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Gmrg 01.09

Gmrg 01.09



GMRG capabilities

GMRG capabilities



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    Gmrg 01.09 Gmrg 01.09 Presentation Transcript

    • Global Data Collection – A Single Fieldwork Partner The only constant in today ’ s global marketplace is change. Understanding it, managing it, and leveraging it for maximum opportunity requires reliable, insightful, and timely information. At GMRG, we provide the information you need – when you need it – through innovative and seamless integration of your company ’ s research projects with local and global expertise. Knowing the right partners and understanding the various types of real-world research is critical to being effective. What works best in one location or nation may not be the best suited for another. For this reason, we have – over the years – spent countless hours evaluating our partners and their unique capabilities. GMRG provides services to manage your research projects accurately and efficiently. Among our domestic and international specialties are: Online studies including programming and hosting; mall intercepts, face-to-face (IDI ’ s), on-line recruit and interview to our secure servers, CATI, CAPI, and qualitative studies. All in language to a single platform in real time, with 24/7 access. We can also provide timely data processing, validation, and other services. “ With the growth of global competition and globalization, can you afford not to be thinking globally? ” Why GMRG – Global Market Research Group
      • Global Market Research Group
      • Jennifer von Schneidau, Partner and GM of Domestic and Multicultural Operations
        • One of 2 Founders of Global Market Research Group. Has owned or been a partner for over 20 years in Domestic and Global project management companies.
        • Heads up a team that manages on average more then nine Domestic and International studies per month. These range in size from 100 to more then 1200 completes, across all methodologies.
        • As a member of ESOMAR, CASRO, and the MRA, Our team is very in tune with the strict guidelines, ethics, and research standards set forth by these respected organizations. Responsible for Domestic and multicultural vendor relationships, as well, internal quality control. Former recipient of the AMA Ford Sammis Award for research excellence. A leader in seeking new methodologies for researching un-acculturated ethnic groups in the US. In turn, keeping our partners in on the forefront of the industry
    • The GMRG Team-Scot
      • Global Market Research
      • Scot Astor, Partner and GM of Global
      • Operations:
        • One of 2 Founders of Global Market Research Group. Has owned or been a managing partner for over 10 years in Domestic and Global project management  companies.
        • Heads up a team that manages on average more then four international tracking studies per month. As well, multiple ad-hoc international studies. These range in size from 75 to more then 2000 completes monthly, across all methodologies and respondent types.
        • As a member of ESOMAR, CASRO, ARMRI and the MRA, Scot’s team is very in tune with the strict guidelines, ethics, and international standards set forth by these respected organizations. He is responsible for international vendor relationships, as well, internal quality control. He is a leader in seeking new technology and innovation which keeps partners of GMRG in research on the forefront of the industry
    • GMRG-Credentials
      • GMRG’s Credentials
        • The partners in GMRG have over 35 years research experience and is headquartered in San Diego CA, with an additional location in Los Angeles.
        • GMRG has managed more then 20 monthly or wave tracking studies in the past 2 years alone , with an aggregate of more then 20 countries and over 80,000 completes. The longest running of which is an ongoing 3+ year weekly tracker in 4 countries and across 8 respondent groups. This project has also had multi wave augments in 6 additional countries.
        • GMRG is a member in good standing in the following organizations:
    • GMRG has over the years formed relationships with many venders both in the US and over 40 countries abroad to conduct mall intercept, hall testing, internet café intercepts, qualitative research, and in field (street) intercepts depending on the needs of your research. We have taken the time to weed out those that are not of the highest quality in order to provide the most accurate timely data. This can be done both paper/pencil and via the internet to our secure server. Programming these studies to be interviewer or self administered, GMRG can provide seamless, multilingual, domestic, or international data instantly. If your choice is paper/pencil, we can provide all your data processing needs. We regularly update our capabilities as new technology becomes available. We then train as projects require our international field partners along with detailed briefings of all project requirements. GMRG- International Field Partners CATI (computer assisted telephone interviewing) GMRG has both in-country and multi country partner’s world wide with the capabilities to conduct standard CATI, WEB CATI, and CATI to web research in most languages. Using the latest technology, we provide timely, efficient, high quality service at a competitive cost.
    • GMRG- Online Sample partners
      • GMRG has sample partners throughout the world. In the US, panel partners total over 7 million respondents. Our partners invest in both the size and quality of their online panels to provide clients with highly targeted, qualified respondents around the world. Our partners are selected by their ability to perform as “Geographic Specialists.” Our partners use a double opt-in email sign up method. At any one time, a proportion, typically around 30-80% or more, of the total panel is ‘active.’ These are the respondents who are new to the panel, or who have taken a survey with us in the last six months and whom we have profiled in depth. We require a de-dupe of panelists for 60 days from participating in studies of like subject matter.
      • Partners don't consider members active if they have enrolled, but not taken a survey within their first three months of membership, or if they have not participated in a survey in six months or more. We have developed these rigorous standards to help ensure the quality of data and respondents that you receive from us. Partners typically refresh active panels between 25-30% annually.
      • For large tracking studies, we fell it imperative to use multiple sample sources to ensure there is no “Panel Bias”. This also enables us to draw censes balance from multiple sources as needed. To ensure all quotas, we typically use hard quotas stops for age, region, and gender as required by the client +/- 5%.
      • As security is of major concern, all GMRG partner servers reside in a Tier 1 data center with multiple armed guards on staff at all times. Access is restricted by both photo identification and biometric verification. All servers reside behind a CISCO firewall with the latest versions of Red Hat Linux and the Apache Web Server and automatically employ Red Hat Linux Enterprise security updates.
    • GMRG- Best Practice Quality
      • GMRG uses trained and experienced project management “teams”. These teams enable more then one set of eyes to watch quotas and quality. We typically will review and update clients daily or as requested with an easy to read spreadsheet of completes and open quotas.
      • If needed for budget reasons, GMRG can deploy a “self complete online” survey instrument incorporating a multi source recruiting method (online sample and intercept), but a single completion method for data consistency.
      • GMRG employs several methods for data quality checks.
        • - All online studies regardless of recruiting method employ both 1) a minimum completion time check to immediately terminate “click through” respondents, and 2) embedded quality check questions to make sure respondents are paying attention. Missing multiple quality checks will immediately terminate any respondent.
        • We have found these to dramatically improve the quality of data to our partners
        • We also conduct regular open end response reviews. Respondents are removed immediately if they fail to meet standards set by the client for quality. These checks are conducted in live data. This ensures the highest quality data on a weekly basis.
      • GMRG- Hispanic Research Expertise
      • Hispanics are the fastest-growing minority in the United States, with an estimated $600 billion in buying power. Collectively, they represent a large and growing market opportunity. But individually, they vary greatly in their level of acculturation, language preference, and financial circumstances. How do you collect truly representative opinions, ideas, and feedback from Hispanics—in a timely and cost-effective way? At GMRG, we believe you gather opinions from a wide spectrum of combined methodologies.
        • To truly reach the Hispanic community we blend the use of offline and online research to gives you fast access to the full range of Hispanic voices. Offline-only research can be time-consuming and doesn’t always capture fully acculturated Hispanics. Online-only solutions don’t always represent target groups accurately. But by combining both approaches, GMRG is able to provide a more representative sample of the Hispanic population. We conduct hundreds of Hispanic offline studies annually and understand which markets can give us a true read on the fully un-acculturated Hispanic market.
        • Use Our Acculturation Model to Understand the Diversity
        • blending offline and online research methods, GMRG is able to provide a more representative sample
    • Contact Us B. Scot Astor Partner 3231 Corte Aliso San Diego, California 92009 T: 760.736.8825 F: 858.225.0419 E: [email_address] Jennifer von Schneida u Partner 830 Admiral Court Oak Park, California 91377 T: 818.597.0088 F: 818.474.8694 E. jenn@gmrg.co m Price requests can also be sent t o RFQ@gmrg.c om