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  • All successful direct selling-network marketing leaders everywhere, not only at GNLD, attribute their success to mastery of these essential foundational elementsVisionSelf awarenessFundamentalsPrincipalsValuesThese foundational elements are depicted as linked together like a chain. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This means that you will need to understand the essentials and incorporate them into your business building efforts to create a strong presence as a leader within GNLD and as a role model to your team
  • Describe the slide and engage the audience to tell you why this would make them an effective leader and what this means..
  • Read each question on the slide and tie back to VisionGive audience time to answer each one.Describe benefits of a personal mission statement-Clarifies what is important to you-Provides Focus-Helps you design your life instead of having it designed or you-guides your day to day decisions-Gives you a greater sense of meaning and purpose
  • Applying the skill/will matrix principles will enable you to ensure that you are taking the appropriate approach with each individual in on your team you just listed you wanted to focus on when you are asking them to perform tasks. 
  • The next link in the leadership chain is Self awareness. Leaders who understand their own management and communication style understand how to capitalize on their strengths and what effort, if any, should be devoted to strengthening weaknessesMastering self awareness is not always easy. Seeking feedback from others can provide one with valuable information and advice.When Leaders have developed a good sense of self awareness, they are able to determine how best to communicate with, lead and mentor others.
  • Lets outline some of the tactics we have that are easily duplicable in this business and lets discuss how you teach them to others
  • Read slide and ask them to give you examples within GNLD on a daily basis how might this look on their calendars?
  • As a coach and mentor of your unit/team members, there are overall techniques and guidelines for training that will enhance your effectiveness. Following are some tips and ideas for training.
  • In truth, duplication is the most central component of self awareness. You must always demonstrate the proper actions as you want to ensure that what you display in your leadership and coaching style is what you so desire in others on your team. The principle of duplication is upon which network marketing is built. It refers to the simple fact that the more simple business is kept, the more easily others can duplicate it and the more successful you will be
  • Leadership nada st. germain march 2012

    1. 1. Becoming An Effective Leader
    2. 2. Agenda Welcome Introductions Becoming An Effective Leader Goals and Agreements 2
    3. 3. The FoundationFive foundational essentials that all effectiveDirect Selling/Network Marketing leadershave mastered: Vision Self Values Awareness Principles Fundamentals 3
    4. 4. LEADERSHIP Apollinaire said,“COME TO THE EDGE.” “Its too high.”“COME TO THE EDGE.” “We might fall.”“COME TO THE EDGE.” And they came.And he pushed them. And they flew. 4
    5. 5. Key Industry FactsOver 150,000 people in 125 countries start a network marketingbusiness every weekIndustry wide, statistically 60% of network marketers quit their first yeardue to the following: Lack of Transfer of Knowledge Through Duplicability Lack of Leader Support and Mentoring Lack of realistic expectations in terms of income *An estimated 95% of those who survive 10 years in network marketing become wealthy beyond their wildest expectations. 5 Source: Your First Year In Network Marketing by Yarnell
    6. 6. Vision Vision•Expand your capacity to dream bigto implement change•See beyond current circumstances•See others for their potential•Lead by example•Inspire others to believe in yourvisions 6
    7. 7. Envision Outcomes Before You Act Vision 1. Three Words That Describe You As A Leader (Your Areas of Strength) 2. What are the top three goals for your team this year?*Page 5 7
    8. 8. Vision Activity: Personal Mission-VisionWrite for five minutes without stopping your personal missionstatement. When you can’t think of anything else to write,don’t stop, just keep your pen or pencil moving until somethingelse comes to mind. Don’t worry what it looks like. Page 6 8
    9. 9. MY MISSION STATEMENT To be the best I can be as a mother, wife, daughter, friend, and business leader. To to help everyone in our team become strong independent leaders, and to help them set goals, track and accomplish their goals. I will build an organization to achieve our goal of being liquid and financially independent so we can help others in need. I will talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person I meet. I will live in faith, and be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind . 9
    10. 10. Vision Skill-WillHigh Skill- Low Will High Skill-High WillThe skilled experienced person who The skilled worker who isis in need of attention of some looking for moredescription and may be affected by opportunities to grow andthe challenge of change. developLow Skill-Low-Will Low Skill-High WillThe beginner to a role, projector task who is just starting out The enthusiastic new beginnerand is nervous or may havealready tried and failed *Page 9 10
    11. 11. Self Awareness Self Awareness Understand your own management and communication style and how you are a role model that will be duplicated by others for success OR failure Seek Feedback from others Determine how best to communicate with and coach others based on THEIR needs and wants 11
    12. 12. Mastering Self Awareness Self Awareness Emotional Intelligence Passionate Driver Talent Nurturer
    13. 13. Emotional Intelligence Self Awareness Degree to which one understands and successfully manages one’s self and one’s relationship with others. Strives for self awareness and self regulation, lives GNLD’s values, demonstrates empathy and influence, and is obsessive about Distributors and Customers 13
    14. 14. Passionate Driver Self Awareness Relentless accountability for results governed by business ethics, embraces change, open to change because believes it may be for the betterment of the team, courage to make the tough calls, raises the bar, acts decisively using facts and discipline 14
    15. 15. Talent Nurturer Self AwarenessPuts right people in the right jobs at theright time, develops the nextgeneration of leaders by continuouslylooking for high willed talent anddeveloping those who deliver results.Develops key leaders to “step up”within team by partnering with themon a daily basis to develop theirbusiness and business acumen. 15
    16. 16. Success in our Business.. Mastery of basic direct selling-network marketing business fundamentals that are easily duplicated that can increase the possibilities of more success for more people 16
    17. 17. Strategic Planning FundamentalsDevelop an Action Plan: Analyze business and develop goals. Commit with passion and belief Partner and help recruit 3+ per month  LOOK FOR LEADERS Schedule group planning, training, Experience meetings. Work business in 90 day increments 17
    18. 18. The Power of Goals FundamentalsResults of a studyof business schoolgraduates who hadbeen out of school for10 years illustratesthe power of goals.  83% did not have goals.  4% had vague goals.  3% had clearly articulated, written goals. 18
    19. 19. The Power of Goals Fundamentals10 years later… Those with some sense of goals:  Earned 3 times more Those with written goals: Earned 10 times more!! 19
    20. 20. Prospecting Fundamentals• Prospecting is the most critical skill you must develop, master and be able to duplicate/teach to others to achieve success with product sales growth and downline growth.• It is important that leaders teach their team members to prospect for customers, sellers and network marketers daily – anytime, anywhere, anyplace.• Remember, new recruits want to know where they can find new prospects they can talk too about the business and how to talk to these new prospects. 20
    21. 21. Activity: Prospecting FundamentalsWhat is your 30 second commercial?Once you get a prospects attention, you must be able to gettheir commitment for an interview in one minute.Here are the three things most prospects want to know todetermine if they want to hear more about the opportunity youare offering:1. What business are you in?2. Can I make money?3. What do I have to do to earn the money? Trio – Practice: (1 timekeeper, 1 prospect, 1 recruit) Practice your 30 second introduction and one minute commitment based upon the three responses 21
    22. 22. Awaken The Prospector Within You Fundamentals and Your DownlineShopping for people to sell products to….leads to profits and partners! Power of 3  3 leads a business day x 5 days = 15 leads a week  X 4 weeks = 60 leads a month  X 1 year = 780 potential new customers and business partners! If only half say yes to our products or opportunity….if only 25% say yes…..Outcome Incredible!! 3-in-30 Star Program, GNLD Opportunity DVD, Power of “Free” Member Program?  How can you increase your success in these programs monthly?  How can you ensure the success of utilizing the DVD Tool daily?  How can you plan, track, ensure duplicability and reward success of these programs and tools in your unit? 22
    23. 23. Appointing FundamentalsWhenever you interview someone, there are 4 categories ofinformation that in our industry have been statistically proven asare important to address to assure success of new recruit.Mastering these skills can lead you to gaining an appointment!: 1. Overall interests, values and dreams 2. Financial objectives and goals 3. Family and/or personal lifestyle needs/issues 4. Career Aspirations The overall goal is to listen and leave new business partner with good feelings about their new career choice. Listen, Listen, Listen!! 23
    24. 24. Training & Developing FundamentalsSales Training & Leader Development Objectives: Help your Distributors master selling products, sharing the opportunity and showing others how to earn residual income through demonstrating and modeling direct sellingfundamentals on a daily basis by providing varied learning experiences to your team members. 24
    25. 25. Training & Developing Tips Fundamentals Role play with your team  Utilize the strengths of everyone on members, practice out loud: 30 your team. If someone has an second commercial, one minute expertise in a particular product, selling interview, mastering verbal and or prospecting area, ask that person to non-verbal descriptors, give a workshop/seminar. Interview responding to concerns and your team members to identify their closing special skills Offer to spend time in the field  Hold yourself and all individual with a new member or existing members accountable for their own member of your team. Offer success. Follow up on all plans to feedback at the end of each measure progress contact.  Follow Up -Follow UP - Follow Up Catch your team members doing things right. Recognize and  DUPLICATE, DUPLICATE, DUPLICATE praise 25
    26. 26. Training & Development Process For Success Training Contact 1  Timing – At Time of Contract/Application Signing  Duration at least 1 hour  Focus: Dreams, Goals, Needs, Wants of New Business Partner  Start Development of Customer and Prospect Warm List  Set Business Goals For First Month  Explain Earning Opportunity  Welcome To GNLD International 48 Hour Phone Call  Motivate and encourage to achieve first monthly goal  Follow Up To Customer List and Provide Suggestions on Customers & New Business Partners Training Contact 2 (Kit Opening)  Timing – Before First Order Submitted Duration: At least 1 hour  Answer Immediate Questions and Concerns  Review Kit . Review Earnings/Marketing Plan. Review Product Information. Review all Incentives and Programs.  Discuss Goals Set  Offer Continued Support and Share Team Training Calendar and GNLD Events Website Information. Training Contact 3  Timing – After first order submitted and business updated for month Duration: At Least 1 hour  Recognize achievements  Review progress against all goals set  Train To Build Customers, Sales, Product  Agree upon all expectations for business success 26
    27. 27. Values Principles Values & Principles Principles guide an effective leader’s personal actions. Principles express what a leader stands for. Principles keep the leader focused on what matters most Alignment with company principles inspires others and enhances personal growth and productivity Values are concepts that describe the beliefs of an individual 27
    28. 28. Principle of Duplication PrinciplesDo want to keep everything you Don’t want to amaze people with yourdo and say simple enough for brilliance to the point that they won’t beeveryone else to be able to do and able to duplicate your actions.say. Don’t want to forget that you are aDO need to remember that 75% leader of leaders. Every action you takeof what your team learns and will be emulated by your team members.duplicates in leader-coachingcharacteristics, they will learn from Don’t want your team members oryou. prospects saying: “She/he is so incredible, I’ll never be able to do what she/he does 28
    29. 29. Principles Values Your ValuesWhat Values and Principles do you feel you must abide by in order for you to be an effective leader that will stand the test of time and take your team to the next level? 29
    30. 30. Becoming Effective Leader TakeawayPeople: Understand the goals of your downline, then match their needs with GNLD earnings options. Decide how many new recruits will be added in the next 3 months by you and your downline. Commit to mastering and duplicating and aiding everyone in earning $300+ a month in residual income FAST! Build Trust and put the team first! Identify and nurture key talent “Look For Leaders”!Products: How much will your unit/team sell and what products will you encourage them to promote? How will you know when your downline achieves success?Profits: Review your performance and earnings reports IMMEDIATELY after you update for the month to establish achievable targets every 90 day period 30