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16:00 - Webviewers configureren
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16:00 - Webviewers configureren


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Deze presentatie is gehouden op GIS Tech 2012.

Deze presentatie is gehouden op GIS Tech 2012.

Published in: Technology

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  • application builderThe 2.5.1 application builder is based on ArcGIS Viewer for Flex 2.5 and only includes changes to the application builder while still being based on the 2.5 API and 2.5 Viewer.Localization support in 9 languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish (but not Arabic). Based on your locale, the application builder (and all apps created with it) will be using one of these 9 languages (or default to English).Smart URL form specification for specifying ArcGIS Server REST endpoints (when adding services). Remembers the last 50 URLs you’ve entered.Error message notification for Server instances that do not have crossdomain.xml filesSupport for Bing and OpenStreetMap as basemap optionsSupports using a proxy server. Set up the proxy server URL in the advanced settings, then opt in for specific layers or widget inputs that need the proxy.Application names and bookmark labels can contain spaces and many other characters (including non-ASCII characters)Numerous usability enhancements and bug fixesNew and improved in 2.5Application builderNew chart widgetClustering with flare symbolsSource code available on GitHub.License agreement changed to Apache License, Version 2.0.For Flex developers: new Framework Reference added, so instead of reading the source code directly, you can more easily find classes and properties. Go to Concepts ->Developer guide->Widget framework, click the Framework Reference link.New mini-menu on each layer for "Zoom to", set transparency, re-order layers, ...
  • The following updates andenhancements are included in the ArcGIS Viewer forSilverlight:EditingPop-upsWeb mapsArcGISforOrganizationsLocalizationGeoprocessingApplication Builder user interface stylesApplication Builder settingsVisual Studio templateExtensibility
  • Transcript

    • 1. Webviewers ConfigurerenAntoon Uijtdehaag, Esri Nederland
    • 2. Webviewers ArcGIS Viewer for Flex ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight Eenvoudig configureerbaar Inclusief Application Builder Functioneel uitbreidbaar Gebaseerd op ArcGIS API for Flex en Silverlight
    • 3. ArcGIS Viewer for Flex Huidige versie 2.5 Bron code beschikbaar op GitHub
    • 4. ArcGIS Viewer for Flex Application builder demo ArcGIS Viewer for Flex 3.0 beta 1
    • 5. ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight Huidige versie 1.0.1 ArcGIS Online integratie Application Builder Visual Studio template
    • 6. ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight Application builder demo
    • 7. Uitbreiden Tools, Map Behavior, Layout
    • 8. Uitbreiden Complete viewer, Custom Widgets
    • 9. Meer informatie? Esri Nederland Opleidingen: Blijf op de hoogte! Schrijf u in voor de GIS Nieuwsbrief Technische artikelen, tips, downloads via Social media: of #gistech ‘ArcGIS in Nederland’-groep