2012 URISA Track, The Denver/Boulder Roadway Data Model, Paul Tessar


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Denver, Colorado is working with regional local governments to improve the management of roadway data so that data holdings can better serve the needs of the City as well as the Denver regional community. Participants in this project include Boulder County and the Cities of Boulder, Longmont and Erie, as well as the Boulder Regional Emergency Telephone Service Agency. J. 'Al' Butler has served as the Data Architect for the customized development of a Regional Transportation Geodatabase Model built upon the foundation of the Esri Roads and Highways (R&H) solution.
The City determined that the best starting point was to pattern their data model after the best practices outlined in Designing Geodatabases for Transportation by J. Allison Butler (ESRI Press, 2008, ISBN 978-1-58948-164-0). The data modeling and database maintenance paradigms were validated by participating in the Esri R&H solution beta release program. This presentation will discuss the design of the R&H data model, including custom components built upon the R&H extensible architecture, as it has been completed in the Denver metro area. We will also discuss the current status of the ongoing project to implement the model with a variety of COTS business systems including:
• Accela – Permitting System
• CityWorks – Asset Management
• CrashMagic – Traffic Safety
• CDOT HUTF – Highway Users Tax Fund
• Pontis – Bridge Information System
• TriTech – Computer Aided Dispatch

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2012 URISA Track, The Denver/Boulder Roadway Data Model, Paul Tessar

  1. 1. The Denver Boulder Roadway Data Model: Implementing the Roads and Highways Solution for Local Government Paul A. Tessar, DenverGIS Data Admin. DenverGIS Project Team Members: Bruce Reagan, Sr. GIS Analyst Doug Genzer, Sr. GIS Analyst Marcia Walker, Sr. GIS Analyst Bryce Batchman, GIS Tech
  2. 2. Presentation Overview• Background and Regional Context.• Conceptual Underpinnings.• The Model: – Data Dictionary; – Core/geometry; – Simple events; and, – Complex events and interfaces. – Street name and block range model.• Next Steps.
  3. 3. Background & Regional Context• CDOT’s efforts in the early 2000’s.• Regional LRS workgroup.• Denver false start in 2008.• Boulder County completed their design in 2009.• Denver (CCD) picked it up in 2010-2011.• Indirect involvement of other metro jurisdictions through the DRCOG/DRDC Streets Subcommittee.• Esri R&H solution beta release program gave: – Opportunity to validate DB modeling/maintenance paradigms; – Insight into software capabilities; and, – Critical Feedback to Esri for product improvement.
  4. 4. Conceptual Foundations• DynSeg!• Butler’s work: Designing Geodatabases for Transportation, Esri Press, 2008.• Esri Roads & Highways Solution.• Dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants – "One who develops future intellectual pursuits by understanding the research and works created by notable thinkers of the past“ (Wikipedia)
  5. 5. The Model: Data Dictionary• Data Object descriptions.• Includes source, target and output objects.• Domains for coded values.• Relationship Classes.• ETLCrosswalk table.• Field-level ETL tracking: current model to new model.• Python script uses it to generate an empty schema.• Data loading is scripted.
  6. 6. Data Model Diagram for Data Dictionary
  7. 7. Core Data Model• Centerline FC – 1 feature per “segment”.• 1-to-1 relationship with “BlockRange” complex event.• Centerline Sequence Table.• Route Table.• CalibrationPoints FC.• Redline FC.• Core Data Objects are extensible
  8. 8. The R&H Model: Core Objects
  9. 9. Simple Events• Butler version of model had all events in one table.• Esri recommends one table per event.• Denver retained design for combined event table…• But created one table per simple event.
  10. 10. Simple Events in Prototype DB100Block FunctionalClass OwnerTypeAdminClass HUTFEligibility SpeedLimitBridgeLine* LaneWidth StreetName*BridgePoint* MaintJur SubdivisionNameCFCC NHS SubdivisionStatusCivilJur NumThruLanes TollRouteConstYear OneWay TotalNumLanesCounty* OwnerName TravelDirection*Derived Events
  11. 11. Complex Events• Extension of simple events - allow multiple attributes.• Initial data load scripts - ETLs from external systems.• Plan to implement inter-application services to interface with external systems in later phases.• Include “greatest hit” attributes.• Can include Table Name and foreign key.
  12. 12. Pavement Segments (Deighton PMS)
  13. 13. Bridges (Polygon FC - PONTIS)
  14. 14. BlockRange Complex Event
  15. 15. Intersections
  16. 16. Railroads, Including Light Rail
  17. 17. Traffic Operations Objects
  18. 18. Parking-Related Objects
  19. 19. Street Name Model BlockRange FieldName DataType DefaultValue Domain StreetName BLOCK_RANGE_ID Long FieldName DataType DefaultValue Domain RECORD_DATE Date STREET_NAME_ID Long RECORD_STATUS String Active RecordCodes RECORD_DATE Date RANGE_STATUS String In Use AddressCodes RECORD_STATUS String Active RecordCodes FROM_DATE Date TO_DATE Date STREET_NAME_STATUS String In Use AddressCodes NETWORK_ID String dLRSNetwork CREATED_BY_AGENCY String ROUTE_ID String FROM_DATE Date FROM_MEASURE Double TO_DATE Date TO_MEASURE Double PRE_MODIFIER String SIDE_OF_ROAD String B SideCodes PRE_DIRECTION String Directions EVENT_TYPE String EventTypes PRE_TYPE String EVENT_VALUE String STREET_NAME String LEFT_FROM_ADD Long POST_TYPE String LEFT_TO_ADD Long LEFT_NUMBER_PARITY String POST_DIRECTION String Directions LEFT_CITY String Cities POST_MODIFIER String RIGHT_FROM_ADD Long COMPLETE_STREET_NAME String RIGHT_TO_ADD Long SHORT_STREET_NAME String RIGHT_NUMBER_PARITY String FROM_ADD Long RIGHT_CITY String Cities TO_ADD Long LEFT_IS_ADDRESSABLE String True TrueFalse NUMBER_PARITY String ParityCodes RIGHT_IS_ADDRESSABLE String True TrueFalse IS_ADDRESSABLE String Y/N/Partial LEFT_COUNTY String Counties RIGHT_COUNTY String CountiesStreetName stores all names for segments (Official, Alias, Public Safety, Hwy) FROM_DESCRIPTION String TO_DESCRIPTION String StreetNameToBlockRangeHasStreetName FROM_ELEVATION Short Origin Destination Key TO_ELEVATION Short StreetName BlockRangeHasStreetName STREET_NAME_ID COMMENTS String LENGTH_OF_SEG Double BlockRangeHasStreetName CL_MASTER_ID Long FieldName DataType Domain HUNDRED_BLOCK_MAJOR Short STREET_NAME_ID Long BLOCK_NAME String BLOCK_RANGE_ID Long RECORD_DATE Date FROM_DATE Date BlockRangeToBlockRangeHasStreetName Origin Destination Key TO_DATE Date BlockRange BlockRangeHasStreetName BLOCK_RANGE_ID
  20. 20. Other Model Components• Project and Permit Linear Events• Emergency Services Zones for CAD.• CDOT Highway User Tax Fund (HUTF).• Communications Model: Traffic Control & City WAN.• Public Transportation (Bus/LRT routes, etc.)
  21. 21. Consumers of Published Products• Accela Permitting System.• VersaTerm – Police Records Mgt. System.• TriTech 911 Dispatch System.• Police and Fire MDT’s.• Crash Magic Traffic Safety System.• Azteca Cityworks MMS.• Manatron Tax Parcel Mgt. System.• City geocoding users.• Planning and Zoning.• General Cartographic users.• Dozens of Boundary Layers.
  22. 22. Finis• Questions?• Contact Information:• Paul Tessar 720-913-4882 paul.tessar@denvergov.org Twitter: @PaulTessar