Connecting To Act! By Sage


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Exporting and Importing data in ACT! by Sage databases

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Connecting To Act! By Sage

  1. 1. GL Computing – Copyright (c) 2009
  2. 2. Connecting to ACT! By Sage Reading • ACT! File Export • ACT! Export to Excel or • OLEDB Exporting • ODBC - ActReader ACT! Data • 3rd Party Export Importing • ACT! File Import Options or Writing • 3rd Party Import • ACT! SDK ACT! Data
  3. 3. ACT!’s File Export – to ACT! db  Can export a lookup of one record type or All Contacts if multiple record types selected - Contacts, Groups, Companies  Can export all Extended Data - Notes, Histories, Sales Ops, Activities, Secondary Contacts, Attachments  Can check for duplicates and merge records in target database. But only entire records, not on a field basis  Fields must be matching data types
  4. 4. ACT!’s File Export – to Text  Can only export one record type in an export (Contacts, Groups or Company)  No keys to link Contacts to the other records  Cannot export any extended data  Supports Comma or Tab delimiter  Can export field names (recommended)
  5. 5. ACT!’s Export to Excel  Available from various list views: Contacts, Companies, Groups, Tasks, Opportunities  Opportunities also creates Pivot Chart and Table tabs  Icon on bar or via menu - Tools | Export to Excel  Filtered by what is shown on the List View  Fields selected by Options | Customise Columns  Only information shown in the list view is exported – only one contact per item and no details with Activities  No keys to link exported data
  6. 6. OLEDB  Object Linking and Embedding, Database  Used for reporting via Excel, Crystal Reports, etc  Views of most ACT! tables  Started as per this ACT! Knowledge Base article:  Can be disabled for security or performance as per:
  7. 7. ODBC – ActReader  Open Database Connectivity  Direct read-only access to all SQL tables  Works with Premium versions of ACT! 2005 or later  ActReader is included on ACT! Premium 2009 11.1 CD or can be downloaded from this ACT! KB: 22989  ACTDataDictionaryDocument.rtf in ACT! 11.1 folder more documentation can be found at this KB: 22924  A visual view of the links between the tables can be created in Visio (free 60-day trial) as per this article:
  8. 8. 3rd Party Export  itExport  Easy to use tool to export data from ACT!  Exports all ACT! records and extended data Including Custom Tables and Linked Documents  Includes Unique ID to re-link exported data externally  Can filter export data based on a date range and types  Can export in formatted (RTF) or unformatted  Can run as a service with (optional) itService to enable automated exports of data to integrate with another system.
  9. 9. Importing in ACT! – ACT! Database  File | Import | ACT! Database  Must be same version of ACT!  Entire set of selected records: Contacts, Groups Companies  Field mapping (data types must match)  Record level duplicates and merging  Extended data is included (attachments optional)  Activities only if user names match in both databases
  10. 10. Importing in ACT! - Outlook  File | Import | Outlook  Contacts – with Activities and Notes  Outlook or Exchange Contacts  Appointments/Tasks can import to My Record or selected Contact as Outlook doesn’t assign then to specific contacts  Field mapping and contact Record level duplicate checking and merging
  11. 11. Importing in ACT! – dBase  File | Import | dBase  dBase III-IV dbf  Import to ACT! Contacts only  dBase memo field to ACT! Memo or notes  Field mapping and contact Record level duplicate checking and merging
  12. 12. Importing in ACT! – Palm Desktop  File | Import | Palm Desktop  Palm Desktop 4.0 and earlier only. V4.1 and later only via txt Must have Palm Desktop installed  ACT! Contacts – some Notes and Activities
  13. 13. Importing in ACT! – Text Delimited  File | Import | Text Delimited  Comma (CSV) or Tab delimiters  Contact Group or Company records  No extended data – Notes, Histories, Activities, Ops  Field mapping and Record level duplicate checking and merging.  No linking Contacts to Companies/Groups
  14. 14. 3rd Party Import  itImport  Editions include: Basic, Standard, Advanced, Pro *Basic and Standard only ACT! 2007 (9.0) and later  Sources from TXT, CSV, XLS, XLSX, MDB, SQL, ODBC  Editions define Source and ACT! table options (see web for list)  All ACT! Records – Contacts, Companies, Groups  All Extended Data – Notes, Histories, Activities, Opportunities, Secondary Contacts, Custom Tables (10.02 or later), Picture Fields and Attachments.  Record AND Field level merges to update new data  Auto link Contacts to Groups/Companies (create if needed)  Can run as a service with (optional) itService to enable automated imports of data to integrate with another system  Mail to ACT! allows automated import of email forms
  15. 15. 3rd Party Import  MigrateAdmin – Goldmine  Supports Goldmine versions 5.7-6.7 SQL versions of Goldmine are not supported  Supports ACT! 2007 (9.0) and later  Imports – Contacts, Companies, Groups, Custom Fields, E-mails, Activities, Histories, Notes, Opportunities, attachments and more
  16. 16. ACT! SDK - read, write, events  Can read and write the ACT! Data  Can access Events for live transactions  Used in Customised solutions by Plugins  Can be used to Sync ACT! data to other systems  Requires programming in .Net
  17. 17. Contact information  GL Computing:  LinkedIN ACT! Fanatics Group: