (468x60 pixels) Site branding(background) Layer Countdown bar Newsletter Prestitial If you would like to receive an personalized proposal about advertising on our site – please contact us.
  • 9. Your brand in GONG!
  • 10. Potential to utilize entire Potential Ad placeholder Potential Ad Here screen for large placement ads. Load screens Game interstitials On-field Pre-Retail Launch Impressions (one server) Game Edition / Month Impressions Exposures Sessions Players Play Hours Goal No Goal - Main Version January 801,957 1,162,808 13,825 1,493 10,199
  • 11. Craft a program that works for you!
  • 12. Broad based audience engagement  Integrated programs   In-game Advertising  In-game Product Placement  Website Advertising  Newsletters  Tournaments Sponsorship Entire Game Buyout (total immersion into  game)
  • 13. Contact Information Sleepy Giant 303 Broadway Suite 104-74 Laguna Beach, CA 92651 Web: Email: Matthew Hannus CEO David Hor Community Manager For Advertising and Sponsorships: Andrew Hemingway Business Development Advisor
  • 14. Making games a part of your strategy
  • 15. In The Past 2 Weeks they’ve… Played a casual game like GONG! on the web  Logged onto Facebook, MySpace or social net  Been in a virtual world like Gaia, Club Penguin  Played a game on a mobile or handheld device  Played an XBox360, Wii or PS3 game  Been on an MMO like WoW, Maplestory, etc  Watched video or programming online 
  • 16. Console Game - Contain different gameplay, objectives, Casual Game - targeted at a mass audience with simple goals, control-schemes, characters, and other features. rules and play techniques, a very low degree of strategy, Each video game is usually contained on a specifically making them easy to learn and play. Require no long-term designed disc or cartridge for a console time commitment or special skills to play, Business: $10B (projected) in 2008, retail based Business: $1B and growing rapidly. Online based ecosystem of developers, publishers, platform owners, models, many direct to consumers retailers. Experience: Rich graphics, complex game play, many Experience: Easy to access via small download or hours of experience. Many licensed based. Online browser. Usually 2D. Puzzle, sports and adver-games. communities (PC and growing on consoles) Time High female audience mix. Snacking, low learning curve. consuming. Key Benefits: Large brands, licenses, great brand Key Benefits: Large potential audience, community awareness. In depth play experiences. Strong retail driven, browser experiences and low barrier to adoption, channel. Living room experience with DVD. interface with social networks. Viral, quick growth Risks: Rising development costs, retail channel Risks: Lower barriers to entry, increased dependence on dependent, destiny of platform owners, time “crowding ad business model, fluid audience with ease of migration, out” by other Internet and mobile applications. easier to replicate hit products.
  • 17.  Video Gaming is a $30B worldwide industry1  Projected to grow to $51B by 2010  Primary demographic is Men 18-34  Secondary demographic is Men 12-17  Video gaming has evolved to rival other media2  TV advertising reach is declining due to increased time spent with video games  Video gaming is increasing its reach3  35% of American parents play computer and video games  Among parents who game, 80% report they play video games with their children; 66% feel playing has brought them closer together Sources: 1eMarketer “Video Games: Where to Now?” March 2006, 2Jupiter Research, as quoted by Julie Ask at GDC’s ‘Focus on Game Advertising’ Summit; The Entertainment Software Association “2006 Essential Facts about the Computer & Video Game Industry”, 3 AP–AOL Games Poll, April 2006
  • 18. quot;Once an afterthought, games now top movie box-office and siphon television viewers and attract more star power than ever.quot; – quot;Playing with Hollywoodquot;, LA Times SPIDERMAN 3 – THE MOVIE • Launched May 4, 2007 • Revenue $150M First Weekend HALO 3 – THE GAME • Launched Sept 25, 2007 • Over 1 million pre-orders sold • Halo 2 - $125mm opening day in 2004
  • 19. Avid PC Gamers 45% 44 Million Most of your market games! Avid Console Gamers 16% 16 Million Heavy Gamers 2% 2 Million Secondary Gamers Mass Market Gamers 19% 17% 19 Million 17 Million Casual Kid Gamers 1% 1 Million Source: NPD Gamer Segmentation Study II May 2007 Size of segments readjusted to reflect only gamers ages 18-44, rather than total sample ages 6-44
  • 20. Active Gamer Profile General Gamer Profile • Active Gaming population skews male • 69% of American heads of households play computer or video games • Young men most loyal to console, retail PC and MMOG platforms • The average age of game player is 33 • Females and older males loyal to casual PC and online/browser game platforms Age of Game Players Male 50+ Years Under 18 25% Years 31% 39% Female 61% 18-49 Years 44% Source: Massive Incorporated
  • 21. Quarter of Global Web Users Game Online “…217 million people worldwide visited online gaming Web sites in May 2007, according to comScore’s quot;World Metrixquot; report. That is up almost 17% from May 2006, and represents 28% of the total worldwide online population ages 15 and older. - Recently, at least three separate studies have testified to video games' ballooning appeal, particularly one that has female gamers 42% Sports and Casual outnumbering male gamers in the 25-to-34 age category 2- Games to-1, regardless of platform. In addition, on PCs, female adults are almost twice as likely to spend more than 20 hours per week gaming compared to men, according to the CEA's quot;2006 Gaming Technology Study.quot; - Hollywood Reporter
  • 22. Why you should care… 1 Broad, Mass Market 2 Time Spent Playing Is Increasing Deep User Engagement and 3 Immersion With Your Brand
  • 23. A new report from market research firm Parks Associates, Casual Gaming Market Update, has found that playing games remains the most popular online activity in the U.S. Playing games was more popular than watching short video clips, visiting social networking websites, or other common online activities. – GameDaily BIZ 34% Play Video Games 29% Watch Short Video 19% Use Social Networking Sites
  • 24. Connect with audience via media – websites  Ads and sponsorships in casual games  Connect with major videogame, brand  integration into major platform titles. License tie-ins Adver-games – create your “own” game  Browser Games, virtual worlds and sponsored  items – growing Surfacing new content with online promotion 
  • 25. Gaming Websites Level Of Immersion Build Your Own Advergame In-Game Advertising Custom Sponsorship
  • 26. Dairy Farmers International
  • 27. Activating our audience the key to successful sponsorship Activation refers to putting the sponsorship into action. 1. Sponsorships are not just static (e.g., ingame signs/website billboards). 2. Players looking at signs or ads are only part of the activation. Activation occurs when players recognize and make the connection 3. between the sponsor and the community, allowing for player identification and affinity with the community to transfer to the sponsor. Affinity transfer is key. Activation plays an integral role in our sponsor’s leveraging the 4. sponsorship tie-in within the sponsor’s overall advertising or promotional campaign. The role of our community managers is to activate the benefits offered 5. by the sponsor in the minds of the audience (the players).
  • 28. In-Game   Product placement in-game – e.g milk power-up  Custom “Milk and Cheese” map  In-game ads ▪ Video placement can be shown while game is loading ▪ Milk ads and billboards can be placed throughout maps ▪ Second half presented by milk ▪ Player of Match can drink milk Website   Stats/Profile page “Winners Powered by Milk”  Sponsored news feeds on players Dashboard  Banner placement with health tips from milk Co-markeing   Co-marketing (email, retail package)  Sponsor of monthly newsletter  Logo placement in any print ads  Link exchange Media   We can craft unique press mentions
  • 29. Body by Milk   We will design a special milk carton item that gives players bonus performance attributes for speed and agility when activated Refuel with Chocolate Milk   We will design a special chocolate milk carton item that gives players increases power for kicking when activated I Love Cheese   We will design a cow outfit for the ingame characters that that will have special moves  We will design a cheese wheel item that gives players increases defensive powers 3-a-Day   Players that use 3 diary product items in the game in one session get a bonus attribute
  • 30. GONG! “Powered By Milk” Sponsor  Upfront set up (10-15k)   Items (~2k per item)  Map (~5k)  Web design production (~5k) Monthly (10-20k)   Ingame placement fees (10k)  Dynamic Ingame Ads (5k)  Website ads(2k)  Email (1x per month) (2k)  PR, Social media placement (1k)
  • 31. Monthly Total CPM Value 1,000,000 2.00 20,000 Ingame impressions Website Impressions 2.00 200,000 4,000 Email 1,000,000 2.00 20,000 2.00 1,000,000 20,000 Unique Press Mentions TOTAL = $64,000
  • 32. Number of times your item is used  Number of map plays  Ingame ads stats  Web ad impressions  Email data  PR mentions 