Introduction to Social Media


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Introduction to Social Media.
Presented by: Ms. Dina Marzban, GOL Trainer
Socialize your Business, Maadi Public Library, Cairo, Egypt.
Organized by IRC, US-Embassy in Cairo
25 March, 2013

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Introduction to Social Media

  1. 1. Introduction to Social Media Dina Marzban GOL Trainer 25 March, 20131/28/2013 ` All Rights Reserved © 2013 1
  2. 2. What is Social Media?
  3. 3. What Are the different Social Media Platforms?
  4. 4. • Blogs: Short for “web log,” a blog is an online journal in which pages are usually displayed in reverse chronological order.• Social network sites: These have been defined as “web-based services that allow individuals to : (1) construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system. (2) articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection. (3) view and traverse their list of connections and those made by others• Status-update services: known as micro blogging services, status-update services such as Twitter which allow people to share short updates about themselves and to see updates about others.• Media-sharing sites: These sites allow users to post videos or photographs. Popular examples include YouTube and Flickr.
  5. 5. Egypt Facebook Statistics• Currently, there are 13010580 Facebook users in the Egypt, which makes it #20 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country.• Facebook penetration in Egypt is 16.17% compared to the countrys population and 59.98% in relation to number of Internet users. The total number of FB users in Egypt is reaching 13010580 and grew by more than 1570340 in the last 6 months.
  6. 6. Egypt Twitter Statistics• The Top Twitter Gainer is Mohamed ElBaradei and the Top Growing profile is On the other hand, the Top Losing profile is Tamer Hosny.• The Top Twitter Gainer is and the Top Growing profile is On the other hand, the Top Losing profile is Nike Football Egypt
  7. 7. Egypt LinkedIn StatisticsTotal LinkedIn Users: 784115Penetration of population: 0.97%Position in the list: 25Penetration of online population: 3.61%
  8. 8. What is Google +What is a Google+ page?A Google+ page is a profile you can create on this social network for example, for yourbusiness.What is Google+ monitoring?Google+ monitoring (social networking research) offers surveillance research to publicWhat is the process of Google+ monitoring?Google+ monitoring is used for analysis of your Google+ pages as well as pages of yourcompetition
  9. 9. Egypt Google + Statistics• Top Google Plus Gainer is Amr Diab. The page with the most ‘Followers’ is Amr Diab• Top Google Plus Page is Vodafone Egypt with a total number of followers 337139
  10. 10. Personal Branding on Social Media
  11. 11. Social Media(Marketing, Management, & Monitoring)
  12. 12. Social Media and Social NetworkingSocial media :• is a way to transmit, or share information with a broad audience. Everyone has the opportunity to create and distribute. All you really need is an internet connection and youre off to the races.• is more akin to a communication channel. Its a format that delivers a message. Like television, radio or newspaper, social media isnt a location that you visit. Social media is simply a system that disseminates information ‘to networking :• is an act of engagement. Groups of people with common interests, or like- minds, associate together on social networking sites and build relationships through community.• communication is two-way. Depending on the topic, subject matter or atmosphere, people congregate to join others with similar experiences and backgrounds. Conversations are at the core of social networking and through them relationships are developed.
  13. 13. Social Media(Marketing, Management, & Monitoring) Engagement Social Media Social Media Marketing Management Listening Analytics Social Media Monitoring
  14. 14. Social Media (Marketing, Management, & Monitoring)Social Media Marketing:• It is directly linked to increasing purchase intent and ultimately sales.• All the activities such as creating content, contests, promotions to get more website traffic. It is all the interactions with the online audience to increase engagement.Social Media Management:• It is mainly linked to the tools used to monitor the brand health of an entity, be it commercial or governmental.• The SMM can also be described as a combination of different services and incorporates the strategy, the marketing, social care.• It is the management of the social activities from setting the social guidelines, social media policy to the monitoring and the use of social media apps to generate sales leads.
  15. 15. Social Media (Marketing, Management, & Monitoring)Social Media Monitoring:• Is the process of identifying and assessing what is being said about a company, individual, product or brand on the Internet.• Is the systematic observation and analysis of social media contributions and dialogues in discussion forums, web logs, micro-blogging and social communities, such as Facebook or Twitter. It serves to gain a quick overview or insight into topics and opinions in the social web.