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"Hell is of the Mind, Heaven is on Earth", is the message from those who need immediate assistance from Military caught in Narcotics Trafficking, Nam Bordello & Blood Diamond Activity.

"Hell is of the Mind, Heaven is on Earth", is the message from those who need immediate assistance from Military caught in Narcotics Trafficking, Nam Bordello & Blood Diamond Activity.



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Road Blueprint Road Blueprint Presentation Transcript

  • Western Royal Flush: Containment & Eradication of Narcotics, Weapons & Crime Diplomatic Answer to War Crimes & Abuses of Power Immediate Reparations, Legislated progress supporting Native Indigenous Ancestry, Traditions & Land & Natural Resource Management International Renaissance Exodus to Europe to support EU Economy, (Ireland, India & Pakistan, Sri Lanka) Systematic Eradication of Narcotics, Weapons & Crime without taking credit & without publicity Injunctions & CEASE & DESIST Orders End the use of South African Narcotics Bordello System Signals & Routines Western Agrarian Industry & Green Industry without Technology/ Electricity needed in Rehabilitation of Environment Improve Hiring practices of News Agencies, enforce Standards & Ethics of Business Exodus of NGOs & CBOs in Non Western Countries, monitor Communications for Promotion of Exploitation & Exploitive Practices
  • Community Psychological & Financial Stability Reinforcing Constitutional Democracies Constitutional Government Diplomacy: 21st Century Citizens of the World, most well informed Voters in the History of Western Civilization Works within Self Sustaining Carrying Capacity of Natural Resources, The Constitution & International Law Domestic Diplomacy: News & Entertainment: Business Direction, Opinion on Government & Policy Community Leaders: Re-connect to Purpose of Humble Public Service Schools & Volunteer Firehouses: First Responder Resource for Kids Family: Communication & Problem Solving Skills Organizations: Support Community Need & Conditions of those At-Risk Terms of Peaceful Co-existence maintained Publicly within Constitutional Law View slide
  • International Clandestine: Plans of 1950’s to provide for World Peace, Heaven on Earth Review of Activity of Historical Record: Products, Mergers & Acquisitions, SEC, IPO’s Publishing & Public Relations Industry Entertainment & Narcotics Industry Pharmaceutical & Medical Industry Improvements in Health Insurance Industry & specialization in Psychological Disorders developed at time of Narcotics Terrorist Infiltration Farming & Organic Products Military, Astronomy & Space: Symbiotic Interconnected Existence Exposes Pharmaceutical Industry Limitations, Extremism & Snake Oil Sales Policy working toward Reconciliation, Unification & Containment of Threats to Sovereignty View slide
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction “Nuclear” Conversation of Military believed to signal Family Stalked in preparation for War of “War Game” Conversation on “Enemy”, signaled developments in Non Western Family, “Nuclear Family”: Information & Evidence of Stalking History would implode Pharmaceutical, Industries Gay Community aligned with Racists of late 1800’s, eKidnapped Westerners, technology/ specs developed before Space Satellites were launched & used from Narcotics Community, ECHELON Information Intercept used Sound Stage/ Chamber as source of Disease, Syndromes, Musicians as Weapon: WMDe iPod preparation “Propoganda”, TV Re-run Programming of Racism: Turret's, ADD, Dystonia (signal targeting of AnthonyBlair, Fraud in Office), Bell’s Palsy, Spelling Errors, Junkie Habits, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Gay Behavior, use of phrases of Cold & World Wars, “Soviet” vs. Russian “Chemical Weapons”: Gastro Intestinal Disorders, Scoliosis, Arthritis, Menopause, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Insomnia, Racing Thoughts “Thermo-Nuclear”: Body Heat, Hot Flashes, Internal & External Temperature Control & Experience, causing Self-Immolation to sell feeling of body on fire
  • Clandestine Narcotics Activity: Plans made from Narcotics Community during World War I as though of Constitutional Government Systematically Attacked At-Risk Community, Resources & used Infrastructure of At-Risk & Law Enforcement Hunted & Publicized Free Resources, Public Servants Stalked Military: Weapons Development & Procurement Process LEO: White Baiting, Entrapment-Corruption, Directing & Signaling future plans of Terrorist Attack Handlers, Publicists & Public Relations: Sells information on Attacks & lack of progress to Entertainment Industry which in then trains Narcotics Community on lingo & “engine” with products eKidnapped Elderly, Authorities of Industries as physical narcotic with Plans of War, 11-9-2001, Military Narcotics “Engine” Claimed Government Territory: Election/ Employment Rigging, 1) PoshIrish Germanic Crime, 2) Kiddie Porn ECHELON of IndiaPaki uses willing participants of MontyPython’s Cast/ Crew, Entertainment Industry, eg., U2 Pattern of “Expansion” & Investment: Metro Lobbyist, Private Toll Roads, Corruption of Politicians, Public Servants
  • ENEMY COMBATANT SIMEarthHoax: Monitor & Control with Communications & Medical Technology, Space Satellite Technology, Virtual Reality Environmental Control CPU & RAM Speed: Commercial Terrorism to artificially favor Western Companies & slow Communications GPS Stalking/ Gaming: Stock Market Support, Internet Gaming/ Fantasy websites, Video Gamer Groups Situation Room Sound Stages: Military grade Weapons, WMD capability, ePuppeting & Dictating Conversation, Internal Organ control & attack, Posture & Self-Expression (Agency: Interior, CDC) c1950’s-1970 Information Theft: use of World Peace Plans, Non Western Company & Politician Information & Ideas as though “Agitation Propaganda”, Advertising, Radio & Television Conversations, Key Numbers, Words & Phrases Entertainers’ Info Source Nixon-ClintonBush Era Paranoia Reinforcing Military/ Gay Community Trauma with Entertainment & News Industry Limiting if not Dictating Policy Conversations to Cure Disease & Breach Conflict
  • Narcotics Bordello Environment Objectification of Physical, Natural & Financial Assets Sale of Migration/ Slave Control, Remote Control Stalker System SIMEarth: Object Oriented Database Stalker Network Info Feeds: Television & News Cues, i.e., Christian Church “Harvest”, “Treasure Hunt”, “Antiques Road Show”, creates paranoia in Law Enforcement Organizations Real Estate Mafia: Monitoring Territory on a Schedule, signaling developments/ approval for development in lives of Stalked & Economically Terrorized people Travel Industry Signals: Targeting, Channelling Targets/ Communications on Narcotics Neural Network Stock Market Signals: linked with Western Company Numbers, Orders, Systematized System on Schedule of Numbers with goal of Number “#”, Third Reich Vitamin, Food, Wet & Dry Goods ordered on a Schedule Weapons, Narcotics, Escort-Bordellos & Territory Quota, see “Crime on a Quota” Pricing of Staple Commodities linked to price of Narcotics & Volume of Business Derivatives & Hedge Funds signal Key Name Communities/ People eKidnapped Stalked Assets: Art, Antiques, Heirlooms, Coins, Metals, Minerals, Pharmaceutical dependent, Pure Oxygen dependent, Kids of the Competition & Future Key Name Competition
  • Western Royal Flush: Goal of Pre-Colonized Earth, Abundant & Self Sustaining c1960’s Military War Game ended with “Scared Straight” & Enlightenment, Love: Hell is in the Mind Narcotics Terrorism, Word Games, Extreme Competitiveness, Stereotyping & Stigmatization, Signals causes & reinforces Paranoia, Medical & Pharmaceutical Company Control of Life of Earth from Farm to Table, Nazi Racist Goals of WWI & WWII “Scared Straight” Heaven is on Earth Natural Organic Curatives imbedded in Medical Academia & Non Western Religions Path-ology, word used to direct creation & programming of Syndromes & Narcotics Community Dysfunction Programming Municipal Gears in City & County Government should be ready to Cure Poverty Create your Wish List to provide for KID Safe Communities NO EXCUSES for Crime Environment Plausible, Responsive Efficient Effective Processes First Assist: Self Regulating Businesses & Organization provide for NEED
  • Documentation & Resources World Peace Plan suggestions for an Affordable "The Hoax", Quality Lifestyle "I Am Legend",, “Scared Straight”: Documentary on NJ Prison Program "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead", Suggested IMMEDIATE REPARATIONS, TheDead, IMF GDP Growth Datamapper Democracy Work, ENEMY COMBATANTS: India Paki & Irish Germanic Blair's Racketeering Mill, "The Departed", IndiaPakistan&IrishGermanicAliens from Uranus: "Chunking Express", eProfiling: "Half Baked", "My Own Private Idaho", ECHELON Space Satellite System Information Loop, Irish Germanic last ditch "Plan of Attack", Racketeering Spin Cylce, Eric Arthur BLAIR: Western Political & Commercial System, Electronic Narcotic http://bit.ly_eNarcotic WMDeFoodquake, Narcotics Trafficking Signaler Information Theft & eKidnapping, The Pentagon Papers Paul Hellyer'sUFO Landing Hoax, Mark Rothko HellyerHoax, Western War Cycle as "Life", "Brief Encounter" Japanfilm, "Ringu", "Double Indemnity", Download Narcotics System & Signal Doce, "Blood Diamond", "Body of Lies", Blair Klan's War Crimes, Heads of State OfficialUKGB Situation Room Brain for Elder WH Advisors, document explaining "Blair Never Existed” India Pakistan DERANGED LUNATICS, necessary, KEY NOTE SPEAKER, CONSULTATION, PRESENTATIONS AVAILABLE: Contact Democracy Work at +1-204-479-9532