Objections powerpoint 2012 - nada st. germain


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Objections powerpoint 2012 - nada st. germain

  1. 1. Are the products expensive?If you are asking if our products are expensive,not at all, I found they cost more than the healthfood store brands in some cases, and some casesvery close in price, but what I found was so manypeople I talked to were not getting results withthem. As soon as they tried the GNLD productsthey found they really work. They’re really worthit.
  2. 2. I get everything I need from what I eat.I took the time and researched what was missing fromour foods, even if we eat a healthy diet. Then I learned howmuch we would have to eat to get all the nutrients weneeded to stay healthy. The challenge was eating healthyevery day.And with food processing a lot of our foods just don’t havethe nutrients in them.Have you looked at the Canadian Food guide and what theWorld Health Organization is saying?
  3. 3. I get everything I need from what I eat.When I took the time to look at some of theresearch the World Health Organization had, itmade sense. It made me realize why I hadallergies, and why I was tired all the time. Iwas eating healthy but learned certainnutrients were not there because of foodprocessing. Also the amount of foods I had toeat in each food category was really hard todo.
  4. 4. I am using brand X.I was using other products too. So manypeople I knew were taking supplements, notreally getting the results they were looking for.Then I was introduced to GNLD, and saw that Iwas not getting the best value for my money.I was not really getting the results that I waslooking for so I tried GNLD, and what adifference.
  5. 5. I already take supplements from a health food storeThat’s where I used to buy my products, too, but I couldn’tget reliable information about what to take or how much.And they were not making a difference in my health. And myMom was taking supplements for years from health foodstores and did not help her. One month on GNLD and she wasgetting results.
  6. 6. Pyramid Schemes.What do you mean by pyramid? (Let them talk) Then letthem know that pyramids are illegal in Canada, and only theperson at the top makes all the money. Companies do not last longwhen operating like that. GNLD believes in Direct Selling because it isa people to people business, people sharing stories and buildingrelationships. The products truly need an explanation and that is whyour founder decided to market the products this way. (Make sure they view Brilliant Compensation!!!)
  7. 7. Is it an MLM Company? (Multi-levelMarketing, Network Marketing, Direct Selling Absolutely! That’s the best way for me to have control over my time, my money and my future. I can decide who I work with, when I work, the only difference is there is no retail store, but someone to explain the products one on one. Plus we can purchase directly from the company, and build a business with no overhead.
  8. 8. Is it an MLM Company? (Multi-level Marketing, Network Marketing, Direct SellingAbsolutely, networking marketing just meansthe products are shared by word of mouth.There is no retail store front. This is becomingone of the most respectful ways of marketingproducts. There are even courses now at theUniversities teaching students all about MLM.
  9. 9. No time Use the time chart again…8 hours sleep, 8 hours work, 8 hours your time!!! They control that.Then say…”So you have that 8 hours that you control, I alsofound that everywhere I went, school, church, sportingevents, and even being around family and friends, peoplewere complaining about their health. They complained aboutbeing tired, or having sore joints, tummy troubles…and evennot having enough money. So I just shared. That is when Irealized I did have some time.