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Hbt tor revised fall 2011

  1. 1. TERMS OF REFERENCEPreamble:We are a community-based collaborative that brings together members of the LGBT2SQ (lesbian, gay,bisexual, Trans, 2 Spirit, Queer/Questioning) community and its allies to address homophobia, biphobiaand transphobia in the London area.Purpose:The HBT Working Group is a community-based collaborative that both responds to and advocates againstall forms of social and institutional homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, and hate-motivated violencein our community. The members of the working group meet on a regular basis to share information,access support, and organize two annual community events to recognize the International Day AgainstHomophobia (May 17) and Trans Day of Remembrance (November 20).Vision:We envision a London that is inclusive of all its members regardless of their sexual orientation or genderidentity, whether actual or perceived. Everywhere will be a safe place where LGBT2Q people and all othermarginalized individuals are free of all forms of violence and isolation – be them physical, social,psychological, or emotional. In this London:  LGBT2Q individuals and organizations are visible, recognized, supported, included and indispensable in all areas and levels of community interaction  There are no hate crimes, hate motivated violence or discrimination  There is appropriate accountability for homophobic, bi-phobic and trans-phobic behavior for both individuals and institution.  There is solidarity and partnership between LGBT2Q organizations and all marginalized groups  Community services for LGBT2Q people will be coordinated, multi-dimensional and holistic in order to improve and empower the lives of all LGBT2Q community membersMembership:The working group shall include a mix of representatives from community-based agencies, associations,school groups and allied individuals. HBT will also attempt to partner with similar minority status socialjustice groups to bring attention and awareness to the localized issues of hate and oppression. Theworking group will be Co-Chaired by a mutually agreed upon designates from the working group. Theseroles can be voted upon annually.The HBT working group has the option to include consultants and/or volunteers as available or needed.Membership holds several levels of distinction that need to be defined upon recruitment:There are two levels of membership—active and supportive. Please see HBT’s supplementary documenton Structure (Appendix A).Revised Fall 2011 Page 1
  2. 2. Quorum:Beyond the Steering Committee (4), quorum for all meetings of the working group shall be a minimum offour active members. Although there is no cap on the total amount of members, four is the minimalneeded in order to address business, motions and action items. Any less may constitute a need toreconvene or reschedule.Frequency of MeetingsThe working group shall meet on a monthly basis. Meeting times can be rotated between day/evening(s).Unless otherwise predetermined, all HBT meetings will be held at the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection (as adefault and considering its financial relationship). However, meeting locations can also rotate based oninvites from members.Unless otherwise agreed, notice of each meeting confirming the venue, time and date together with anagenda of items to be discussed and any supporting documents, shall be forwarded to each member ofthe working group (at least) three business days prior to the date of the meeting. This will be completedby the Co-Chairs.Designated by the Co-Chairs at each meeting, a working group member shall record the minutes of allworking group meetings, including the names of those present and in attendance. Minutes of workinggroup meetings shall be circulated promptly to all members of the working group for review. Workinggroup minutes shall be made available to any community member upon request. A hard copy of alldocuments will be filed at the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection using a protected server.Roles and ResponsibilitiesThe main duties of the working group:  Support and listen to one another about homophobic, biphobic and transphobic concerns as described by each member and their respective affiliations.  Support, promote and develop current events and resources related to homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in London area from each member and their respective affiliations.  Endorse and strategize with the Report Homophobic Violence Period campaign and London Police.  Lead the organization of the annual International Day against Homophobia on May 17.  Act as a referral resource to the London community for responding to, addressing, educating and preventing incidents of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and hate motivated violence.  Network with community-based affiliates that work with/focus on social justice and minority populations.  Develop and support programs addressing homophobic, biphobic and transphobic hate motivated violence in London area.Accountability:The members are accountable to one another and the communities with which we serve. The workinggroup’s purpose will dictate future direction and actions. All of the work completed and accomplished bythe HBT working group should be done in good faith and recognized as part of our joint collaboration.Each member should generate an awareness of decorum and professionalism during HBT related eventsand activities. No one member of the HBT working group should individually benefit financially from HBTspecific projects.Financial accountability:HBT business operations will be conducted in accordance with the Policies and Procedures (purchasingpolicies) of the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection considering RHAC is the host financial institution for HBT.Revised Fall 2011 Page 2
  3. 3. Any/all grants will also be conducted and reported on according to guidelines established in said grantapplications.Conflict of Interest:Please see HBT’s supplementary document on Conflict of Interest (Appendix B).Conflict Resolution:Please see HBT’s supplementary document on Conflict Resolution (Appendix C). Contravention of theseTerms of Reference may be considered probable grounds for dismissal from HBT. Decisions andinvestigation will be conducted by steering committee members.Communications:Following each meeting, the Co-Chairs shall distribute the minutes on the working group’s activities andmake recommendations on any pertinent issues for the next meeting. A week prior to meetings Co-Chairsshall make a request to the group for agenda items. If needed, urgent action made in consult with the Co-Chairs will be communicated to the working group by the Co-Chairs. Minutes are available to all membersupon request.Lines of communication will be established via email and led by the Co-Chairs, unless otherwisedetermined. All internal emails being sent between members should have “HBT” listed in the subject line.Members should employ discretion and protect confidentiality through “BCC”. Finally, only activemembers who attend monthly meetings will be granted access to list serve (email addresses).Confidentiality:HBT believes that confidentiality is one of the cornerstones for trustworthy community engagement, inthe provision of services to community and in the interactions between colleagues. All advocacy andprograms must be conducted in a manner that will ensure overall confidentiality, and the appearance ofconfidentiality, which supports a professional and ethical community environment.Decision Making:Although HBT will work towards a consensus based model for decision-making, in the event of an impasseor disagreement, all decisions will be made by a majority vote (50% plus one) of active members at ameeting. There are no proxies. All group members will have equal access to relevant information andequal opportunity to participate throughout the process.Review of Terms of Reference:The working group should review its performance and Terms of Reference annually to ensure it isoperating at maximum effectiveness.Revised Fall 2011 Page 3
  4. 4. Appendix A: HBT MembershipMembers of the HBT Working Group may be individuals or organizations, and there are two levels ofmembership—active and supportive. The following figure diagrams the membership structure andprovides information about each stream and level of membership. *It is also advisable that regardless ofmembership, financial contributions (includes in-kind services) and/or sponsorship towards the mandateand work of HBT is always welcome and needed*.Active MembershipMembership is open to individuals and organizations who are interested in actively participating in theHBT Working Group activities (attendance at more than 50% of meetings) by helping to plan and carry outactivities.Supporting MembershipMembership is open to individuals and organizations who share the vision and values of the HBT WorkingGroup and wish to remain informed of its work but are unable to participate actively in its work.Supporting members receive minutes of meetings and notices of events. They are welcome to participateat membership meetings or assist on projects, when possible. Individuals Organizations Steering Committee  Consists of the Co-chairs, Treasurer and Secretary  Elected from the Active membership (organizations and individuals) Active Active  Sign pledge to adhere to the  Open to agencies and Terms of Reference organizations with programs  Must attend more than 50% of and services targeted to meetings in the previous 12 LGBT2SQ people months to maintain active  Committed to social justice and status anti-oppression frameworks  Have voting power  Have voting power  Able to be elected to the  Agree to the Terms of Reference Steering Committee  Allow HBT to use names and  Will receive meeting minutes logos on publicity materials  Contribute time to the HBT  Will receive meeting minutes Working Group  May also choose to contribute a  May also choose to contribute a donation to the HBT Working donation to the HBT Working Group Group Supportive Supportive Should attend annual membership meeting  Open to agencies or organizations that: provide May attend events programs and services aimed at reducing or May volunteer on specific projects eliminating violence against children and adults or Will receive meeting minutes, event invitations and supporting victims of violence in the community; e-mails about media initiatives and share the HBT Working Group’s vision and/or Encouraged to attend meetings values Cannot vote in elections or be member of Steering  Will receive meeting minutes, event invitations and Committee e-mails about media initiatives  Cannot vote in elections or be Steering CommitteeRevised Fall 2011 Page 4
  5. 5. Appendix B: Conflict of InterestConflict of Interest DefinedA direct or indirect conflict of interest exists when you, a friend, a family member, or business associate oryour employer stand to benefit differently than other HBT Working Group or committee members fromdecisions made by the Working Group or committee.A conflict of interest occurs when any situation could influence, impair or possibly prevent you frompursuing a principled and broad based approach to decision making, acting in the HBT Working Group’sbest interests or representing the HBT Working Group fairly and impartially.Conflict of Interest Statements  Any person involved with the HBT Working Group who has direct or indirect financial interest in the assets, leases, business transactions or professional service of the HBT Working Group shall disclose this interest to the HBT Working Group.  Any person who individually, or as part of a business or professional firm, is directly or indirectly interested in a proposed contract or transaction of business or current professional services of the HBT Working Group, shall disclose this interest fully and promptly and shall not participate in any vote or discussion in respect to such transactions or service.  No member of the HBT Working Group will be favoured in contracts for services or in applying for, or receiving, the services of the HBT Working Group.What if there is a Conflict of Interest?You must disclose to the Steering Committee that a conflict of interest exists when it first becomesknown. You should not vote or take part in the discussion toward any decision when you have a conflictof interest. If a decision was made in the presence of a member who was later deemed to have a conflictof interest, the Steering Committee may consider rescinding the decision and reopen the issue for debate.If you believe a member has a conflict of interest which has not been declared, you must first raise thematter privately with the member. If, after discussing the possible conflict with the member, you continueto believe that it exists and has not been declared, you must disclose your concerns to the SteeringCommittee.Revised Fall 2011 Page 5