Your 30 second_commercial nada st. germain revised feb 2012


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30 second commercial power point for St. Germain Team!!

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Your 30 second_commercial nada st. germain revised feb 2012

  1. 1. Needs to be short but powerful!
  2. 2.  What do you do? “I work from home and help people achieve better health, slow aging and have more energy. I also help those who want to build a part-time business where they can earn some extra money. Depends on what they want.”
  3. 3.  What do you do?“ I have my own business.”DON’T SAY ANYTHING MORE!!!
  4. 4.  What do you do? “I work with people who want to slow aging, have more energy, and also help people earn additional income.”
  5. 5.  Need to build curiosity. You want them to ask you more questions. You want them to want to know more. Don’t tell them everything about the company. You want them to say “yes” to hearing more about it over coffee or lunch.
  6. 6. Still powerful, a little more about you, but not too much detail about the products, or company.You want to move them, and get them to think “WOW…this sounds really exciting! “You want them to want to be a part of what you’re doing.
  7. 7.  Name, where you live, how many children, what you do. Who introduced you to GNLD, what caused you to say yes to the products or the business. When sharing products and health results, don’t name the products, don’t tell them how many you took, and don’t ramble. Just peak interest.
  8. 8.  “Hello, my name is Nada St. Germain. I live in Orton with my husband and two boys, 14 and 12. I was introduced to GNLD by my neighbour who suffered from fatigue and depression and had amazing results using the GNLD products. I was curious, more for my Mom who was not well at the time. I also suffered from low energy, joint problems, poor digestion and allergies. I decided to have someone come to my home and explain what GNLD was all about. My family and friends decided to try the products and we all got great results.”
  9. 9. “I was not looking for a business, for I wasworking as a Police Officer in downtownToronto and felt I did not have the time. So Iregistered to get the 25% discount knowing Idid not have to sell. After getting amazingresults on the products and receiving great feedback from my family and friends, I decidedthat I could share these products and have alittle home-based business, especially for taxsavings.”
  10. 10. “Well, my business grew and I got reallyexcited about making a difference in peoples’lives and having the time freedom I had alwayswanted. I did not want to be a Police Officer forthe rest of my life. This business has allowedboth Gilles and I to leave our jobs, spend timewith our boys and be our own bosses!!”
  11. 11.  If you have just started the business, use your up-lines’ story and share their success, until you get there yourself. If you were skeptical, share that. If you were uncomfortable when you first went to a meeting, share that. If you went with the intention of saying “No”, share that.
  12. 12.  You want them to feel good, relaxed, and want to know more. You want them to feel and say to themselves, “That’s somewhat like me” - to be able to relate to you. Again - don’t ramble, and not too much about products or company!!