2013 Mission First Track, Dominating the High Ground - A Spatial Odyssey by Roger Clarke


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This presentation will provide insight into the Air Force GeoBase program and the support provided by the 21st Space Wing GeoBase office to ensure “Dominance of the High Ground”. The 21st Space Wing is tasked with the operation of early missile warning and space object detection equipment around the world in support of NORAD and USSTRATCOM through a network of command and control units and ground based sensors operated by geographically separated units around the world. The GeoBase program ensures the provision of and access to common, accurate and current geospatial information for all Air Force installations, ranges and property and consists of a Common Installation Picture (CIP) and mission specific geospatial data: Mission Data Layers (MDL), Mission Data Sets (MDS) and Regional Installation Pictures (RIP). The 21st Space Wing GeoBase office maintains a robust spatial data enterprise of these worldwide assets valued at $1.7B for installation planning, asset management, and situational awareness purposes. This presentation will detail the 21st Space Wing GeoBase Programs efforts used in the collection, analysis, dissemination and display of georeferenced information that supports the 21st Space Wing mission.

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2013 Mission First Track, Dominating the High Ground - A Spatial Odyssey by Roger Clarke

  1. 1. Thule AB, Greenland Clear AFS, Alaska Cavalier AFS, North Dakota Cape Cod AFS, Massachusetts Cheyenne Mt. Complex Responsible for 21 SW geospatial assets at Peterson AFB, 5 GSU's, and 12 sites worldwide valued over $1.7B.
  2. 2. GeoBase Mission - Provide enterprise installation visualization services for the USAF to be shared throughout the DoD. The mission for the program is to attain and sustain a capability enabling a shared, efficient use of trusted, integrated, and georeferenced information delivering global situational awareness. “One Air Force, One Map” The GeoBase Program includes the people, processes, and resources used in the collection, analysis, dissemination and display of georeferenced information to support installation missions.
  3. 3. 21 Space Wing GeoBase Data Model GeoBase SERVICES STANDARD MAPS A – Common Installation Picture B – Land Use G E O B A S E A R C H I T E C T U R E SDSFIE 3.0 FEATURES C – Airfield Operations D – Transportation E – Constraints F – Future Development SPATIAL DATA ENTERPRISE G – Utilities L – Landscape Q – Environmental Quality O – Emergency Response ORACLE DATABASE S – Service Contracts ACES RP ROOFS ACES PM CONFINED SPACES EESOH-MIS FACILITY MANAGERS SDSFIE 2.6 MICRO PAVER RWP PRE-FIRE PLANS CE TOOLS (ITEM) OPERATIONS BUSINESS TABLES GEOBASE SERVICES Common Installation Picture (Installation, Vicinity, Regional) Installation Development (Constraints, Future Development) Infrastructure Emergency Response (Security, Fire, Emergency) Operations (Service Contracts, Grounds, Roofs, Pavements)
  4. 4. 21 Space Wing GeoBase Data Model A – Common Installation Picture STANDARD MAPS G E O B A S E A R C H I T E C T U R E SDSFIE 3.0 FEATURES SPATIAL DATA ENTERPRISE ORACLE DATABASE ACES RP ACES PM Building PavementBranch Building Tower_P Installation Shoreline WaterCourseLine NaturalWaterbody WaterFeature Dam Levee_A Fence AccessControl_L Wall RecreationFeature_A RecreationFeature_A Campground GolfCourse Playground_A RecreationFeature_A RecreationTrail RecreationFeature_A ElevationContour MilitaryRange MilitaryRange PavementBranch AirfieldSurface_L TransportationTunnel Bridge PavementBranch Bridge RailSegment RoadArea Bridge RoadCenterline PavementBranch PavementBranch DocksAndWharfs RealProperty Transportation RealProperty RealProperty Cadastre Hydrography Hydrography Hydrography Hydrography WaterControl WaterControl Security Security General Recreation Recreation Recreation Recreation Recreation Recreation Recreation Recreation Landform MilitaryRangeTraining MilitaryRangeTraining Transportation Transportation Transportation Transportation Transportation Transportation Transportation Transportation Transportation Transportation Transportation Transportation WaterWays Non-AF Features: Municipal County State HSIP BUSINESS TABLES Installation Development (Constraints, Future Development) Infrastructure Emergency Response (Security, Fire, Emergency) Operations (Service Contracts, Roofs, Pavements) Building (Area) Attribute Type Le ngth S ourc e realPropertyUniqueIdentifier String 18 Gold FC_26_Building String 50 Air Force alternateFeatureName String 80 Air Force alternateFeatureDescription String 255 Air Force buildingNumber String 16 Air Force alternateBuildingNumber String 16 Air Force buildingStatus String 16 Air Force structureStatus VisitorMapName RealProperty GeoBase SERVICES Dataset Common Installation Picture (Installation, Vicinity, Regional) Common Installation Picture Vicinity Regional Doma in Ta ble String 50 Air Force VisitorMapType buildingCustodialType String 50 Air Force CustodialType Latitude Double 8 Air Force Longitude Double 8 Air Force MGRSCentroid String 20 Air Force buildingIDPK String 20 Foundational (G) sdsID GUID 38 Foundational (G) sdsFeatureName String 80 Foundational (G) sdsFeatureDescription String 255 Foundational (G) sdsMetadataID String 80 Foundational (G) installationID String 16 Foundational (AF) InstallationID siteID String 36 Foundational (AF) SiteID realPropertySiteUniqueID String 20 Foundational (AF) RPSUID wacInnrCode String 10 Foundational (AF) Owner String 4 Foundational (AF) OwnerCode 2.6_Building Gold Feature Class GEOBASE SERVICES
  5. 5. Installation Data Support Air Force Comprehensive Planning establishes a systematic framework for decision-making on the physical development of Air Force installations and its environs. Awareness & Decision Making 20 Subject Areas 300 + Feature elements Standardized data supports foundational map products General Plan Executive Level BCP Component Plans Installation Setting Planning Constraints Installation Capacity Sustainability Development Future Development Plan Implementation BCP Specific Plans A-O TAB Maps Master Statement of Work Strategic Level Operational Level
  6. 6. Air Force Comprehensive Planning Installation Setting (Installation & Regional) Common Installation Picture Planning Constraints (operational, natural and built constraints to development) Installation Capacity Opportunities Mission Ops Infrastructure Mission Support Quality of Life Sustainability Development Indicators Air Quality Energy Use Water (Quality and Quantity) Encroachment Community Planning Waste Reduction-Non HAZ Renewable Energy Space Optimization Natural/Cultural Resources Future Development Planning Future Land Use Plan Planning Districts (PD) Area Development Plans Future Transportation Plan Future Alternative Scenarios Plan Implementation Short Range Development Plan (1-5 years) CIP Plan Achievement Matrix Medium Range Development Plan (6 to 10 years) Long Range Development Plan (11-20 years) Installation Development Map
  7. 7. Installation Mapping Environmental Grounds Robust Spatial Data Enterprise Infrastructure Emergency Mgmt
  8. 8. 21 Space Wing GIO GSU Data Workflow EXPORT PGDB/SDF SEND PGDB/SDF AutoCAD MAP Cape Cod AFS, MA Peterson AFB, CO SDE Geodatabase 21 SW/AFSPC Viewers Cavalier AFS, ND Open DWG CIP/MDS/BCP Cheyenne Mt. AFS, CO Data Connect SDF/PGDB/SHP Clear AFS, AK Thule AB, GL QC/LOAD SDF SEND SDF Edit data (SDF/CAD) UPDATES LEGACY DATA/SURVEYS EDITS GSU HARDWARE & SOFTWARE: HP Workstations 2X 19” Displays AutoCAD MAP 3D 2009 (W/Subscription) Pathfinder Office TerraSync O N S I T E AsBuilts Legacy Files Field Work GEO XH GPS Terra Sync Pathfinder Office Surveys
  9. 9. 21 Space Wing Enterprise Geodatabase Previous Enterprise Geodatabase Model Current Enterprise Geodatabase Model 2nd Level QA st 1 Level QA
  10. 10. 21 Space Wing ArcGIS Viewer •Viewers: •21 Space Wing Viewer •Provides Common Installation Picture (CIP) data to all base personnel •21SW Emergency Management Viewer •21SW installations’ Emergency Operation Center management tool a single map providing decision makers a single information source. •21SW Utilities Viewer •Provides a composite Utilities Infrastructure mapping •Data Query •Allows user to get information by clicking a feature or by using identify button •21SW Environmental Viewer •Used to manage Service Contract mapping data Installations’ •Web Editing •Editing capability by data stewards; providing updates on vector and corresponding attribute data from subject matter experts •Analysis •Allows real analysis to be preformed on the viewer; used exhaustively during emergency management operations. •21SW Service Contracts Viewer •Used to manage Service Contract mapping data •21SW Roof Management Viewer •Provides roof management tools to Inspectors and Maintenance personnel. •Viewers Capabilities: •Redlining •Allows users to provide feedback on missing or wrong data needing to be updated roof engineers, •View data •Provides a dynamic map; allowing us to reach all 21SW installations through a single map
  11. 11. Installation Collaboration