The Anatomy of Economic Terrorism


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The Anatomy of Economic Terrorism

  1. 1. The Anatomy of Economic Terrorism Racketeering, Exploitation of Humanitarian Issues pushing Narcotics Terrorism & Racist Commercial & Political Organizations 1 February 2010 Democracy Work Watch this presentation on the Internet at
  2. 2. Arian Racist Narcotics Terrorist Political & Commercial Organizations of Europe Gay & Entertainment Community directed without link to legitimate Constitutional Government, affecting Military Conversations & Political Conversations, racist plans of Acting Community, using Actors & Artist's Key Names, Irish, Germanic, Northern & Western Europeans, vs. Southern & Eastern Europeans: Real Estate, Inventions, Minerals & Oil, eKidanpping, Trafficking, Narcotics=White. India used the Clintons & Gore2000 Campaign, tried "Hostile Takeover" of Narcotics Terrorist Organization using Blair, 2001's Iraq "War" result, India-Germanic Relationship ArunNayar- Pakistan JemmimaKhan, & 18th-19th Century Western, Skull&Bones Key Names, Arian-ish Names used & eReinforced in products, Politics & Business, Gay & India Paki impersonated Skull&Bones, FBI, CIA, DEA, to protect India&Gays, Streets named after UKGB Actors, Housing Developments, etc. Obvious link to GDP growth also linked to Personalized Terrorism of Key Names of those countries whose GDP's have not grown or that have decreased as though exactly post WWII with Ireland as an Developed Country on par with UKGB & US, http://www.imf. org/external/datamapper/index.php c1950's Key Names used, stalked, Calculated Earnings of those Key Names Blair activity used World Peace Plan as the Narcotics Terrorist Plan.
  3. 3. Artists & Actor Key Names? 1950's Clandestine World Peace Plan wasn't about the Actors & the Artists. Linear Sequential System maintained since WWII affected UKGB Acting Community, actors found in Insane Asylum c1990's. "Mountbatten-Windsor" , Mt. Everest-Tibet Sequential World Peace Plan known, Narrative used for Narcotics Terrorist Plans, India Pakistan of any Citizenship ENEMY COMBATANTS: & http://tinyurl. com/IndiaPaki-EnemyCombatants Plans to stop Gay&Entertainment Community Narcotics Terrorists used as though Iraq War & Narcotics Trafficking Plans c1980's, DEAD-LINE of c1972 Flush found: India Pakistan & Irish, Gay&EntCmty linked to Sports Gambling Ring & eSafari TerraStarWars, "Plan of Attack", Bob Woodward, pg. 15, Monolythic artwork of "dumptrucks" seen as potential rocket launchers, Farmers "Primary Colors", MarkRothko, KeyName without weapons seen as Iraqi Army, Irish devising Global used to signal System of Narcotics Trafficking, Narcotics Terrorist Irish Geramnic taught Hispanics Street Name Code "System" Community Activity, Blair without explaining the information was for Information Coded Klan Election Rigging, was for Information Dissemination Only, Streets Named in the http://bit. ly/GESTALT_stereotypes 1970's tell a story, Reston, VA: JFK's Assasination. Irish believed Street Names were directions of a E.T. System. Irish & UKGB EU Acting Commuinty knew of WORLD PEACE
  4. 4. Electronic link to Narcotic infused "person" c1974, Neural Network of Gay&EntCmty was called the "Information Super Highway," Brainwashing, Inhibits Thought, Election Rigging planning for Blair, KeyNames "RalphTester", Eric Arthur BLAIR, http://bit. ly/_stalkersystem eKidnapping,Human Trafficking, OrganTheft, Slavery, Pricing Czars, Trade, WTC. Gestalt Database System+TerraStarWa rs Enfironmental Dome, Fishbowl Earth, eProfiling, eStereotying, causing Dystonia (Blair),
  5. 5. "Double Indemnity", Acts of Nature c1964 UKGB IE EU Narcotics Terrorist Community tried to align activity in UKGB toward 11-9-2001 for the New Millennium, Blair obsessed on Y2K while planning 11-9-2001 with Narcotics Terrorists, timed, screen written & staged News, Converstaions & Events, Germanic Narcotics Terrorists allegedly linked to Schroeder, Schwarzenegger, use of Narcotics Neural Network & Extreme Dehumanization with Europe's India Pakistan expats of any Citizenship against UKGB, foodquakes, Asia Pacific, Haiti, Irish, clueless of Brainwashing activity, tried to use Drones (Non Sentient) India Pakistan expats of United States, Blair's Louisiana-Texas-Schwarzenegger Iraq & "G1" plans made at the same time, c1990's, Katrina resulted. Systematic Attack on Non Westerners, Life Insurance, Relationship Drama, Emotional & Economic Terrorism using Stalking & Coded Reporting System of Gay&Entertainment Community, India Pakistan without Conscience, DERANGED LUNATICS. Many Due Process & wrongful Imprisonment cases reported in the United States lnked to Bliar Klan acitivty, NO AUTHORITY: Irish Gay & Entertainment Commuinty believed ArunNayar & Pakistan's Khan was a good idea for the UKGB EU,
  6. 6. Operation Scared Straight, Clandestine Flush of Narcotics, Weapons & Crime Scandals & questionable activity around Railroads, MetroRail, Toll Roads activity Theme of Narcotics Terrorists who believe they're "mining" for information, while planning Bank Robberies, Art Theft, High End Crime, most Municipalities don't have funding & reluctant to use rail vs. shuttles & busses, Railroad Theme was of an Clandestine Operation to repair damage of Skull & Bones & Military Experiments on Civilian Population: "Operation Scared Straight", mistranslated into the NonLogical Narrative of the "Nam" War. "Ramming", theme of The Pentagon Papers, subsequent Legislation pushed by Gay & Entertainment Community c2001, Gay & Entertainment Community Narcotics Terrorists directing the military from the Gay & Entertainment Community tried to signal "Victory" with "V" of Vietnam - "Nam", http://bi.tly/-bragging Real Estate Mafia System uses "ramming" eSystem, Systematic KeyNumber Rehabilitation of Buildings, Housing, Roads, Schools, pushing Economic Terrorism, Emotional Terrorism & over development of Condos, each Region/ZipCode has a GDP for which the Stalkers claim responsibility, HAARP, Elf, H.E.M.P., Brainwashing of 1990's: Gay Community was scheduled to be Humanely Programmed Straight, succesful in 1999, instead used for Iraq & Gulf Wars with Mass Media Brainwashing under "Billy the Kid" Clinton, "HRC" & "King George, Sr. & Jr.."
  7. 7. Situation Room is Screen Writing room, Planet Hollywood, Mass Programming, Oxford University News Reports & Headlines that don't make sense, use context of Sports Play-by-Play reports rather than analysis & investigation into issues, exact repeat of past History, The Bible as though 1 continous stroy tather than several stories/books put together, eKidnapping: No Problem Solving in News Agencies, with News Reports, No concern for Community's Emotional Stability, Pharmaceutical link to tests on population with Emotional Terrorism of News Reports, Method Actors (Methodone) using sound stages,, Gonzales allegedly is an Irish Artificial Intelligence experiment, CSPAN Stalkers allegedly fed Lines during testimony, "Leave No Child Behind", treats Kids as though physical money, currency, object, rather than Kids in need of an Nurturing/Learning Environment that does not strictly measure amount spent in teaching. Sports Rigging & Stock Market Gambling: y.n/ & u/d Database Logic, TaserCop Syndrome, Programmed Langauge of Police of Bordello S/M Y/N, U/D, "Logic", Dominance in the Conversation is the Goal, Physical Computer System used as SIMEarth Template, NO LOGIC, No link to organic natural original Life OF Earth as factor in Operations & Plans, India & Irish Dehumanization & Economic Terrorism & racist Commercial & Political System only, money as law, .01 (cent) = 1% interest/activity, eKidnapping c2001, http://bit. ly/FAILED_SIMEarth
  8. 8. "Half Baked" Irish FAILED to claim Asia Pacific Territory, DERANGED LUNATICS Enterprise Systems, Information Station Agents: eChannels- Hubs of Information on Regions & Cities devised, Info Theft Neural eNetwork inhibited thought & then tried to "dumb down" Businesses, Political Leadership, Think Tanks, excluding wholistic, Non Western Philosophy, centered & balanced psychological profiles, ESL, Student Travel, TempStaffing,Contractors used to infiltrate Companies & Governments, Western News Agencies used as Brainwashing Agents, Irish Germanic using Coded Language, India Pakistan DERANGED LUATICS: c1990's attack on "Muslims" targeted all Non Westerners, screen writers of Oxford Political & English Departments, Shakespearean & Stage Writers, directed by Blair Klan India Pakistan & Irish Germanic Gay & Entertainment Community, The weak, At-Risk, ESL, Tourist, Elderly, Low Income community targeted to provide "Ego Trip" for new Gays & Irish Vagrant new recruits. Message from "My Own Private Idaho": "give up worldly possessions & make heaven manifest on Earth." http://bit. ly/Change1x
  9. 9. ECHELON Space Satellite System Information Theft & Gestalt Database Population eProgramming, Stalking, Economic Terrorism &
  10. 10. Custom Tailored Affordable Quality Lifestyle vs. India & IE DE Personalized Economic Terrorism Irish with "007" Drone eNarcotic, worked on naming companies useful to High End Crime, Robberies, infiltration, wording for Advertising signals pay-off, extortion, threats, bribery & blackmail, EU News pattern, Populations eKidnapped, Control=Narcotics+Paranoia+Racketeering & War: News Agency Front Page News reads as though talking to someone else, Sports Play-by-Play reporting, obsession on Big Numbers signaling Extortion, India Pakistan expats call this "bribery", India wanted to be liked in an White Racist Organization while the origin of >75% of 3rd World Country's problems, Stalked Targets hear Telepathy, believe signals while under the influence of Trance-like eNarcotic, linked to the Stalker's physical eBrain, Acting community routine calls Stalkers "Spooks" as though CIA/FBI while Gay&EntCmty & India Paki Skull&Bones Impersonators, Telepathy= Hindi talking to Hindi. Stalkers talking to Stalkers with use of Front Page News & News Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Public Relations Firms, Radio & Print Marketers.
  11. 11. Western Entertainment Industry Pattern Spin Cycle: Westerners, Arians Center Stage rather than reflecting Population of Region, Non Racist Globalized 21st Century, Stalking System: Good Stories of Non Western Families used as "material" of Western feel good movies & television shows, situation dramas, Non Westerners reported as "downtrodden" exactly as though of Pear S. Buck's "Good Earth," other folk tales. "Living in Emergency" as Irish Rubber Stamp Normal, rape=war. http://bit. ly/IrishCycle 1950's racism repeated in Movies as "StatusQuo", http://bit. ly/DerangedLunatics Sinister folklore promoted & programmed to suit ego of Western Narcotics Terrorist, Non Western movies, novels, used as translated verbatim, scene Ideas made part of Expensive"Ringu" is an example, http: Good for scene as Western Movie, Luxury Industry & Sinister/Alien plot of Movie // Industry, linear Narcotics Terrorist Event Horizon produced Canadian PaulHellyer 1960's Alient Landing pad, Western Actors with Psychological flaws, Narcotics & Junkie Habits chosen to eProgram population with Ticks, Junkie Habits, Bad Habits, Scandal-ready, Abuse, Drama, Domestic Violence, Personalized Economic Terrorism & Extreme Dehumanization for Entertainment of India Pakistan serfs & Irish UKGB Vagrants with the use of Space Satellites, Ego Trip for Irish Vagrant new recruits, homeless of LosAngeles puppeted, without control of self- expression.
  12. 12. "The 21st Century Well Rounded Multi Ancestral  International Citizen of the World is a REALITY, not a Dream." The World Peace Orgaznier Earth's Nature is of Self Sustaining Abundance! Heaven is on Earth, Hell is of the mind. Immediate Reparations will provide for an Affordable Quality Lifestyle for everyone with the support from: Servants, Technicians, Maids, Gardeners, Butlers, Talors, Shoemakers, Leased Land & Housing instead of Owned Land, 10 cent Public Phones, 5 cent slice of pie, 5 cent cup of coffee, Free Public Transportation, Public Utilities, Energy & Oil proceeds fund Education & Social Services, Animal Pro Creation & Fur Mills, Agriculture Industry, Government Regulatory Function of former Mafia, Clean Tap Water c1996, Arizona Memorial oil leak & Pearl Harbor Clean, NO EXCUSES: there is 35+ years of Legal Liability backlog to the Federal Government, there is 100.00% no Legal & no Economic Justification for Exponential Exploitation, read the Guidelines to avoiding Extortion & Bribery, Self Sustaining Residual Income Businesses Co-Operatives, Real GDP Valuation of Community Health & Business Employability vs. Material Wealth, Recycled Value vs Charge-off & Bad Debt, Cures of all Diseases Exists! BE THE CHANGE! Support the Presidency of the Native Indigenous, Solve Problems
  13. 13. References "The Hoax", World Peace Plan suggestions for an Affordable Quality "I Am Legend",, Lifestyle Japan film, "Ringu", "Chunking Express", "Half Baked", Suggested IMMEDIATE REPARATIONS, "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead", TheDead, "The Departed", Democracy Work, "My Own Private Idaho", Mark Rothko "Brief Encounter" ECHELON Space Satellite System Information Loop, http: "Double Indemnity", // "Blood Diamond", Racketeering Spin Cylce, "Body of Lies", Western Political & Commercial System, http://bit. ly/WesternersDontCompete IMF GDP Growth Datamapper Information Theft & eKidnapping, Paul Hellyer's UFO Landing Hoax, Narcotics Terrorism Routines of Hollywood http://bit. HellyerHoax, ly/N_Terrorism Western War Cycle as "Life", ENEMY COMBATANTS: India Paki & Irish Germanic http: Download Narcotics System & Signal Doce, http://bit. // ly/_colossus Blair Klan's War Crimes, Heads of State OfficialUKGB eProfiling: document explaining "Blair Never Existed" necessary, http: Irish Germanic last ditch "Plan of Attack", http://bit. // ly/IndiaSchizoid_Mango Eric Arthur BLAIR: Electronic Narcotic http://bit.ly_eNarcotic Blair's Racketeering Mill, WMDe Foodquake, Narcotics Trafficking Signaler http://bit. ly/_foodquake The Pentagon Papers Situation Room Brain for Elder WH Advisors, http://bit. ly/ElderBrain India Pakistan DERANGED LUNATICS, http://bit. ly/FAILED_SIMEarth