2013 Geospatial Data and Project Management Track, Mobile Big Data by Genie Hays


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Big data is becoming more prevalent and readily available. It contains a wealth of information with great potential. However, these datasets are massive and difficult to process. This presentation will demonstrate, through examples, how the public and private sectors use modern data transformation technology to produce some interesting and useful results with big data, as well as integrating it with other data for viewing by a broader audience.

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2013 Geospatial Data and Project Management Track, Mobile Big Data by Genie Hays

  1. 1. ABOUT LIZARDTECH • Wavelet-based technologies Los Alamos National Laboratory • Manage and distribute massive, high-resolution geospatial content imagery – MG2, MG3, MG4, JPEG 2000 LiDAR – MG4
  2. 2. ABOUT LIZARDTECH •IMAGERY GeoExpress – compression and manipulation Express Server – distribution GeoViewer – accessibility free for Windows, iOS, and Android •LIDAR Compressor – reduce point clouds by 25% GeoViewer – accessibility free for Windows, iOS, and Android •SDK Free third party integration tools Windows, iOS, Linux, Solaris
  3. 3. Manatee County Data • 5 TBs of current and historical data • 80% of data currently inaccessible • More space for future datasets • No budget for new hardware
  4. 4. Manatee County Imagery in ArcMap
  5. 5. Manatee County Imagery with AutoCAD
  6. 6. 2013 Imagery LizardTech GeoViewer for iPad Direct WMS Access 2013 Imagery ArcGIS App for iPad ArcExplorer Map Access
  7. 7. Manatee County Aerial Download in JavaScript Viewer http://www.mymanatee.org/gisapps/mapviewer
  8. 8. “Streaming compressed imagery allows for efficient retrieval and delivery of all of our archives to 3rd party applications, saves weeks of staff time, and frees up 1 TB of enterprise storage allowing us to grow at a slower rate.” Jeffrey Pace; GIS Spatial Database Administrator; Manatee County; Bradenton, Florida
  9. 9. USACE Albuquerque Data • USGS Topos • Black & White DOQQs • Historic Photography • Edge-matched Tiles • Multi-gigabyte Mosaics
  10. 10. USACE Albuquerque Delivery Criteria • Cloud-cached Imagery • Archived Data • ArcGIS Server • ArcIMS • Geocortex Essentials
  11. 11. 2011 Dixon’s Apple Orchard, Cochiti Lake, NM Pre-Fire Geocortex IMF web GIS viewer
  12. 12. 2011 Dixon’s Apple Orchard, Cochiti Lake, NM Post Fire Geocortex IMF web GIS viewer
  13. 13. “WMS enables us to serve all of our compressed archive data out of the same enterprise web map services as those coming from cloud services, making for a comprehensive distribution environment.” John Peterson Geospatial Unit Leader U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Albuquerque District Albuquerque, NM
  14. 14. New Jersey Office of GIS Data • GeoTIFFs • RGB and Infrared • USDA NAIP • Historical B&Ws • USGS Topo Maps
  15. 15. New Jersey Office of GIS Delivery Criteria • Development time • Functionality • Performance • Software reliability • Platform support
  16. 16. Jersey Shore in Free GeoViewer iPhone app Jersey Shore Free ArcGIS iPhone app
  17. 17. Jersey shore - JPEG 2000 via WMS in ArcMap
  18. 18. “Our project was to provide a simpler way of streaming the State of New Jersey orthophotography for our users.” John Macready Geographic Information Specialist New Jersey Office of Information Technology
  19. 19. Questions • Does LizardTech provide imagery? No, but we do have relationships with many data collectors and providers, who provide MrSID as a deliverable. There are several publicly available resources. • Does LizardTech process imagery? No. However, many of our business partners do process data. We are happy to put you in touch with them. • What file types can be served with Express Server? Input file formats: MrSID, JPEG 2000, NITF 2.1, Geospatial PDF Output file formats: PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP or “bitmap”
  20. 20. Takeaways • A fast and easily accessible format • Natively supported and interoperable • Mobile availability
  21. 21. Thank you to….