2013 Vendor Track, ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor by Jayson Hagen


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ArcGIS includes the capability to use real-time data in everyday decision making. Users will be able to answer questions, such as “Where are all the vehicles in my fleet at this moment?” and “Are my field personnel working within the designated project area”? They'll be able to tell a customer that the delivery truck is 10 minutes away, get notified when a certain type of vehicle enters a dangerous area, alert the five nearest responders when an incident occurs, be warned when equipment begins operating abnormally, and even be able to monitor lightning strikes, among other uses.

GeoEvent Processor for Server makes it possible to use GIS features as geofences and create these on the fly. ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor is a new ArcGIS for Server extension. It gives users the ability to connect to real-time data streams from a wide variety of sensors, perform continuous processing and analysis of those data streams, and send relevant information to users or other systems.

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2013 Vendor Track, ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor by Jayson Hagen

  1. 1. ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server Jayson Hagen, Solution Engineer Esri-Denver
  2. 2. ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server Agenda • Real-time • Working GIS Overview with real-time data • Performing analysis continuous processing and
  3. 3. GIS data • GIS data typically represents state at a specific moment in time: “historic”, “current”, or “future”. Credit: iStockphoto/chris_lemmens
  4. 4. Real-time GIS data • Real-time GIS data is a continuous stream of events flowing from sensors where each event represents the latest state of the sensor. Emergency Response - Utility Networks and Warehouses - Environmental Features Challenge #1 - Police Car Police Person Ambulance Applications Network Sensor Warehouse Item Storm Wind 110° Temperature Earthquake Wild Fire Mobile Desktop Web Runtime
  5. 5. Analyzing real-time GIS data • Are my field personnel working within the designated project area? Challenge #2 Continuous Analysis Features Equipment Outside Boundary Alert Applications Mobile Desktop Web Runtime
  6. 6. Analyzing real-time GIS data • Tell customer when their delivery truck is 15 minutes away. Challenge #3 Continuous Analysis Features Delivery Vehicle Enter Customer Area Notification Applications Mobile Desktop Web Runtime
  7. 7. ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server • Receives real-time streaming data • Performs continuous processing and analysis • Sends updates and alerts to those who need it where they need it Real-Time Data Applications ArcGIS Server Features GeoEvent Processor Alerts Mobile Desktop Web Runtime im ws:// Continuous Processing and Analysis Connectors Connectors
  8. 8. GeoEvent Processor – An Introduction Summary • ArcGIS is a dynamic platform that enables real-time visualization, continuous analysis, and understanding of our world. • GeoEvent Processor allows you to: - react and make smarter decisions faster - • be alerted when interesting events occur to know what is happening, as it happens Product Page - http://pro.arcgis.com/share/geoevent-processor
  9. 9. ArcGIS supports real-time GIS Operations Dashboard Collector ArcGIS Online / Portal for ArcGIS ArcGIS Server GeoEvent Processor Real-time data
  10. 10. Working with real-time data
  11. 11. Receiving real-time data Input Connectors • You can easily integrate real-time data with ArcGIS by using a connector that meets your needs. ArcGIS for Server GeoEvent Processor Real-time data Receive from a Socket Receive Tweets ws:// Receive Instagram http:// Receive on a REST Endpoint Receive from a Web Socket Receive Air Traffic Control Receive Trimble Receive RSS CoT Receive Cursor-on-Target Receive Sierra Wireless Watch a folder for new Files VMF Receive VMF NMEA Receive NMEA GPX Receive GPX Poll an ArcGIS Server Geo Message http:// Poll an external website You can add your own connectors. Receive Geomessages Receive Vessels
  12. 12. Sending real-time data Output Connectors • You can easily send resulting streams to those who need it where they need it using a connector. ArcGIS for Server Mobile Desktop Web Runtime GeoEvent Processor im Real-time data ws:// Update a Feature Add a Feature Send an email You can add your own connectors Send to RabbitMQ Send an Instant Message Send to ActiveMQ Send a Text Message Send to HornetQ Publish to REST Endpoint im Send a Tweet Write to Hadoop ws:// Send to a Web Socket Send to a Socket Write to a File Write to MongoDB Send to CESIUM
  13. 13. Continuous processing and analysis GeoEvent Services • A GeoEvent Service configures the flow of geoevents, the Filtering and GeoEvent Processing steps to perform, - what input(s) to apply them to, - and what outputs(s) to send the results to. - ArcGIS for Server Mobile Desktop Web Runtime GeoEvent Processor im Real-time data ws:// Twitter Monitor (GeoEvent Service) Twitter Input Geolocated Filter Add Tweet Feature Write Tweets to Hadoop
  14. 14. Continuous processing and analysis Processors • Calculate new fields on a geoevent: GeoTagger, Field Calculator • Modify a geoevent: Field Enricher, Field Reducer • Derive a new geoevent: Field Mapper, Incident Detector ArcGIS Server with GeoEvent Processor GeoEvent Service GeoTagger Field Calculator Field Enricher Input 1 Output 1 Field Reducer Field Mapper Incident Detector
  15. 15. Continuous processing and analysis Derive a new geoevent • An Incident Detector processor creates an incident upon an opening condition being met, - maintains state for the duration of the incident, - closes the incident based on a closing condition or expiration. - GeoEvent Service 66 68 73 Output 1 Incident Detector Input 1 81 92 90 91 90 68 65 noiseDecibel >= 90 Opening Condition 81 92 Close Incident 90 91 90 Open Incident
  16. 16. Demo Demonstration Special Event & Asset Monitoring
  17. 17. Jayson Hagen t jhagen@esri.com t 303.449.7779 x1-8248