Get your goals guaranteed!


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Get your goals guaranteed!

  1. 1. Get Your Goals - Guaranteed!Goals, is a topic that many people talkabout, both in a positive as well as a negativesense. Some people are very committed tosetting goals and others think they are a waste oftime. Some people just care about one thing-results. Goals: Should you write them down?Should you not write them down? Should youcare? Achieve them! Live them! That is the onlything that should matter about goals, right?
  2. 2. GOALS If the only thing that matters is that we achieve our goals, then lets talk about ways that will guarantee that we get our goals! There is such a way... and here it is:You have to have a system and follow it!!You have to take this system seriously!!
  3. 3. GOALSFirst, be realistic.Too many people get hyped up by peoplepromising them the world and they set goalsthat simply arent realistic. Then they aredisappointed and then decide that "goals" arebad.We do learn that anything is possible, and aretold that we can achieve anything but we stillhave to be careful to be realistic.
  4. 4. GOALSWhat does realistic mean?The best example is that a seven-foot centrewho plays basketball will never be a worldchampion jockey. A person who is fivefeet, two inches could be, given time. This isthe difference between a realistic goal andone that isnt. Take some time and set arealistic goal or goals. This will make yourgoals guaranteed from the get go!
  5. 5. GOALSSecond, memorize your goals.Set them in stone in your mind. Know whatthey are. Prioritize them in order ofimportance and memorize them so that ifanyone asked you, "What are you top sevengoals?" you could answer immediately. Thiswill embed the goals and the desiredoutcomes into your mind, which is the seed ofaction.
  6. 6. GOALS Visualize your goals. Some people are really into this. Some people are not.I believe you need to have a vision. I do not think thatthere is anything "magical" about the visualizationprocess, but I do think that taking some time toregularly envision your dream and goals is a greatthing. It deepens your desire to get your goals. It putsyou into a frame of mind where you operate in a peakstate. Put your goals deep into your mind byvisualizing them periodically.
  7. 7. GOALSSet time frames.Dont let your goal be, "I want to lose twentypounds." Instead, let it be, "I want to lose twentypounds in four months." Again, a reminder to berealistic. But you can do wonders for your goalsetting if you break your goals and put timeframes on them. This gives it a sense of urgency.It makes it some thing you are working "toward"rather than working "on." In fact, I would suggestsetting long-range time frames, mid-range timeframes, and short-range time frames.
  8. 8. GOALSSpend time and money on your goals.Realize that any goal worth achieving is worthspending SOME time and SOME money. Buybooks, go to seminars, join associations, hire acoach, etc. Whatever you need to do to get yourgoals! Spending time and money will keep youfocused and motivated to reach your dreams farbeyond what you put into it. Big dreams have bigcosts, but even little dreams have a costassociated with them so count the cost. Don’t goin crazy debt, but a small investment is great.
  9. 9. GOALSSurround yourself with people who can propelyou to your goals.Never underestimate the power of the peoplearound you to either drag you down or lift youup. Poisonous people can destroy your goal bysystematically draining you of your passion anddesire and replacing it with total pessimism!Passionate and positive people can invigorate youwith renewed energy and a mind set on thedream. Get around people who will energize you!
  10. 10. GOALSAct on your goals each and every day.Even if it is just a small step, it will leave youcloser to your goal each and every day. If youhave a savings goal, set aside even one dollara day. Take a jar and empty your change into itat the end of each day. If you want to write abook, write each day, if even just twoparagraphs! Small, step-by-step actions willproduce the goal - guaranteed!
  11. 11. GOALSBe persistent!The most important words in getting what youdesire are "persistence," "persistence,""persistence." In fact, be tenaciously persistent.Be ruthlessly persistent. There will be all sorts ofbarriers and obstacles you will have to overcomeif you want to achieve your dream. Dreams dontjust roll over and die. You have to attack them!Go for it and dont give up! They can, and will, beyours!
  12. 12. GOALSCan you get your goals - guaranteed? You bet you can. And youwill, if you put into practice the above principles.Be realistic.Memorize your goals.Visualize your goals.Set time frames.Spend time and money on your goals.Surround yourself with positive people.Act on your goals every day and...Be persistent.You can get your goals - guaranteed!