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For the last 25 years, the GLOBE™ Conference has been at the forefront of new ideas and insights on business and sustainability. GLOBE™ has helped corporations understand and embed sustainability into their operations, influenced the international debate on climate change, and developed the global marketplace for environmental and energy technologies and services.

In a world filled with risk and uncertainty, the GLOBE 2014 Conference will provide provocative insights on the world’s most pressing environmental and sustainability-related issues. You cannot afford to miss this opportunity to find out how to position your organization best in order to survive and succeed, both now and over the coming decade.

Hot topics at GLOBE 2014 include:
-The Changing Energy Landscape
-The Search for Clean and Abundant Water
-The Future of Global Food Security
-Building Resilient Cities
-Responsible Resource Management
-Clean Capitalism: Financing the Future
-Doing Business in the Green Economy
-China – Our Shared Future
-The Aboriginal Advantage
-Advancing Sustainability through Performance Verification

Conference sessions will be dynamic panels where experts and audience get to react and interact on the most pressing issues. Over the years, these sessions have drawn the ‘best and brightest’ of the international sustainable business community, making GLOBE an outstanding networking opportunity.

GLOBE 2014 will offer:

-In-Depth Review of challenging issues at the nexus between people, planet, and profit
-Critical Insights from more than 150 speakers and innovators
-Active Participation through new interactive sessions, workshops, and networking
-Real World Take-Aways including important lessons, innovative solutions, and valuable new tools

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GLOBE 2014 General Overview

  1. 1. Building Business Resilience Through Sustainability Innovation
  2. 2. Why do the world’s top business leaders come to GLOBE?
  3. 3. • GLOBE is the largest, longest running corporate environmental business event in North America. • Established in 1990, it’s the quintessential gathering of global senior business and government representatives. “The ‘convening’ power that GLOBE has always had offers tremendous value. We find it very effective to come and meet people from so many different countries.” Dr. Vicky Sharpe, President & CEO, Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)
  4. 4. • They come to network and advance issues at the nexus of global business and sustainability agendas. “The quality of the visitors here is very good, our companies are very happy with whom they met here, from BC but also from the whole Pacific Rim, which makes GLOBE attractive and unique.” Urs Heutschi, Head of Industry Relations,, Switzerland
  5. 5. What sets GLOBE apart? • GLOBE is a fully integrated event - it has a comprehensive conference program as well as a world-class innovation showcase. • GLOBE is the only combined international environmental business conference and technology showcase of its scale - anywhere.
  6. 6. • The GLOBE Conference is strategic in nature, not technical. • Its focus has always been around long term business strategy and competitiveness. “2012 was my first time attending a GLOBE conference – I went in with high expectations, given what colleagues had told me to expect, and I was not disappointed!” Brian Zeiler-Kligman, Director, Sustainability, Canada’s National Brewers
  7. 7. One of GLOBE's biggest strengths and the characteristic that BEST sets us apart from other events? • Massive international scope.
  8. 8. Participants from 58 Countries Attended GLOBE 2012: Australia Germany Mexico South Africa Austria Guatamala Morocco Spain Barbados India Netherlands Sweden Belgium Indonesia New Zealand Switzerland Brazil Iran Nigeria Taiwan Canada Ireland Norway Thailand Chile Italy Pakistan Tunisia China Japan Paraguay Turkey Colombia Kazakhstan Peru UAE Costa Rica Korea Philippines Ukraine Cote d’Ivoire Kuwait Poland United Kingdom Denmark Latvia Portugal United States Ecuador Lithuania Qatar Venezuela Finland Luxembourg Russia France Malaysia Singapore
  9. 9. GLOBE provides a showcase for over 400 companies bringing advanced innovation from nearly 20 countries. “People are in good spirits here; these are the experts and the people with knowledge and power to change things. I only wish it was every year.” Shari Austin, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Canada
  10. 10. “The Dutch companies were impressed by the quality of the visitors, and are still following up on the contacts made in Vancouver. Two companies have entered in a tender process for bids and one has already organized a follow up visit to BC.” Maarten den Ouden, Trade Officer, Consulate General of the Netherlands, Canada
  11. 11. GLOBE 2012 FAST FACTS 9000+ Total Participants 3100 Participating Organizations 1800 Conference Participants 650 Attending CEOs & Presidents 400 Exhibiting Companies 220 Media 157 Conference Speakers 58 Countries Represented
  12. 12. Average monthly web traffic: • Unique Visitors 132,893 • Average Visitors per day 18,863 • Page Views 950,517 “GLOBE is excellent; very thoughtful in the way the panels were picked, and there was a degree of honesty and openness in the debate that is quite unusual…not many platitudes, and a lot of practical advice. I saw a very engaged audience.” Dr. David Cheesewright, President and CEO, Walmart Canada
  13. 13. “The panel sessions were staffed with good speakers that knew their subjects well. The sessions were very informative and helpful to many.” Scott Wicker, Vice President, Corporate Plant Engineering & Chief Sustainability Officer, UPS, USA
  14. 14. International Participation • All participants: - 36% Asia - 27% Europe - 28% US - 5% Americas - 3% Middle East - 1% Africa • Exhibitors Only: - 48% Europe - 23% Asia - 22% US - 6% Middle East - 1% Americas 58 countries represented, including 18 exhibiting countries
  15. 15. Participation by Sector All participants: 40% Corporate 18% Environmental Service/Technology 13% Education/Training 9% Federal Government 6% Provincial/State Government 5% Municipal Government 4% Association 2% NGO 4% Other Exhibitors Only: 43% Corporate 22% Environmental Service/Technology 11% Federal Government 10% Provincial/State Government 6% Education/Training 4% Municipal Government 4% Association 1% NGO
  16. 16. Participation by Industry All participants: 21% Energy 18% Consulting/Engineering/Professional Services (specific sector not given) 8% Construction/Real Estate/Green Building/Architecture 6% Finance 4% Transportation/Automotive 4% Trade 4% Forestry/Pulp & Paper/Printing/Publishing 3.5% Utility 3.5% Waste Management/Recycling 3% Manufacturing 3% Oil & Gas 3% Water/Wastewater 3% Mining/Minerals/Metal
  17. 17. “At the end of the show we ended up with in excess of 200 enquiries, alliances already made with companies in America, Ireland & Canada. Test sites for BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan for frac water and serious enquiries from virtually around the globe. It genuinely is The GLOBE Show!!!” Nigel Bosworth, CEO, Pointsource Processing, Canada
  18. 18. What’s in Store for GLOBE 2014?
  19. 19. • The conference will host over 150 speakers and 1,800 delegates. • More than 600 Presidents & CEOs will attend GLOBE 2014. • No other international environmental business conference attracts such large numbers of C-Suite participation. “I’ve certainly seen a shift from the early days of GLOBE. Now you see the trade show being characterized by entrepreneurs, new business opportunities, a whole different cast of characters… I think this path is about setting up commercial enterprises that are going to create the changes that society needs, and new business models are going to be created from that.” Gord Lambert, Vice President, Sustainable Development, Suncor Energy Inc., Canada
  20. 20. The innovation showcase at GLOBE 2014 will focus on three key areas: ENERGY GREEN BUILDING & SUSTAINABLE CITIES WATER
  21. 21. “GLOBE has been very worthwhile. It’s afforded me some opportunities I clearly otherwise wouldn’t have had.” Dr. Graeme Sweeney, Executive Vice President, C02, Shell International Petroleum Ltd., UK For the first time in 2014,GLOBE will launch a new, sophisticated business and social matching program to help participants meet, share ideas, find solutions, and do business.
  22. 22. “This is the second GLOBE I’ve been to, and I’m always struck by the eclectic mix that attends the conference. Clearly it’s becoming more international… and it’s a mix of people who are working specifically on environmental issues, as well as people from companies that are producing some of those environmental impacts. Bringing these people together is important.” Bill Smith, Senior Vice President, Energy Sector, Siemens Canada
  23. 23. The Conference will host the world’s top innovators sharing cutting-edge insight into…  Corporate Sustainability Performance  The Economics of Endless Energy  Resource Management & Efficiency  Resilient Cities & Infrastructure  Clean & Abundant Water  Industrial Agriculture & Food Security
  24. 24. Top Reasons to Participate in 2014: • Learn about new sustainable innovations and business opportunities, and share expertise. • Network with influential corporate executives, world leading NGO’s, researchers, and technology developers. • Interact with government of all levels and private sector investors. • Discover ground-breaking sustainable technologies and initiatives.
  25. 25. “GLOBE has been a great show for us to forge new connections and keep current connections. It offers exposure to high-profile clientele, potential clients, and partners. Compared to other trade shows where you are mainly looking at the end customer, here you start making connections at the level of the specifiers, multipliers. This show is for us not a single-client show but a multiplier show.” Maik Gehloff, Manager, Technical Support, SHERPA Connector, Austria
  26. 26. Book your place now for a preferred spot at one the world’s most well-known environmental business development events.
  27. 27. Building Business Resilience Through Sustainability Innovation