<glp> Credentials 2013 (En)


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<glp> Credentials 2013 (En)

  2. 2. WHO ARE WE?Our mission: Our customers• building a two-way communication in the mediaenvironment• image of the client - positioning and control• sales channels creation, sales promotion• achievement objectivesTeam <glp>• GLP - digital marketing agency of strategic decisions,earlier• professionals with years of experience in developmentof UANet, in CIS countries and Europe ... full client list is on the website• innovators in digital technology, channels ofadvertising, R&D 02
  3. 3. BRAND STORY 20 specialists Services: Research Strategy 12 specialists Creative PR Services: Promo: Development: • Media buying, nonstandard • RnD • PPC-advertising 3 specialists • Web development • Search marketing Creative: • Analysis and Audit Services: • Design Development Creative: • Corporate Identity • Design System solutions • Augmented Reality • Corporate Identity • Mobile Development Web development Digital Marketing Promotion: Strategy • SEO • SEM 2007 2010 2013 03
  4. 4. <GLP> STRUCTURECUSTOMER SERVICE PROJECT MANAGEMENT ADMINISTRATION George Giorgadze Ludmila Mihno Victor Makarov Managing Partner Pr Project Coordinator Financial Management Daria Yaremenko Eugene Voinov Artem Tsivinskiy Account manager Project manager Legal Counsel Dmitry Lysyuk Pavel Chumak Vladimir Lomah Online strategist, Consultant Technical director Legal Counsel Alexander Poberezhnyi Dmitriy Kamysh Customer Service Specialist System administratorWEB-DEVELOPMENT PROMOTION КРЕАТИВ Yuriy Kovalenko Sergei Salnikov Michael Dykun Web-developer Mediaplaner Art director, designer Igor Sklyar Tatyana Soroka Nickolay Boot Web-developer Context advertising Specialist Copywriter Vladimir Ryazhechkin Ilya Pipenko Web-developer Search engine optimization Dmitriy Mazurin Web-developer 04
  5. 5. OUR SERVICESFROM POINT CONSULTING TO COMPLETE SOLUTION • Social research • The introduction of integrated system • Point research solutions • Monitoring • Storage and data transfer networks • Analysis and audit • IP telephony, call-centers • Implementation of CRM, ERP • Information Protection Research • Auditing of system security • Turnkey business solutions System • Marketing Strategy solutions • Digital Strategy • Business consultation Strategy • Layout Development • Web-sites, portals, internet-shops • Landing Pages Development • Social Networking apps • Mobile applications • System development: implementation of major projects, Creative • Branding, naming, branding, testing, auditing, copywriting • Content Management • Media adaptation • Turn-key concept PR Promotion • PR personality, PR brand. • Consulting • The project concept. • Media buying, nonstandard • Reputation management • PPC-advertising • Crisis management • Search Engine Marketing • SMM, the blogosphere 05 • Analytics and Audit • PR-content seeding, information support • Creation of new media • Evaluation of Public Relations Effectiveness
  6. 6. RESEARCHResearch provides a basis for making strategic and tactical decisions in the beginning andduring the promotional campaign: • Competitive advantage and the ability of the data projection for the campaign as a whole; • Measurement of opinions, moods, preferences, intentions, the target audience to date; • Detailed description of the portrait, moods and preferences of the target audience in their attitude towards the brand, issue; • Identification of problems and topics, most exciting of the target audience; • Research of public evaluation of resonance events occurring during bursts of information and event-activity.Research Unit includes the following areas:Social research Monitoring Analysis and Audit• Installation • Online and offline media • Similar experience of other• Point / resonant • Blogosphere and forums countries• Cyclic / syndicate • Comments and mentions of the brand • Channels of communication • Social Networking • Effectiveness of advertising campaigns, PR • Web sites 06
  7. 7. STRATEGYStrategy (marketing strategy) represents a certain process during which are planned and implementedactivities aimed at achieve the company goals.Goals of the each organization can be highly individual, but among them are the main ones: • Increasing sales; • Identification of the needs of the target audience; • Increasing a Company’s Profits; • Increasing market segment, etc.Our area of expertise: ​ • Marketing Strategy - detailed and comprehensive analysis • Digital Strategy as the main area of our expertise • Business advice, guidance 07
  8. 8. CREATIVECreative, in most cases, has become synonymous with creativity, originality, unconventional approach and even freshdesign solutions. Definitely all these concepts are an integral part of good creative concept, they make it noticeable,recognizable and memorable. They make a bright and well shaped IDEA.We create: • The creative concept of “turnkey”, based on the customer needs and wishes • Branding, naming, corporate identity, brand book, copywriting • Playback Media adaptation of the creative - TV, radio, printed materials, digital channels of communication … 08
  9. 9. PROMOPromotional activity is a set of actions that enable users to learn about the advertised product, brand, service. Promo-tional activity is brought to user with the use of communication channels, among which the most common are: TV, radio, press,outdoor advertising, BTL. High growth dynamics and engaging in promotional activity demonstrate also digital communicationchannels (Digital).The main area of competence of <glp> specialists are digital communication channels: • Media-buying (banner ads), non-standard solutions • PPC-advertising (PPC and teaser advertising, remarketing) • Search engine marketing, promotion in search • Analysis and audit of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and communication channels 09
  10. 10. PRThe main objectives of PR: • Creating a positive consumer perceptions of the brand, increase product knowledge and the growth of customer loy- alty; • Developing and improving the image, the work on a positive reputation; • Popularization, smoothing, or creation of intrigue, pseudo conflict, legend. • Estimates of the resonant events occurring during bursts of information and the event activity.The main directions of PR: • Develop PR-concept, writing • Reputation management • Crisis management • SMM, the blogosphere • Organization of PR-seeding, press events, interviews • Effective partnerships in the market, cross-marketing 10
  11. 11. DEVELOPMENTWe develop: • The original layout design, create a corporate identity for the brand, customer • Web-sites, portals of any complexity • Deploy and creation of “turnkey” online stores, online retail • Landing pages • Social Networking apps • Mobile applications • System development • Content management, writingWe collect the development team for startups realization, implementation of the project work.We control and manage the development of the project. 11
  12. 12. SYSTEM SOLUTIONSWe offer a range of solutions for the business organization • Organization of call-centers of turnkey, organization of video surveillance systems • Processing of video streaming, organization of video conferences • Organization of storage services and data processing • Allocation of space for hosting • Corporate networks data storage and transfer, corporate mail • Remote access service to the data • Consultation, creation and complete solutions for IT-businessProtection of confidential data, the maximum exclusion of information leakage: • Protected telephone conversations - a wide range of solutions to protect and encrypt the telephone signal, impossibility of access to signal; • Protection of correspondence and sending text and multimedia data; • Protected servers for storing and sharing data, data encryption. 12
  13. 13. EXAMPLES OF WORKSSOCIAL NETWORK OF POLITICAL FORCE In the concept of the project laid a mechanism of party building using the Internet as the main channel. The project is based on the four blocks: • Communication • Education • Resource Center • Mobilization Mechanisms used in the project can be scaled to build social networks of different profiles - youth, narrow profile. More information about the project can be found in a separate presentation. 13
  14. 14. EXAMPLES OF WORKSThe M.D.N.A. TOUR 2012. KYIV Win Platinum Fan Card for Madonna concert Objective: creation of promotional activity in Facebook in order to inform the audience about the arrival of the pop star, stimulating growth of fans of page Melnitsa International, sales tickets promotion. Period: April - May 2012, the final of the competition and draw tickets - July 2012 Solution: landing page with the terms of contest - like page Melnitsa, buy tickets online, go back and fill in the form for the competition, participate in the draw. For promo page was written a mini-CRM with the database of applica- tions. Was launched contextual advertising in Facebook three types: covering, by interests and the target audience. The result: more than 1500 applications in a specially designed CRM for 2 months, 5000 Likes Melnitsa page in Facebook, the number of Discuss publications - 7000, the total coverage (the total of contextual advertising + organic + virus) > 800 000 Facebook usersEmbroidery for MDNAObjective: maximum PR-noise and resonance in the media for a few days before Madonna concert in KievPeriod: late July - August 2012, finals and the party - mid August Media targeting: concert agency Melnitsa Inter-national and UFW. The idea and concept - GLP and PR-agency Secret Service. Media patronage: 1+1, Komso-molskaya PravdaSolution: The contest landing page with the ability to upload a photo with the sketch of embroidery, view and vote(Like) for the favorite sketch, which also housed in the TimeLine of person which liked this sketch, increasing reso-nance around competition.Result: totally more than 20,000 Likes of sketches. High frequency of mention of the competition in all types ofmedia (radio, TV, press, glossy magazines, videobordy etc.). Final action was held in Olmeca Beach Bar with cat-walk, concert program, invited celebrities and maximum seeding in the media. 14
  15. 15. EXAMPLES OF WORKSValery Mironov and brand “Pravo Kiyan” Formation of online reputation of Valery Mironov, “from scratch” in the elections 2012 to the Verkhovna Rada, corporate identity development, support the election campaign. Objectives: rebranding of “Pravo Kiyan”, the creation and development of its own information platform in Internet - pravokiyan.info, creating noise in the media, cleaning the negative references affecting the reputation of the candidate. PR-tasks: creating a positive image of a person and strengthening of the brand “Pravo Kiyan” development profiles in social media, and increased focus around a personal blog Valery Mironov. For 6 months of the project was designed and implemented Information portal concept “Pravo Kiyan” with unique SMM-platform. The core of the Internet project was super-successful legal Online consultation on the portal, which was accompanied by a unique Promotional solution - context advertising with the targeting of district in Podolsk region (using the Google targeting Advertising on GPS and Geo-IP). Valery Mironov constantly became top blogger on Korrespondent.net. <GLP> Team also implemented a number of mechanisms for information security. 15
  16. 16. EXAMPLES OF WORKSThe child will be National Social project created to help women deeply worried about infertility. The essence of the project: a woman fill out the form on the website, or commit call to call center has the ability to take a free survey in any selected from a list of clin- ic. After filling in the form of a specified clinic receive a notification of an application for the passage of survey with contact details of surveyed. Aims and objectives: to attract the target audience to the site for filling the applica- tion with a further appeal to the clinic for examination and appointment procedures. Development of this project consists of two parts: - Frontend is designed to familiarize the target audience with posting on the site relevant articles, completed application, and view a list of clinics participating in the action. - Backend CRM. Designed to work with clinics and control profiles. Where it is possible to specify a detailed status for each of the applications, Sort them in the order you want, and export base of applications in excel. During the period from March 1 to April 1, 2012 the number of applications was more than 1500, and continued to grow even after the campaign, exceeding all expecta- tions of the customer is in the second week. 4000 completed questionnaires, filled in the end, enough for sampling for deep social research. Link: rebenok-budet.in.ua 16
  17. 17. EXAMPLES OF WORKSLOGINFX.COM - CREATING AND COMPLEX SUPPORT Product: LoginFX - elite trading in financial markets Objective: Development of web-site, integrated with CRM, White Label, developing additional mechanic, implementation promotion and attracting audiences. The solution: the development of the portal, integration with aggregators content and Swiss WL, install and configure Sugar- CRM, the development of additional modules for SugarCRM, setting IP-telephony for call-center, development of promotional iPad- application, the implementation of social media promotion. Link: loginfx.com 17
  18. 18. EXAMPLES OF WORKSSERM for the insurance company XXXObjective: Reputation management in the InternetSolution: SERM - displacement negative pages from the search resultsThe result: displaced from the first 5 pages of search results Reviews 05.03 08.01 Positive 197 253 Neutrals 152 151 Negative 113 12 The main pool is the current customer service reputation management - financial institutions (banks, insurance companies), as well as individuals who do not reside in the territory of Ukraine. Due to certain issues of image, we can not disclose the names of any of our customers or indirect data that characterize them. 18
  19. 19. CONTACTS phone: e-mail: +38 044 361 33 71 info@glp-centre.com web-site: www.glp-centre.com