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Solar pannels
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Solar pannels


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. SOLAR PANNELSSolar panel is made up of many individual Solar Cells. These Solar Cells aremade up of a semi conducting material like silicon. Semi conducting is a fancyway of saying that these materials move (or conduct) the flow of electrons.Organizing the flow of electrons into a useful stream gives rise to an electriccurrent. This current can then be used to charge batteries or power DCelectricity. Following the working process of solar panels:
  • 2. SOLAR SYSTEMSSolar Energy Electric Power Generating System Principles and DesignConsiderationsElectric power generating system consists of solar panels, solar controller,rechargeable cell.Inverter is also needed if the output power is 220V or 110V AC.Function of each section is as follows.Solar Panels:It is the core part in this system and also is of the highest value. It is used toconvert the energy of sunlight into electric energy or store it in the rechargeablebattery or make load work. The cost and quality of solar panels directly determinethe cost and quality of the whole system.Solar Controller:Its function is to control the operation condition of the whole system and it mayalso protect from overcharge or over discharge. Qualified controller should alsohave the function of temperature compensation in the place where thetemperature difference is considerable. Other functions such as photo switch andtime switch should also be the optional function for controller.Rechargeable BatteryUsually it is lead acid battery, and nickel-hydrogen battery, nickel-cadmiumbattery and lithium battery may be used in small system. It is used to storeelectric energy generated by solar panels in sunlight time and release it whenneeded.InverterOn many occasions, 110V 220V AC is needed to be supplied. But the directoutput of solar energy generally is 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC, so DC-AC inverter isneeded to convert DC into AC in order to supply electric energy to electricappliances of 220VAC. In some instances, DC-DC inverter is also needed whenvarious voltage loads is needed, example. converting electric energy of 24VDCinto 5VDC (it is not simple voltage step-down)
  • 3. Considerations for DesignA. Where the system will be used? What’s the solar radiation condition?B.How big is the load power of the system?C.The output voltage amount should be taken into account and is it AC or DC?D.How long does the system need to work per day?E.How many days are required to generate power continuously if it is stormy orcloudy days?F.The condition of the load, pure resistance character, capacitive character andinductive character need to be considered, and how much is the starting electriccurrent?G.How many systems are needed?All this specifications will define the price per unit. For more information: