Kid Safe Democracy Work


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Learn How to provide for Kid Safe Communities with Democracy Work.

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Kid Safe Democracy Work

  1. 1. Kid Safe Community Safety Net from Democracy Work “Eradicating the At-Risk Community Nationwide.”
  2. 2. Kid Safety = Simplicity Communication for the purpose of Solving Problems, supporting Diplomacy & Providing for Immediate NEED, ASK QUESTIONS, Don’t Assume everything is okay, kids/ people are alright, 1st Assist, provide assistance to those of Immediate Need, EXPOSE Frauds in Office, Key Named, Opportunists, In the Way of Emergency Resources for those of Immediate Need for the purpose of maintaining “power” or position, No Excuses for Crime Environment allows for Legal Protection of Constitutional Democracies & Stability, A NO EXCUSES for Crime NORM allows for the support of Innovative Happy Family Projects & Service Ethics & Organizations. Standards
  3. 3. Goals of Terrorists Selling Narcotics & Products Derived from Criminal Activity, of activity within an “Kingdom”, Projection & Timing of Profit from the Stock Market & Sports Gambling, GDP, “Big Numbers” Conversation Participation, “Stimulus” & “Bailout” Conversation when times are tough, Sustaining Volatile, Dysfunctional Co-Dependence & Addiction Environment, Recruiting, Free Entertainment, Claim of Territory, “Money for Nothing”, Zero Sum Game, No Logic: Popularity as Entitlement of those of Western Ancestry, World Wars.
  4. 4. Ask Questions, Don’t Assume “If I want an ‘Happy Family’ Environment in my Community”: What needs to be done to support Kid Safety daily? At what point in what process does Safety need more consideration & support? How are people exposed to exploitation? What resources should be accessible to everyone? How can I create greater awareness of Departmental Resources? How can I improve the Character & Integrity of Public Service, my Employment & Civic Ethics & Participation? Standards
  5. 5. 1st Assist those of IMMEDIATE Need Entrepreneurs WANTED! Fill Gaps in Kid Safety with Business & Community Organization support, Write Letters, give Comments, ask Questions & make Suggestions, Communicate on Issues of Safety, Immediate Community Need, & Problems to those in Public Office, Businesses & Organizations, Follow up & make sure to Thank people for their Response, & Timely Assistance.
  6. 6. Awareness = Leadership. Make a List of things you need to do before Leaving the House, Office, Car, etc. Follow the list step-by-step each day, Terrorists don’t want you to think, Record incidents of abnormal activity, conversations, coincidental News links to your Personal Profile, Write a Safety Communications & Emergency Communications Plan, Reinforce your ideals: Talk to your Friends & Family about Character, Integrity, Values & Aspirations, Budget, put off spending until tomorrow, Communicate your shopping plans & Savings Goals.
  7. 7. GEARED FOR KID SAFETY Ask Questions, Don’t Assume First Assist those of IMMEDIATE Need Problem Solve with Public Services, Organizations & Businesses
  8. 8. Democracy Work’s KID Safe Safety Network Participants of an NO EXCUSES for Crime Environment: Community Members At-Large Community Resources Community Organizations Government Organizations & Departments Businesses & Departments of Businesses Contributors to a Kid Safe Network to Provide Information on: Quality Jobs, Upward Mobility Training, Rehabilitation & Intervention Resources.