CST heads & governors conference 2012 session 4


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Session 4 The Governing Bodies Legal Responsibilities (NB Session 3 was not led by MS)

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  • Ghandi clip
  • Jesus in Sermon on Mount Matthew 5.39
  • Importance of SMSCEven if Ofsted downplay! (See NGA Article)
  • Business Talk today is about MORAL COMPASSWhen managing in the wilderness of the changing times, a map is of limited worth. What's needed is a moral compass. Principles are like a compass. A compass has a true north that is objective and external, There is little disagreement in what the constitutional principles of a company should be when enough people get together. I find a universal belief in: fairness, kindness, dignity, charity, integrity, honesty, quality, service, and patience.
  • Virtuous CircleCome to Bible to be transformedCharacter or Virtues developed enables us as we come to the Bible.
  • How do these work out in the role of a governorHow can you help your governors develop where they need most?
  • They were guilty of ‘playing God’ – making their own decision, and however well meaning, the wrong choice. Significant moment in Canaanite Conquest when the men of GIBEON came to Joshua and trick him into a peace treaty. In the narrative it clearly states that they ‘failed to seek the Lord’. Joshua 9.14 They took matters into their own hands, were tricked and lived with the consequences. From my reading of scripture and my own life I have to say that when you take matters into your own hands you are essentially ‘playing God’.
  • Place a goal for the GB in each of the Chairs around the table.Areas for improvement, focus and/or challenge.
  • Jumping off the bandwagon – in Hit the ground kneelingStory of Abraham Lincoln page 3
  • Space for reflection and contemplationAt heads conf.“greatest leaders are able to sit still”mark 1.3835 Very early the next morning before daylight, Jesus got up and went to a place where he could be alone and pray. 36 Simon and the others started looking for him. 37 And when they found him, they said, “Everyone is looking for you!”38 Jesus replied, “We must go to the nearby towns, so that I can tell the good news to those people. This is why I have come.” Praying - Strategic – focused
  • CST heads & governors conference 2012 session 4

    1. 1. Good Practice for a Session 4 governing bodyThe Governing Bodies Legal Responsibilities
    2. 2. Governance3 key roles:• Setting Strategic direction• Critical friend of the school• Securing accountability
    3. 3. Challenging Context• Political context – Education Act 2011 – New Ofsted Framework• Social context – Demographic Changes – Expectations• Economic context – Talent – availability – Thriving in a global economy
    4. 4. Leading 21st Century SchoolsCritical capability• Stakeholder management• Influencing• Measuring impact• Financial insecurity
    5. 5. Leading Christian Schools• Funding• Equality agenda• Militant Atheists agenda• Staffing and training• New Ofsted Framework
    6. 6. What tools are needed for the future?
    7. 7. Responsibilities:LEGAL
    8. 8. Honour God Obey the lawPrinciple of non-violent resistance
    9. 9. “Do not resist an evil person” (NIV) Don’t react violentlyagainst the one who is evil Matthew 5:39 (Scholar’s version)
    10. 10. Do not be overcome by evil,but overcome evil with good. Matthew 5:38-42 and Romans 12:21
    11. 11. Three scenarios©iStockphoto.com/pearle 9 ©iStockphoto.com/DNY5ye ©iStockphoto.com/Johncairns
    12. 12. New Framework
    13. 13. Responsibilities:MORAL ©sxc.hu/Lockheed
    14. 14. “For a start it is a call, not to specific acts ofbehaviour, but to a type of character. Foranother thing, it is a call to see oneself ashaving a role to play within a story - and astory where, to join up with the firstpoint, there is one supreme Character whoselife is to be followed”VIRTUESNT Wright, Virtue Reborn page 6
    15. 15. ©sxc.hu/kikosoftHabits formed and informing life
    16. 16. “..the dynamic of virtue ...–practicing the habits of heart and life that point towards the true goal of human existence –lies at the heart and life of the challenge of Christian behaviour as set out in the NT itself”NT Wright Virtue Reborn page 12
    17. 17. Responsibilities:SPIRITUAL
    18. 18. The placeof scripturein decisionmaking
    19. 19. The placeof prayerin decisionmaking
    20. 20. PlayingGod? ‘Making a choice that takes matters into our own hands rather than acting in a God-like way”‘failed to seek the Lord’
    21. 21. ©sxc.hu/svilen001 Re-visit your goals as a school and apply to the work of the governing body
    22. 22. The Lord said to Joshua: With my help, you and your army will Listen! defeat the king of Jericho and his army, and you will capture the Prepare town. Here is how to do it: March slowly around Jericho once a day Act for six days.Joshua 6.2-3
    23. 23. One who spares words isknowledgeable; one who is coolin spirit has understanding.Proverbs 17.27Hit the Ground kneeling by S CottrellLETTING THE GRASS GROWUNDER YOUR FEET
    24. 24. mike@goministries.org.uk GOMikeS