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This is my part in a panel-type presentation at Internet Librarian in October 2013. Topics covered included licensing issues, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and an affordable payment system and a great open source Internet filter and Intrusion Prevention System.

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  • Credit card providers (VISA, MC, etc.) historically charged $1 - $3 per transaction, too much for smaller library systems to bear.
  • We've been using Square since January 2013.
    Square gets 2.75% per transaction
    Example: $200 Auditorium rental = $5.50 for Square
  • We have about $1380 in our system
    16-port switch necessary due to circ machines
    AP is non-broadcasting, set up on WPA-PSK2
    Printer is ethernet-connected
  • $10 at Walgreens, Kohl's, Apple Stores, Best Buy, others. Comes with $10 rebate code entered after account is set up
    Android & iOS apps are free
    Plugs into combination headphone/microphone jack
  • Padloc mount is specific to the iPad generation.
    I goofed & didn't pay attention to which version of the iPad I ordered.
    As a result, our Padloc is modified (warranty voided!)
  • This is a screenie of the editor on the iPad.
    Set up categories, types, variable or fixed charges
    Save favorite profiles (probably more useful for restaurants or libraries with coffee shops)
  • Has a decent reporting service, access through the account on a desktop.
    Receipts can be printed, emailed or texted.
  • To change gears, how many of you believe that filtering your public Internet would involve something that looks like this?
  • This is the result of serious money and some not very busy IT guys...
  • This can cost you nothing or thousands, it's your choice.
    Free version is licensed under the GPLv2 license – free to modify & redistribute!
    Paid versions are more robust
  • Shows both free and standard applications installed
    The Lite packages are the free ones, but this is what it normally looks like as of version 9.4.
    Web filter is what it says. Blocks by site, category, content, etc.
    Virus blocker, spam blocker, phish blocker for perimeter prevention.
    Also free: Intrusion prevention, captive portal for patron sign in, protocol control, firewall (custom rules), attack blocker (DDOS), reporting
  • The reports page gives you links to all possible network data monitored by Untangle.
    You can print histories from web site views, monitor infractions of policy, and perform forensic analysis should an attacker get through.
    Peerascope example of porn views & shady sites
  • Untangle can help you bend your network to your will, or at least make you look good doing it!
  • Open Source Superfriends for Super Small Library Budgets

    1. 1. & Two Super Friends for Super Small Budgets! Jim Peterson IT Manager & Media Relations Simpson County Library District, Franklin, KY
    2. 2. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Bank Card Rates Are Toxic to Your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Bottom Line! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    3. 3. Up to Beat the Banks! Use the Square Register System for Affordable Credit Card Transactions
    4. 4. Our System: 4th-gen iPad Padloc Mount Star Thermal Printer 16-port Switch Wireless AP Not Super-expensive Secure Transactions Directly Deposited to our Account
    5. 5. Square's Card Reader Local Availability Free App for Phones & Tablets
    6. 6. Neat Installation Our Padloc is modified a little...
    7. 7. Easy Setup & Edit On Desktop or at POS
    8. 8. Credit Card Debit Card Cash Square Wallet (iOS only) Track Payments
    9. 9. Untangle won't give you this...
    10. 10. But it will give you this: For Free!
    11. 11. Untangle CAN make you king/queen of your domain! Image courtesy of Gabriella Khoranasanee, M.I.S.S. Editor-in-Chief
    12. 12. Jim Peterson IT Manager & Media Relations Simpson County Library District 203 S Main St Franklin, KY 42134 (270) 586-8397 On Twitter: @GMLGeek